Control yourself (depth good text)

Control yourself (depth good text)

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French thinker Montaigne said: "True freedom is to be able to control yourself at all times."

can you control your own destiny.


Control your language

in the Book of changes, it is said: "there are few words for good people, but there are many words for impatient people."

Blessed people talk less and do more, while those who are impatient are always eager to show that when something happens, they immediately announce it, knowing that right and wrong may lose their lives just because they can't keep their mouths shut.

there is a bird that wants to fly to the south for the winter, but it is getting colder and colder, and it can't hold on and fall down before it flies to the warm south.

while it was lying there motionless, a cow happened to come over and accidentally took a pile of shit on it. The frozen bird was surrounded by a dunghill, gradually became conscious and slowly woke up.

the warm-wrapped bird was so happy that he indulged his singing voice and sang loudly, but it attracted a wolf. Following the sound, the wolf found the bird under the cow dung and quickly picked up the cow dung and ate the bird.

as the saying goes, those who achieve great things must be able to keep calm.

Don't indulge your mouth if you don't have the ability to clean up the mess.

this is the case in life. No matter how happy you are, you should know how to shut up and do not know how to restrain yourself, which will often lead to catastrophe, because your temporary happy indulgence may cost you a lifetime.

when you are alive, don't take yourself too seriously, and your joys and sorrows can't be casually expressed, even if you have money, power and strength.

you know, you have the ability to do the same thing, but that is not your ability to show off, let alone the act of bluffing and humiliating others. Those who are incompetent like to boast and show off everywhere.

people who are really powerful all know how to be cautious in their words and deeds, speak less and do more, control their own mouths, avoid being provoked by other people's words, and do not belittle others at will.


Control your emotions

German philosopher Nietzsche said in "the other side of good and Evil": "if emotions are always out of control, they will be led by the nose and lose their freedom."

Yes, emotion is a person's demon. Once you are controlled by your emotions, you will lose your mind and it is easy to do things that hurt others and yourself.

I remember reading such a story:

it is a camel who has been walking for days and nights in the hot desert. The tired and thirsty camel is in a grumpy mood.

at this time, he accidentally stepped on another piece of glass, and the angry camel kicked away the fragment in an instant, but he never thought that the soles of his foot had been cut deeply by the fragments, and a large area of blood was shed.

A group of hungry wolves were attracted, and the camel limped and ran, finally hiding away from the hungry wolf, and the camel was already lying on the ground exhausted.

but by cannibal ants again, following the taste of blood, the camel was found, and the powerless camel could no longer resist.

the dying camel regretted why he was angry with a piece of broken glass, resulting in the loss of his life.

as the saying goes, "only when you can control your emotions can you control your life."

nine out of ten things in life are not satisfactory. We must understand that stumbling is life, stop-and-go is life, and no one's life is without hardship and frustration.

it is normal to have a temper, but you should know how to control it. If you choose to vent blindly on a whim, it is a slave of emotion, which not only affects your mood, but also destroys your life.

besides, life is not meant to be angry, there is no need to haggle over trifles, and there is no need to be angry with yourself and waste time on meaningless things.

those excellent people know how to control their emotions, adjust their mindset, and be who they really are.


Control your behavior

there is a saying that I have always appreciated: "behavior is a mirror in which everyone reveals his or her true face."

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Yes, a person's behavior is his most real state, and the person who acts regardless of the consequences will eventually harm others and himself.

there is a snake, because it is too hot, looking for a place to cool off, as a result, it entered a carpentry shop, when it climbed to a corner, it was accidentally sawed by a saw next to it.

he turned instinctively and attacked the saw with his mouth. As a result, his mouth was hurt again.

at the moment, the snake was even angrier. It thought the saw was attacking him. He decided to kill the saw, so he wrapped his body around the saw and wanted the saw to suffocate. So the snake used all its strength. In the end, the snake was sawed to death by a saw.

some people say, "to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes."

think about it, it is true.

the most terrible thing in the world is to let other people's emotions affect you.

in this life, unhappiness is the norm. If there is laughter, there will be troubles and worries. If you encounter unhappy people and grievances, you will be impulsive and have extreme behavior, which will only make the past difficult.

you know, when you do evil for a moment, you get retribution at the crematorium, and your temporary revenge is just looking for psychological balance. In the end, it is you who are hurt.

the really smart people will do one step. They will not let their impulses cause trouble, let alone their anger, and control their own behavior.

people live a lifetime, be a stable person, and make life a little more fashionable.The waves are calm.