Being alone is a spiritual practice (good text in depth)

Being alone is a spiritual practice (good text in depth)

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there is an emotion in the world, which has been shared by mortals since ancient times.

do you empathize with Ouyang Xiu's loneliness?

Today, no matter how prosperous the city is, it is still a place where millions of people live alone together, and no one's life has ever been separated from loneliness and exists independently. If anyone can accompany you to the end, you will be alone.

loneliness is a compulsory subject in life. You should learn to reconcile with it and become a better yourself in your day-to-day life.

solitude is a good time and experience in life, and it is a necessary space for the soul to grow.

enjoying solitude is the best time for a person to achieve himself, and it is also the most important spiritual practice in life.


the lonelier you are, the better you are.

loneliness seems to be a secret that you don't want to talk about, but you can learn from one's excellence.

Liu Zongyuan, one of the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties, was born in a dignitary and became famous as a teenager, but he was relegated and traveled half his life after a win-win situation in fame and fortune, and he tasted loneliness.

he went fishing on the river alone in the cold, clinging to his original ambition and ideal alone.

prosperous, frustrated spring breeze, he tasted thousands of kinds of loneliness, and finally had an epiphany:

loneliness is the essence of life.

having thought through, he shook hands and made peace with loneliness.

fall in love with all things in the landscape, treat one side of the desolate land into the wind and water, and heal yourself and surpass yourself by being alone.

A person is always lonelier and better.

Herman Hesse also said: "God makes people lonely in various ways so that we can go to ourselves."

in fact, many people in life are like this: eating alone, shopping alone, traveling alone, doing a lot of things alone.

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as the Little Forest says, "in those days when you can only hear breathing, you know that loneliness is life."

some people are afraid of being submerged in the deep sea of loneliness, and even want to melt the circle they don't like, and finally find themselves more and more lonely.

you are eager to find a lot of company, but any relationship has a day when the stars are separated from the rain.

the heights are unbearably cold, and the path of spiritual practice always goes through some loneliness, which is the only way for you to become excellent.

writer Zhang Jiawei once said:

being alone must be one of the skills you must have.

only by enjoying solitude and having the ability to be alone can we grow up better.


solitude is a spiritual practice

Young writer Zhang Haochen said:

"there is a kind of solitude, which is deliberately arranged by yourself, away from the hustle and bustle, in order to stay away from that kind of worldly complex relationship, so as to find a time that only belongs to you, and understand all the emotions in your heart."

many writers are people who like to be alone, enjoy being alone, and have the ability to be alone.

there is a female writer who once described her life alone:

she especially enjoyed the short period of relaxation when she was drinking at home, tidying up her room, taking a hot bath, and getting rid of her tiredness. wrapped in a comfortable nightgown while listening to music while drinking cold wine, no matter how much she drank, she was never sad or lonely, but simply felt happy.

when she is alone, she is better at pleasing herself; the space to be alone is full of herself.

inspiration is a lonely glass of spirits, not for anyone who wants it.

before you have the ability to be alone, you have the strength to achieve yourself.

on weekends, her best friend Xiancao insists on going to the gym and cafes alone, turning off her phone and wearing headphones to listen to music. She says this can temporarily peel off the confused world and not get lost in complex relationships. She found that being alone can not only live according to her own wishes, but also focus on self-improvement.

compared with boring and noisy socializing, simple and self-disciplined solitude is a person's best friend.

keep company with things you like in your heart, stay away from the complicated world of mortals, and be quiet and rich.

it is an ability to get along with yourself, and everyone should have their own time alone.

learn to be alone and get rid of impetuosity, you can cultivate and improve yourself well, gain the strength from the bottom of your heart, and look forward to a comfortable state of life.


how to be alone determines who you will become

at the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 grounded everyone at home.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: you spend your life the way you spend the epidemic.

all stay at home. Some people have long been in a state of madness and decadence, while others have unlocked a lot of new skills.

A netizen from Zhihu said: "she learns to do hand books and keep diaries at home. In addition to discovering and recording beautiful things, she can do things to recognize herself and think carefully about how to be alone."

isn't it more fulfilling to keep fit with Keep, improve your cooking skills, and learn to cut videos than playing mobile games and brushing soap operas every day?

only time is the fairest in the world. It passes through everyone in the same way. How you spend your time alone is crucial to what you will become in the future.

the wooden heart who wrote "used to be slow" came from a distinguished family in Wuzhen, but he was not a young master at home and went into the mountains several times to write and draw.

he said that to choose art is to choose a lonely and monotonous life.

No matter where he goes tomorrow, he always lets today come back with a full load, and fends off a long time with love.

Muxin's achievements are carved one by one in lonely days.

success always goes the same way with loneliness. What you do with your time and how you choose to spend it, you become.How much has grown.

through all the loneliness, success is the icing on the cake, and loneliness at that time is just another kind of freedom.

enrich yourself and bear loneliness, there must be beautiful photos of flowers, stars and sea on the other side, and you will certainly be the person you want to be.


some people say, "those who want to light the lightning spark one day must be clouds in the sky for a long time."

indeed, high-quality solo walking is the most powerful, and the best state of life is cold and cold.

loneliness is a kind of self-conscious solitude in life. To keep calm and think, to become strong and mature, to let those solitude time become the light that illuminates the way forward, so that you can better get along with the world.

in this busy world, may you and I all practice alone and meet ourselves who are good enough.