Destroy a child and let him spend his summer vacation the way he likes.

Destroy a child and let him spend his summer vacation the way he likes.

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my son is on holiday, but I am not happy at all.

since my son is used to online classes, the only reason I can get him out of the house is no longer valid.

every day, I watch my son sitting dishevelled in front of the computer in his pajamas, nibbling on the duck's neck while having class.

I feel as if I have drilled a little ant. I don't know.

it is much more comfortable to take online classes at home than in tutoring classes.

there is no teacher's eye covetously, no students chasing each other, air conditioners, cold drinks, sofas, mobile phones, everything.

my son misses affectionately and comfortably without competitive pressure every day.

as the old saying goes, a gentleman does not ask for enough to eat, to live without peace, to be sensitive to things and to be careful in words.

if you eat too much, it is easy to feel sleepy, and if you live too comfortably, it is easy to slack off.

anything that makes a child feel too comfortable will lead to a kind of kidnapping.

if it goes on like this, it is bound to destroy a child.

therefore, during the summer vacation, children must not be too comfortable.


Happy Learning is the biggest scam in the world

John. Zhengen has a famous saying:

therefore, no child can escape the fate of competition.

in order to get into a good school and compete for quality educational resources, children have to work hard.

in order to achieve the future they want, children have to work harder for luck under the 2008 rule.

Muling City, Heilongjiang, Bai Yuxin, a senior high school examinee.

in order to cure the mother who suffered from polio since childhood, she is determined to be admitted to China Pharmaceutical University.

in order to squeeze into the dream log bridge, he only sleeps five hours a day.

endless books and exercises are piled up all over the desk.

in order to refresh myself, coffee and tea didn't work, so I challenged my nerves with chili peppers, which I was most afraid of.

make yourself hot and sweaty, gasping for breath and sober.

after three months of sprint, he ate a full 5 jin of chili peppers.

it is painful to sail against the current, and to climb the mountain bravely is to overcome the pain.

without surpassing the sufferings of others, how to surpass 10.71 million examinees and take the lead?

think of a line from the Korean drama "unborn":

No matter how early I greet this morning, there will be people on the road.

I thought other people were still dreaming, but at any time, the world is one step ahead of me.


We may never know what efforts others have made in some corner of the world.

but reality will certainly let us know what price our children will pay if we are too lazy to compete and be at ease.

A friend who is a teacher said that after the epidemic, the ranking of the students in the class was equivalent to a big reshuffle.

some originally excellent children suddenly jumped out of the top 10.

and some children who are not very good but work hard at ordinary times have made great progress.

Learning is really like sailing on water.

Children are lazy and slippery, go down the river, and seem to be moving forward.

but I don't know that those children who paddle desperately are surpassing you quietly at a faster speed.

in this world, there is a kind of "elated eyebrow" called "a leaf boat has sailed through ten thousand mountains".

there is also a kind of "too late for repentance" called "a small boat has sailed through ten thousand mountains."

not to advance is to fall behind, which is an eternal truth.

behind any achievement, there are countless people sighing.

behind any excellence, there are hard work and unremitting efforts that others can't see or realize.

tell your child that the easier it is to slack off, the harder you should work.

because when you feel pain, you are going uphill.


hedonism is the most addictive poison

on weekends, I want to take my children to climb mountains.

the child said that he was so hot and tired that he might as well play games at home.

I can't compete with the children, so I have to compromise and find a place to stay for a few days.

who knows, when I arrived at the destination, the children disliked that the accommodation I was looking for was not distinctive and amorous, and that the room I had booked was not bright enough, the decoration was not good enough, and the bedding was not comfortable.

after dinner, he began to dislike the bad food in this hostel again.

the original relaxed mood of the holiday was filled with smoke by the child's fastidiousness.

I really wanted to teach him a lesson, but I knew it was all my own fault.

when a child is young, he is afraid that he will suffer and give him good food, play and shelter.

be afraid of bumpy roads and long distances, never take a train if you can fly, never walk if you can drive.

for fear that children will not be able to adapt to too tired travel, they only choose some scenic towns, seaside or playgrounds in developed cities.

it is difficult for children to bear hardships when they are used to enjoyment.

accustomed to easy happiness, it is difficult for children to understand the happiness and self-sufficiency after hardships.

there is a saying on the Internet:

Children will never experience the shock of stars within reach if they have not seen the night sky in the mountains.

if children have not experienced the unknown and exploration on the difficult road, they will never experience the heart and yearning of Xanadu.

the real meaning of travel lies in broadening your horizons, refreshing your cognition, and improving your child's ability to walk in the future.

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A trip that only knows how to enjoy will corrupt the child.The son's courage to meet difficulties deprives children of life understanding of seeking pleasure in bitterness.

A few days ago, a video of a post-90s single father riding his four-year-old daughter in Tibet shocked more than 7 million netizens.

71 days, 4139 km.

all the way to eat and sleep, but enjoy the humanistic amorous feelings.

blue sky and snow-capped mountains, galloping on horseback, feeling what freedom is in the vast nature.

Sunshine Flower Sea, waterfall shallow Sichuan, in a romantic adventure to encounter what is beauty, is rare, is "keep the clouds open to see the moon".

it is lucky to have such a father, and it is even more enviable to be such a child.

have seen the colorful world with both eyes, understand the vastness and infinity of heaven and earth, will have a broad field of vision and pattern.

measure every inch of the world with your feet, and you will understand the true meaning of persistence and overcoming difficulties only if you have the practical experience of reaching out to the sun.

only through wind and rain can we see the world. Only when you can bear the worst can you learn to survive the ups and downs of life.


reluctance to use children is the deepest hidden support

A parent posted a post on Zhihu for help:

14-year-old child said, "I don't want to wash dishes, because this is a very lowly thing." how should I respond?

one of the netizens' answer hit the nail on the head:

being reluctant to use their children is the cruelest gift from parents to their children.

the more reluctant you are to use a child, the more useless he is.

good words go against the ear, but they reveal the truth. It is the usual logic of many parents to cherish their children.

take good care of children as delicate flowers.

help children carry schoolbags on the way to school. After returning home, the fruit and dessert are delivered to the child personally and fed into the child's mouth.

except for study, parents can take care of all the children's chores.

accustomed to enjoying their success, children lose the opportunity to do it themselves and the ability to stand on their own feet at the same time.

in the hot summer, the little boy in vest had his hair wet with sweat.

after a busy noon, I just ate some noodles in my mouth when the customer came.

put the noodles aside immediately and help my mother pack.

buckle the lid, bag, put chopsticks, and hand it to the customer.

the mother said that her son would take the initiative to help after school and was diligent at home.

netizens have lemon:

I recall that Nobel Prize winner Steven Chu once said in an interview:

my success is due to my mother's housework education since childhood.

I can't imagine people who can't do housework know how to do experiments.


Wei Yongkang, who only studies and has never done housework, was admitted to university at the age of 13 and a master's degree at the age of 17.

the halo of "child prodigy" was persuaded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences because he could not take care of himself. No matter how much you read, you can't escape the fate of "high scores and low abilities".

in fact, the two things that parents need to give their children most are roots and wings.

only when children take root in life, learn to solve problems and understand responsibility in life practice, can children really fly freely.

the more reluctant you are to use a child, the more useless he is.

if you are afraid of raising and maiming children, you should be willing to use them.