COVID-19 's special medicine is coming, and it works with a single shot! Zhang Wenhong: "this will be the last winter of the epidemic."... "

COVID-19 's special medicine is coming, and it works with a single shot! Zhang Wenhong: "this will be the last winter of the epidemic."... "

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China's first anti-COVID-19 medicine has come out!

it can take effect immediately after infusion, or it can make COVID-19 catch a cold!

this anti-COVID-19 specific drug, independently developed by China, has recently been successfully approved by the FDA.

Professor Zhang Linqi of the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University, the leader of the research and development team of specific drugs, said in an interview:

ambavirin /romisovir combination therapy, the main effect is treatment. It can reduce the hospitalization rate and mortality rate of high-risk COVID-19 outpatients by 80%!

what is this concept?

not long ago, Merck of the United States developed a specific drug for COVID-19, Monabiravir, which can reduce the hospitalization rate and mortality rate of COVID-19 patients by 50%.

that is to say, the effect of Chinese specific drugs is 30% stronger than that of American specific drugs!

some people may question this comparative figure, after all, the United States has the world's leading medical technology, is the Chinese R & D team boasting?

that's not true!

during the phase II clinical trial of domestic specific drugs, Zhang Linqi's team applied to participate in the clinical trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

this is a comparative, open and transparent clinical trial that will be conducted at 111 clinical trial sites in six countries on four continents.

on December 3rd, the US National Institutes of Health released clinical trial data:

the ambavirin /romisovir combination therapy developed by Zhang Linqi's team can reduce the risk of hospitalization and death of high-risk COVID-19 outpatients by 80%!

at the same time, the antibodies produced by treatment can be retained in the human body for 9 to 12 months, which also plays a certain role in preventing infection.

of all the anti-novel coronavirus specific drugs available, the Chinese team has obtained the best treatment data.

looking back on this protracted war against the epidemic, the Chinese team has gone from being at a loss and passively to leading the world.


fight for more than 600 days and nights

some people may be a little confused. We have already been vaccinated. Why is it said that the first specific drug is available this time?

this is because the vaccine can only prevent the virus, while the specific drug has a deterministic inhibitory effect on novel coronavirus and can be used for treatment.

in other words, the vaccine can prevent the virus as much as possible, but if it is unfortunately infected, only specific drugs can treat infected patients.

as for the principle of anti-COVID-19 specific drugs, Zhang Linqi explained it this way:

by screening out two antibodies with strong blocking power against novel coronavirus and letting them work together, we can deal with novel coronavirus.

this principle is simple to say, but it is extremely difficult and complicated to implement it.

from the beginning of the research, Zhang Linqi's team gave up all their holidays and struggled for more than 600 days and nights before achieving results.

A reporter asked: when this specific drug is put on the market in an all-round way, will it change China's epidemic prevention policy and method?

Zhang Linqi replied positively: yes, there is a big difference between having myrrh and myrrh!

although there is no exact time for the new drug to be fully launched on the market, Zhang Linqi said that the relevant departments and the corresponding technical team have been pushing the process around the clock.

all in all, this is gratifying news that the Chinese finally have their own COVID-19 special medicine so that they will not be stuck in the neck by others at a critical moment.


the heroes of vaccine development

like the research and development of specific drugs, the original development of vaccines also went through an extremely difficult process.

back to the beginning of the epidemic, on the first day of the Lunar New year, Academician Chen Wei decided to take the lead in studying COVID-19 vaccine with his team.

Chen Wei called the researchers who went home for the Spring Festival one by one: "I'm going to Wuhan for support. Can you come back?"

as a result, researchers from various provinces have come all the way back to the laboratory to Wuhan.

on the night of arriving in Wuhan, Chen Wei organized a meeting of expert group members and made it clear that vaccine research was the main direction.

the next step is to work day and night upside down.

Chen Wei, 54, works nearly 20 hours a day.

later, Chen Wei said a detail in an interview, which made people extremely sad.

because I don't even have time to wash my hair at work, I cut my hair very short.

the first time I went to get a haircut, the barber asked her if her hair had been dyed, black and bright. She said I never dye my hair.

in April, she went to have her hair cut again, and the barber was directly surprised that "Why are there so many gray hairs all of a sudden?"

