Busyness is the cure for everything.

Busyness is the cure for everything.

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Caigen Tan says: if life is too idle, don't try to steal it.

in fact, most of the time, we have a lot of trouble because laziness breeds too much idleness. Only when we are busy is the cure for everything.

the meaning of life lies in twists and turns, people live in the world, only busy, diligent, live the most peace of mind.

work conscientiously all his life, living the most down-to-earth life, often those who live a happy life are because of fullness, while those who are full of negative energy are all because of laziness.


too much leisure is a disaster

as the old saying goes: if you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world.

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I think deeply that if people are free, it is a good thing and live freely, while if they are idle, it is a disaster.

if people are too idle, they will think too many impractical things, distracting, worrying about others, and tired of living troubles.

sad face all day long, will only be greedy for pleasure, unwilling to struggle, will lose hope for life, life will lose the will to fight, live a life of hostility, and finally will only sit back and eat nothing and do nothing for the rest of his life.

people, if they are idle, they will be separated from society, and it will be difficult to accept new things from the outside world, let alone have the will to fight, or even learn the skills of life, and will be gradually eliminated by the society.

when you are past the age of struggle and finally do nothing in your life, it is too late to repent.

people live in the world, if they are too idle and lazy all day long, no one will want to get close to you. When you are in trouble, no one will lend a helping hand. At this time, there will only be more and more troubles, and your heart will become more restless.

if people are too idle, it is a disaster. The more idle they are, the more negative and decadent they become. Because they are too idle and have nothing to do, they will make friends with meat and wine, indulge in eating, drinking and playing all day. They will only be dragged down by bad friends, which will not only affect the harmony of the family, but also destroy their lives.


Let a person be idle

Mr. Shen Congwen said: what I fear most in my life is leisure, which will lose the meaning of life.

this is true. When people live, they are most afraid of being too idle.

if a person is too idle, he will be impatient and anxious, have no enthusiasm for life, and gradually have no plan for life.

every day, decadent living, doing nothing, the circle is getting smaller and smaller, no skills, no value, will only be eliminated by society, life will be abandoned.

if people are too idle, they will be mentally empty, easy to get tired, easy to worry, worry constantly, and more likely to be depressed. According to reliable data, those who live unhappily are often due to being too idle and lazy.

if people are too idle, there will be a lot of distractions, they will care about other people's gossip, they will be in the midst of right and wrong, and even their temper will become more and more grumpy. At this time, they will argue right or wrong with their families and win or lose arguments with their loved ones. life will also become more unhappy because of idleness.

idle people have many sorrows. Don't think that idleness means living up to your life. Don't think that idleness is the happiest life. When you are idle, troubles will appear, emptiness will haunt you, and life will only become more depressed and worried.

people live all their lives, they would rather be bitter than lazy and idle. They would rather be tired than do nothing. Only by keeping themselves busy and making efforts to enrich themselves will life be more meaningful and life will become more and more interesting.


busy is the cure for all heart diseases.

as the old saying goes: idle people worry more, lazy people get sick.

idleness will only add a lot of sorrow, idleness will only make people depraved and confused, only busy, is the cure for all heart disease,

busy life, will be more fulfilling and wonderful, busy oneself, happier.

busy, can you find a breakthrough in life, find the right direction in life, cheer for your life, and transform yourself.

how can people who are busy work hard for life, constantly improve themselves, and spend all their time and energy on meaningful things?

people who are busy, in the face of trivial matters in life and troubles of right and wrong, will only choose to make big things small and small, because busy life has no time to care about right and wrong, so there are fewer contradictions and disputes.

people who are busy, know how to subtract for life, will not participate in ineffective social interaction, do not pester the bad things of the past, and know how to let go of grudges and grudges, and people will live a more open-minded life.

busy life is more valuable, busy life is more wonderful.

for the rest of your life, keep yourself busy, don't be decadent all day, don't spend all day with money and less distractions, cultivate yourself more, don't dwell on too much, and live an open-minded and optimistic life.

people who are idle, work hard, believe that God will take care of those who run in the rain, don't be too idle, let the spirit be full rather than empty, don't be too comfortable and lazy, and enrich your life instead of rusting. Make your life wonderful and happy!