Do you have me in your future?

Do you have me in your future?

"there's no time to explain. Get in the car."

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Why do you sparkle when you recall an ordinary day?

Last night, I chatted with Mu Yi until three o'clock before turning off my phone. I rubbed my eyes and calculated how many hours I could sleep when I got up at 07:30 this morning and went to class. I don't know why I suddenly remembered that it was June and I suddenly remembered a picture taken by three people squatting in front of a motivational banner outside the classroom on the day we took our graduation photo last April.

it was a hot day. I bought a box of house-shaped yogurt in the canteen. I was wearing a ponytail, he was wearing black-rimmed glasses, and her hair was not curly yet.

I first saw eel whale and Zhang Jingzhi on January 3 this year, at the school gate of science and technology and at the Tedx conference respectively. In the light rain that morning, a girl with a white umbrella with dark circles under her eyes floated to me and said, "I am an eel whale." In a corner of the conference venue, the eel whale pointed to the man sitting in front of the computer and said, "here comes your editor." I looked in the direction she pointed to, a boy like e-sports.

this is the first time we have met besides Wechat text and voice.

at that time, I only joined the chaos for two or three months, and we only had six or seven thousand fans, and there were only three people in the whole team.

it was an ordinary day in the thirty-one boxes on the calendar. It was still raining in the morning. I had a ponytail and no umbrella.

coincidentally, the theme of the TEDx conference is "against the current", but I think if time can really go back, that day will not necessarily be more meaningful, and to some extent, "going back" may mean "lost".

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climb the mountain and find that there is no one waiting on the other side of the hill

whether all the sweat is in vain

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in the movie "time and Space Traveller", the man who has crossed to the past and changed reality chose to cross the past and let the car accident disappear in order to let his sister avoid the car accident. However, when he got home, he found that his baby daughter had also disappeared. it turned out that under certain circumstances, going back to the past, the newborn would change.

even if this superpower doesn't always bring good luck, many people still want it, probably because dissatisfaction with the status quo makes them regret some of their past decisions. I don't know if those people who want to go back to the past have ever thought that there is no road in vain in life, and every step we take counts.

Xiaoying, who is three years older than me, is an art student. She can obviously go to the best art school in Beijing, but she still had a quarrel with her family when she volunteered, filling in the key points in the province on the grounds that "because this is the only place my boyfriend can go."

she gambled on her love with what most people call "a very important decision in life", and she quickly lost. She was "broken up" in the first semester of her freshman year. She cried under the dormitory that night when she was lovelorn. Her voice was so loud that she attracted the hostess.

I thought she cried so badly just because she was lovelorn, but it turned out that what she was really sad about was the school in Beijing where she gave up and the feeling that she had never been understood by her family.

Xiaoying later has a new boyfriend, and the latest circle of friends is still holding her boyfriend's hand to attend the high school teacher's wedding. There is obviously only a couple in the picture, and they stand up like another loving couple. The caption is "when we graduate next year, it's time for us."

I don't know if she still regretted her decision to give up going to Beijing on the night after crying three years ago, but as a bystander, we are sure that her stable and mature love is envious enough for others today.

after climbing over the mountains and unintentionally looking at the scenery, you find that there is no one waiting at the other end of the hill. Please do not be disappointed, because there is a mountain on the other side of the mountain. Please do not regret the route you have taken, because no one knows who is waiting for you behind that mountain.

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every step counts

"every step counts" is actually Li Zongsheng's theme sentence in NewBalance commercials. I prefer to describe it as: everything we have experienced in the past actually defines what we are going to encounter in the future, so there is nothing we should do all over again. It's like a chain reaction. You will be surprised at its relationship with the previous A thing.

in the third year of high school, I heard my Chinese teacher tell a story that her roommate in college died because of an accident when she was drifting and her head hit a hard stone. Later, when the class was over, I left three beige notes anonymously, full of shock and panic at that time. This is the most amazing thing I did before graduation, but then I lost my impression after I went to college. I felt that the panic at that time was a little unreasonable, and I didn't know what I was afraid of.

but something happened recently.

Last week, several of my friends suggested going rafting at the weekend, but finally decided to postpone the trip until the summer vacation because they each had their own busy things.

canceling the weekend trip seems a bit free. After watching two movies in stock, I began to write. As soon as I opened the word document, a news message popped up at the lower right of the computer with the headline "accident at a drifting scenic spot in XX, 8 tourists dead and 4 missing."

I'm not sure if I avoided anything bad because of some lucky luck, but I had a lingering fear when the news push popped up from the lower right corner of the screen. That kind of fear is that after you are ready to slip and fall, you immediately grab the sleeve of the person next to you and then your heart beats faster and you are sweating.

Orange was burned by fire in the fifth grade of primary school, and 12% of the skin area of the whole body was burned. The fire was caused by a gas explosion, and after that time she was afraid of thunder because the sound was very similar to the explosion that day; she was afraid of taking the car, afraid of taking the elevator, becauseFor fear of "feeling that something is going to happen at any time"

then she became braver. In the advertising class, she said to me, "now I want to do something right away, because I know I may leave at any time."

if she had time to turn back, I wonder if she would choose not to play in the factory that day, then there would be no shadows and scars that she wanted to hide.

the only thing I know is that we don't have the ability to really "countercurrent"; even if we do, we can't choose countercurrent because we want to avoid past accidents.

because if it were not for the blood that really flowed, we could not be who we are today. Our optimism, courage and kindness all come from the darkness and pain of the past.

there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

there are no stories in life for nothing. Every sentence has meaning.

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spare no effort to sing this

knowing that the protagonist of tomorrow will no longer be you

"there are a lot of people in your school today."

"Yes, take graduation photos today".

when I was walking in science and technology that day, I had a conversation with Zhang Jingzhi. I wondered why so many people didn't get together until graduation day, even though they didn't know each other very well to take a cameo photo.

I still think that what you can't remember is all there for the people who usually eat, attend classes, go shopping and drink together, and the feelings are all reflected in the details of weekdays, while those who don't talk too much, what's the use of keeping a group photo? how can people who really want to be with you wait until the last day to find you?

the people who are really important are never short of that picture and a circle of friends. I will never wait until the last day to tell you, "you are the classmate I will miss forever." Because I will usually be nice to you on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, four, five, six, seven. I won't do anything else when you need me, because for important people, we never say forever, only cherish.

what is intentional is not "every day after" in the moments of parting. For you, my "every day" has always been "today", and it is the day at this moment.

/V /


the three people in front of the banner, one went to the northern city where you can see the Qinling Mountains in the dormitory every day, one went to the basin city where the geography college entrance examination paper asked, "Why is this place rich in oil and gas resources", and another is now doing a push.

none of the target universities written on the banner has been admitted by us; none of the concerts written on the

banner have been realized by us;

the one with black-rimmed glasses has already started looking for a tie to match the suit, and the one with the jade pendant has curled her hair over and over again, and the one with the ponytail is still in the ponytail but mixed in purple.

it's different a long time ago, but so what.

but so what?