Don't be too full of love, things will turn back at the extreme.

Don't be too full of love, things will turn back at the extreme.

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there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

means that everything must be moderate and enough is enough, otherwise it will go too far.

some love is vigorous, but it is like a flash in the pan, fleeting;

some love is silent, but always willing to enjoy it, never give up.

Don't love too much, things go to extremes, and it is wise to leave some space for each other for a long time.


too much love is the beginning of loss

Huang Lei once said:

if you cross the line, all problems will come one after another.

in the TV series "I want to be good with you", with the further development of the relationship between the heroine and the heroine, the heroine's love for her boyfriend is almost crazy.

in order to keep her boyfriend, she gave up the opportunity to go to Hengdian to shoot a movie. Unable to find her boyfriend, she even called her boss, performed the act of jumping off a building, and even checked text messages, checked spending records, tracked, and installed monitors at home.

finally the boyfriend couldn't stand it and roared angrily, "this is home, not a prison. I'm not a prisoner!" He drifted away and never heard from him.

loving too much is a disaster for yourself and a torture for others.

the more you think the more you give, the more grateful the other person is, but it's actually more than he can bear. He's out of breath and just wants to escape.

psychologists have confirmed the existence of "psychological distance effect" in interpersonal communication through tests.

they went into the reading room, sat next to the reader, and observed the reader's reaction.

of the 80 people tested, most moved away quickly, and some simply asked, "what do you want to do?"

this proves that everyone wants to have a range that can be controlled by themselves, and that people need to maintain a certain space and psychological distance.

once someone crosses the line, they will be uncomfortable, lack of sense of security, and even angry.

in many cases, we love too much and want more in return. The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment; the fuller the love, the worse the injury; the more we want, the more we will lose.

Cai Kangyong said:

if the water is full, it will overflow, and when the moon is full, it will lose money. A relationship with moderation and distance is the most comfortable relationship.

Don't love too much, respect each other, be independent, even if you are occasionally disconnected, it will be kept fresh for a long time.


Love too much, it is easy to let yourself sink

often addicted to online, IQ offline, with too deep love is easy to blind the eyes, can not distinguish right from wrong, thus making radical behavior.

writer Yi Shu had a long history with Hong Kong movie star Yue Hua.

at that time, she was so in love that there was no room for a grain of sand in her eyes. She just broke down when she read the tidbits about Yue Hua in the newspaper.

she lost her temper so much that she cut all Yuehua's suits and stuck a knife in the heart of Yuehua's dormitory bed.

afterwards, she regretted it and knelt down to beg Yue Hua to get back together, but failed to restore her love.

Gulong once wrote:

centering on him, when he leaves, your world collapses, everything loses its meaning, and you are bound to hold a grudge.

but feelings are not transactions, they are not reciprocal, and not all desperate people can be paid with their hearts.

my friend Xiaoqing is always unwilling to accept the fact that she has been broken up and always sends messages to her ex-boyfriend to ask for warmth.

later, people didn't reply to messages, so Xiaoqing went directly to his company's theory.

ex-boyfriend's words are enlightening:

loving someone is like holding a cactus, the harder you try, the more painful it will be, and the other person doesn't like to be bound.

Love is too deep and humble, your pay becomes cheap, your obedience is no personality, your heartbroken heart is just wishful thinking, you treat him like life, he thinks you are sick.

in the end, it is easy to let yourself get lost and fall into an inextricable whirlpool.

Dong Qing said with emotion:

Dong Qing said with emotion:

so, you don't have to be too deliberate, just grasp the heat, simmer slowly, and sooner or later the fragrance will be overflowing.


lover's eight points, leave two points for yourself

there is a saying:

lover eight points, leave two points to yourself, is just right.

give others room to breathe, but also give yourself some leeway, please yourself first, and then love others with this happiness, it will be easy and comfortable.

Lele buys breakfast for her colleagues every day. One day she took a detour in a traffic jam and didn't pass the store. Her colleague's face looked very ugly: "by the way, you don't want to do it."

later, my colleagues simply went to buy breakfast by themselves.

only when she went out in a hurry, stood in line shivering in the cold wind, and then hurried to work, she gradually realized that Lele was good.

I give you a candy every day, and you take it for granted. I will be angry if I don't give it to you any day. In fact, I could not have given it to you.

Zhang Han once said such a point of view:

therefore, you do not have to deliver wholeheartedly, do not have to do so much, let him experience for himself, appropriate alienation makes him think a little more.

at the beginning of the 20th century, the world-famous painting Mona Lisa was unfortunately stolen, and many people thought that the number of people coming to the exhibition would decrease sharply. Unexpectedly, in the next two years, the number of people who came to the museum to see the empty wall was twice as large as the original audience for this painting.

this is the effect of the blank effect.

Life is bogey, leave some space for yourself and each other, on the contrary, there will be surprises and enhance the relationship between both sides..

I like a sentence in

I like a sentence in

the more you cherish yourself, the more you can take care of yourself, bloom beautifully, fascinate and cherish the other person.


for the rest of my life, you should first be calm, and then love

Yi Shu's words are intriguing: "self-love, calm, and then love."

the highest way of life is to try to be yourself, please yourself, and then love others.

first live to be the queen of your own world, and then be the princess in the hearts of others. Only by knowing how to love yourself can you love others better and be loved by others.

the rest of life is too short, don't love too much, don't be aggrieved and ask for perfection.

instead of giving everything you have, it is better to throw in what you like, grasp the strength, be gentle and measured, and sonorous.

I wish you to be a woman full of joy, love calmly, free and easy, just right, all difficulties, can turn around.

May there be such a person around you who understands your affectionate style and your silence, and all your efforts are satisfactory.

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