Degree (to share with you)

Degree (to share with you)

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the ancients used to say that people should pay attention to a "degree" in life and doing things.

everything has its own law, people walk between heaven and earth, do not do arbitrarily, do not do whatever you want, moderate, measured, there is awe.


speak moderately

there is a saying in Zuo Zhuan: words are unwritten, deeds are not far away.

language is a bridge of communication between people. Learning to speak is also a kind of advanced EQ.

abstain from talking too much in the world. Words and deeds lie in beauty, not in much.

only say three points to everyone, don't throw one heart at the bottom.

ordinary people speak, talk eloquently, and think they are frank and unreserved, but they are abhorrent and often slip up.

when wise people talk, enough is enough, talking to people, keeping seven points in the heart, not expressing opinions at will, speaking cautiously, and stopping in time is the great wisdom.

the ancients used to say: disaster comes out of the mouth, many words are bound to lose, some speakers are careless, the listeners intentionally, accidentally offend people.

be a man in number, speak moderately, don't talk deeply, and don't talk nonsense.


be magnanimous

Lin Zexu said: the sea is tolerant of all rivers, and the mountains are strong without desire.

magnanimity, is a kind of verve, is a kind of spiritual practice, is a rare noble quality.

Life is very difficult, everyone lives too tired, cares too much, physical and mental exhaustion, struggle to calculate, hurt the essence and trouble.

learn to let go, learn to forgive, learn not to care, but also look down on everything, let go of the burden.

magnanimity is not blindly losing, not blindly patient, magnanimity is not to punish yourself with other people's mistakes, magnanimity is to leave a way back for yourself and a way for others to live.

the wicked are bold, small and popular, and the gentleman is large in quantity and can tolerate the villain to become a gentleman.

helping others with difficulties, remembering the good of others, is a good person, has to forgive and forgive others, reasonable concession three points, is a gentleman.

magnanimity is a kind of self-cultivation unmatched by ordinary people, and it is a kind of unworldly wisdom. Magnanimous people will be blessed later.


there is temperature in my heart

I have seen such a sentence:

people with scenery in their eyes will not be lonely wherever they go, and people with warm hearts will be shining everywhere.

there is only one kind of heroism in the world, which is to still love life after knowing the truth of life.

people with warm hearts are kind, optimistic and look down on the sufferings of the world, but they also shed tears and understand the vicissitudes of the world, but still stick to their original heart.

Mencius has a saying: focus on yourself when you are unknown, and care about the people when you have status.

people with warm hearts do not feel the coolness of the world, do not complain that the hearts of the people are not old, even if the rivers are declining, they are still kind and warm, passing on their own happiness and optimism to others.

people's hearts are hot and cold, and there are good and evil. It takes a long time to understand that only a person with a warm heart will love life. He is like a beam of light that warms others and illuminates himself wherever he goes.


there is a height in life

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Nietzsche once said:

people make continuous progress all their lives, and every time they climb over a mountain, they will see a more beautiful scenery. Only by constantly moving forward and courageously climbing the peak can self-value be realized.

people without height lose the motivation to struggle, and their greatest pursuit is immediate comfort.

but there is only one life. What's the point of not working hard or working hard?

A person with height has a strong sense of belief. Even in the midst of adversity, he is not afraid of the wind and rain in front of him, and is not confused or pessimistic.

if you have faith in your heart, you will be fearless. A person's attitude towards life determines the height of his life. Only those who are positive and persistent will have a more wonderful life.

Life is a long practice. Speak moderately, be magnanimous, have temperature in your heart, and you can have height in life.