Birds of a feather flock together! (it's really well written)

Birds of a feather flock together! (it's really well written)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life, you will meet a lot of people.

some people are virtuous, some are treacherous, some are loyal, some are insidious.

as the saying goes, "Dragon with dragon, chicken with Phoenix, mouse's child can make holes."

there are few mediocre people around excellent people.

if you fly with a goshawk, you must be a handsome bird; if you walk with a jackal, you must be a beast!

birds of a feather flock together.


whoever you are, you will meet

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "one voice corresponds to each other."

in life, it is not difficult to find that people with similar hobbies and the same temperament tend to be attracted to each other.

if a person acts openly, respects the old and loves the young, then his friends must have the same character.

A psychologist once said:

during the warring States period, King Xuan of Qi asked Chunyu Kun to recommend him in order to attract talents.

unexpectedly, Chunyu Kun recommended seven wise men to King Xuan of Qi in one day.

King Xuan of Qi was surprised, so he asked

Chunyu Kun replied:

since ancient times, birds of a feather flock together.

an optimistic and open-minded person, the people around him are equally positive;

an insidious and cunning person, most of the people around him have ulterior motives.

as a person, you decide the circle.

as the saying goes, "if you have different ways, you will not conspire with each other."

Dragons do not live with snakes, wolves do not eat with dogs, and it is difficult for people with different aspirations to get together.


it's really important who you are with

Xunzi has a saying: Pengsheng hemp, do not help oneself straight; white sand in nirvana, with it black.

what kind of person you get along with is what you become.

you are surrounded by moral people, and you naturally become upright people;

conversely, you are surrounded by ignorant and ignorant people, and you will also be affected by them.

there is a writer named Mu Shiying who wrote a novel that exposed the darkness of society and caused quite a stir.

but after he walked into the places of the wind and moon, he was influenced by the decadent way of life and sang the praises of the rich life.

this is "he who is close to ink is black".

and Meng's mother chose to live next to her because she knew this truth very well.

Mencius can become a "sub-saint", thanks to his mother's actions. After all, it is much easier to learn bad than to learn well.

because when you are with different people, you will have a different life.

in interpersonal communication, if you meet a person who is ignorant and ignorant, it is difficult to protect himself from his influence, thus slowly eroding his mind and eventually achieving nothing.

there are some unnecessary and unnecessary relationships, just don't matter, you should know that it is better to lack than to be good at it.


if you become the best of yourself, you will meet the best others

Wang Yangming once said, "think of what is good, and introspect when you see what is not good."

make yourself better so that you can meet better people.

is cypress poplar, handsome birds will come to live; it is the sea, all rivers will gather.

an entrepreneur once shared his experience:

when he was in college, he was interested in e-commerce and met several big names during the event.

when he graduated, he decided to start a business and confidently contacted several of the bigwigs, but few responded to him.

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he had to study and practice by himself, try and fail again and again, step by step, and finally make some achievements. After

, there was an endless stream of people looking for him to talk to him, including the big names of that year.

there is such a passage:

because the premise of chasing a horse is to be evenly matched.

if you have the strength, why worry about not meeting someone who appreciates you?

Bole knows the horse because "horse" is "Chollima".

if the horse is not superior, who will be attracted?

in fact, the best Bole is yourself.

instead of trying to please others, they are not practicing themselves with their feet on the ground.

people pass in a hurry in this life.

sometimes, it's not that you don't meet a good person, but that you don't become a better person.

because if you become the best of yourself, you will meet the best of others.


there is a saying:

who you are determines your starting point.

who you are with determines your destination.

Life is not long, so it's important to spend time with.

May you be a better person with good people and loved ones for the rest of your life.