Break away from each other (good text in depth)

Break away from each other (good text in depth)

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Laozi said:

everyone is born with a blank piece of paper and becomes colorful with the richness of life experience.

but there are some things, the more the better, when we hoard too much and think that everything is important, life will be out of balance.

when people reach a certain age, they learn to abandon some unnecessary things, so that they will encounter more unexpected scenery.


break is the thing that can't be done.

people often say:

the truth is true, but throughout history, human beings are just a speck of dust, and there are some things that can't be done after all.

in this world, some people live easily and some are tired because the former can afford it and let it go, while the latter can afford it and can't let go.

if you can't do something, you might as well replan it from a different point of view. sometimes it's better to take a detour than to go dark.

isn't it a different kind of wisdom to know how to bow your head and learn to be flexible?

the abbot of a temple, who is very old, has been considering the question of his successor.

one day, the abbot said to two proud disciples Zhi Jian and Zhi Yuan, "whoever can climb from the cliff behind the mountain on your own will be my successor."

under the cliff, the emaciated Zhi Jian climbed and fell again and again, but when he finally climbed to the half-way point, he unfortunately fell, dying, or the old abbot rescued him.

after several unsuccessful climbs, Zhiyuan went down the stream under the cliff, out of the valley, went out to study, and did not return to the temple until a year later.

strangely, instead of scolding him for cowardice, the abbot designated him as his successor.

the monks were so puzzled that the abbot smiled and explained:

"the cliff behind the temple is so steep that it cannot be climbed by manpower. But by the cliff, there is a way to be found.

if you insist on not giving up, those who are light will be distressed and sad, and those who are serious will be hurt and injured. If you change the road, the sky will be high and light, and you will feel at ease. "

Yes, some things are meant to be, but after all, it's up to people to get away with it.

Fish and bear's paw, you can't have both.

many people will feel the pain of losing the fish, but forget that if they don't give up the fish, they will face the greater pain of losing the bear's paw.

the same is true of life. Obsessed with the helplessness of the moment, what is lost is not only the thing itself, but also a whole day's good mood.

just like the old man who lost a shoe on the train, instead of worrying about a shoe that is useless to him, he might as well throw the other one out and maybe make another person!

I can't put it down, and I'm the one who can't get it done.

if God closes a door for you, he will open a window for you.

learn to be flexible and give up at the right time, even if you come to an end, there will be a moment of "willow and flowers".


give up, but give up one's life

never expect someone to stay with you for the rest of your life, and wave goodbye even if you don't want to leave when some people get off at the station.

people who are really happy know how to let nature take its course. Those who should come will not go, those who will go will not be forced.

I have seen the stories of two netizens before, and I still feel sad:

my ex-boyfriend got married, and the girl drove downstairs to his house in the middle of the night, looked at the lights in the wedding room with the happy word on the third floor, and sat downstairs quietly all night.

finally, only one sentence is left: the girl he married, you are so lucky to be loved, whether you can be kind to my youth.

the other is the ex-girlfriend's wedding day, the young man drove in the back of the wedding motorcade, silently sent 7 kilometers.

he cried like a child while driving.

he didn't stop until his ex-girlfriend sent a message saying, "Sorry, don't send it."

Sanmao said:

the same is true of feelings.

for some people, to miss is to miss, to be separated is to be separated, and there is no later talk at all.

the so-called "later" is the ending written by the story maker who is not reconciled to it.

No matter who you meet or fall in love with in your life, it is no accident that he or she is the right person in your life.

when fate comes, let's treat each other well; when fate comes to an end, we must learn to say goodbye and be wide.

in the movie Chongqing Forest, there is a line that goes like this:

"I don't know since when, everything has a date on it. Saury will expire, canned meat will expire, and even cling paper will expire. "

meeting is always caught off guard, leaving is also premeditated for a long time.

We can look back on the past once in a while, but we can't stay for a long time, because people always have to look forward, and living in memories will only make us more timid.

No matter what has happened in the past, you have to believe that the best is yet to come, and you have to throw away what you should give up in order to get what you deserve.


the writer Ma de once said:

if you are clear, the world will be clean; if you are simple, the world will not be complicated.

there is a Zen story:

Monk Tanshan is going to visit an eminent monk he has admired for a long time and goes out with a young monk.

looking at the overcast day, the little monk hesitated: "it's going to rain heavily. Let's wait until the rain stops."

without even looking up, Tanshan stepped out the door with an umbrella: "what are monks afraid of?"Wind and rain. "

the young monk had no choice but to follow.

after walking half a mile through the mountain, the rain poured down.

the mountain road became more and more muddy, but not far away I saw a woman hesitating and looking embarrassed in front of a quagmire.

it turned out that she was wearing new clothes for fear of getting her clothes dirty.

Tan Shan strode forward and carried the girl over the quagmire.

on the way, the little monk couldn't help asking, "didn't you say that men and women are not close to each other? Why are you carrying her back? "

"which woman?" Tan Shan was stupefied, then smiled and said, "I just carried her over the quagmire, but you put her in your heart." So you still have too many thoughts on your mind! "

the little monk had an epiphany.

admittedly, most of the time we can't let go because there are too many distractions in our minds.

A heart is so big that it naturally becomes an encumbrance when it contains more things.

the sad thing is that we always take the time to find trouble to annoy ourselves.

when chatting with a friend, the other person thinks he or she has said something wrong when he is in a bad mood.

when something goes wrong at work, he is worried about being blamed by his boss all day long.

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he and his lover quarreled over household chores and slept over and over at night.

you see, the relationship is careful, but they are not honest with each other; when they do their work nervously, they are not fully engaged; when they sleep, they can not sleep peacefully, but they have distractions and do not want to sleep.

there is nothing to worry about in this world.

the real wise people in life, they are loyal to their hearts, and they are comfortable and comfortable when things happen, so they live a more thorough and clear life.

if you want to dispel miscellaneous thoughts, you must keep a clear mind so that there is no breeding place for miscellaneous thoughts. Only when there is no hindrance in your eyes can there be a smooth road in your heart.


Nebula Master said:

in the final analysis, it is because of greed. If you want everything, you get nothing in the end.

A person's life is like a journey, we should not only swagger forward, but also dump the sand and stone in our shoes in time.

Let those who leave leave, let those who continue continue; change what can be changed, and accept the irreparable.

when you can't let it go, think about how much time you have left to waste.

there is no impossible road in this world, only people who can't figure it out.

try to subtract life and pack it light, then you will find that life is clear, everything is lovely, and the future is promising.