A month later, it was Chen Wei's birthday in Wuhan, and the leader sent her birthday wishes.

she replied in only eight words: she had no choice but to win.

she later tearfully said in front of the camera: I will also feel tired, but since you are in this position, your flag can not fall down.

in March 2020, the novel coronavirus vaccine developed by Chen Wei's team became the first vaccine approved to enter clinical trials in China.

there are many heroes like Chen Wei who resolutely rushed to the front line of fighting the epidemic.

for example, Zhao Zhendong, an expert in infection immunology and head of the "Technical support Group for Vaccine Research and Development", even paid the price of his life in order to develop a vaccine.

when he received the task on January 23, 2020, Zhao Zhendong never stopped, and the most common saying was: "it's too slow, it needs to be faster!"

sleepless for more than 200 days, under such intense work pressure, on September 17, 2020, overworked Zhao Zhendong suddenly suffered from heart disease on a business trip and died of emergency treatment.

when he left, vaccine research and development was still under way.

Today, the vast majority of Chinese people have been vaccinated with domestic vaccines, and even countries around the world have sought "Chinese vaccines", which makes us excited and down-to-earth.

however, many medical personnel and researchers who fall on the front line have not been able to see this scene.


"Vaccine" terrorism

Why does our country vow to develop its own vaccine and specific drug at all costs?

that is because during this period, if a country does not have its own vaccine and specific medicine, it can only be held back by people everywhere.

you know, up to now, COVID-19 vaccine is in short supply, while developed countries are still desperately "hoarding."

the population of the United States is about 330 million, but it has hoarded about 2.6 billion doses of vaccine, or 7.8 doses per capita.

the UK has also ordered more than 500m doses of vaccine, while their population is only 67 million, per capita 7.4 doses.

Bill Gates Foundation staff have said that 75 per cent of the world's COVID-19 vaccine has gone to 10 rich countries, while some backward countries have not received the first batch of vaccines until now.

this is much more than that.

according to the Observer, the report released by the international consumer advocacy group in October pointed out that Pfizer of the United States issued a series of "overlord clauses" for countries that bought vaccines:

Argentina was required to mortgage bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings;

Brazil was required to use overseas assets as collateral for the purchase of vaccines.

agreed with the signatory countries that once a dispute arises, it will be settled through private arbitration in accordance with the laws of New York....

for these actions, an Indian host said bluntly: Pfizer of the United States is engaged in "vaccine terrorism."

We Chinese have eaten enough of the pain of being "stuck in the neck" by others.

so whether it's vaccines or specific drugs, we can only rely on ourselves, and we can only trust ourselves.


the last "cold winter"

We have coexisted with the epidemic for two years.

Today, 50000 people still die from COVID-19 every week.

the global situation is still very serious.

but World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tan Desai stressed that in 2022, he will have the ability and confidence to control COVID-19 's epidemic and gradually return to normal life.

recently, Zhang Wenhong also posted a post saying: this will be the last cold winter!

We will eventually "put aside the clouds and see the sun, and keep the clouds open to see the moon".

all sources of confidence are a strong guarantee for the state.

under the news of successful research and development of specific drugs, countless netizens lamented from the bottom of their hearts:

China, excellent!

over the past two years, the country has been quietly covering for us.

do you know how much it costs to treat a critically ill patient of COVID-19?

A doctor in Wuhan once sent a Weibo message, which showed that the total cost of treatment was 1.129 million yuan.

for many ordinary families, this number is unbearable.

the doctor sighed: perhaps only in China will the state bear all the medical expenses for you to treat COVID-19.

data show that in the first half of last year, the number of confirmed inpatients nationwide was 58000, and the total medical expenses was 1.35 billion yuan.

another example is the vaccine.

in China, vaccines can be given free of charge, and even the state coaxes us to fight.

but in the foreign black market, Chinese vaccines have been hyped to "sky-high prices", and the price is tens of times higher than gold.

how lucky it is to be born in China!

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this time, the research and development of domestic specific drugs will once again bring brand-new changes to China and the world in the fight against the epidemic.

We believe that with the efforts of all Chinese people, it is only a matter of time before they beat the virus.

pay tribute to all scientists and researchers who work hard and work silently!

compared with unscrupulous stars and online celebrities who evade taxes, they really deserve our respect.

it is because of them that China can take every step in the fight against the epidemic in a more down-to-earth manner!