Character and conscience (good text in depth)

Character and conscience (good text in depth)

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people walk in the world, the sky looks at the top of their heads,

people live on earth, and God is on both sides.

the moral character is good, the gods bless,

the conscience is not bad, and God prefers.

in this lifetime,

character is the strongest background, and

conscience is the best backing.

good character, not afraid of being torn down,

conscience, not afraid of the road is difficult.

if you do your character well, everything will be all right.

keeping your conscience is more effective than anything else.

character and conscience,

is always the standard of dealing with people, and

is always the key to getting a good name!


character, is a person's greatest ability

is a person's greatest ability,

to do a good job in character is success.

people with good character,

do good deeds and help others, have no evil deeds,

treat others sincerely, and their hearts are not vicious.

they value character and give priority to character.

will not be cheated by money, and

will not do whatever it takes because of profit.

people with good character,

words and deeds, good word-of-mouth,

always attract excellent people,

always meet people who help him.

with good people,

support each other and achieve each other.

career can be successful, outstanding performance in the work!

conscience is the most expensive gold in life

conscience is the most expensive gold in life.

conscience is the most expensive gold in life.

people with conscience

stand at the top, do not be proud,

achieve success, do not show off, do not do evil when


always regard ignorance of conscience as a disgrace, and

will not change at any time.

people with conscience

stick to their own principles and

do not touch their bottom line.

all things pay attention to honesty,

such people,

will not make money against their conscience,

will not make money against their conscience.

is a friend worthy of deep acquaintance, and

is a partner who can rest assured to cooperate.


behave according to conscience, rely on character to do things

people live a lifetime,

character as the foundation, conscience to save face,

to destroy anything, can not destroy character,

anything bad, can not be bad conscience.

character is ruined, notorious,

conscience is broken, and everyone blames it.

be a man,

character can guarantee your future, and

conscience can help you succeed.

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once you lose your character and conscience,

will be deceived by money,

will be blinded by interests,

will do things that humiliate your family and harm your family, and

will become a social pest and a disaster in the family. In this life,

money is good, money is not as good as character.

it is better to have conscience than to have real money.

if you have a good character, you will have a good reputation.

if you have a conscience, your connections will not be broken.

behave according to conscience, everyone respects,

rely on character, everything will be done!