Don't compare with others, be yourself.

Don't compare with others, be yourself.

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after watching a conversation between animals, I felt a lot of emotion:

the eagle said, "if I were to live again, I would be a chicken, with food, shelter and protection."

the chicken said, "if I were to live again, I would be an eagle, travel all over the world, kill chickens and catch rabbits at will."

everyone wants to live like someone else.

Carnegie, a master of success studies, said: "many troubles in life come from blindly keeping up with others and forgetting to enjoy our own life."

in fact, you don't have to look up at others, you are also the scenery in the eyes of others.


blindly keeping up with the comparison will only add to the annoyance

A lot of people like to keep up with others.

than intelligence, wealth and status, than anything that can trigger your own unhappiness.

this reminds me of the lawyer who likes to keep up with the comparison in the Bad things inside us.

for a long time, he has been very unhappy, and his life is full of comparisons with others.

other people's children's grades are better than their own, he will worry; other people's material conditions will be superior to their own, he will be lost.

when he was a child, his old classmate, whose grades were worse than himself, now has a successful career and a happy family, which has plunged him into frustration.

he is jealous of others, deeply blames himself, and complains about God's injustice.

compared to the past, let oneself worry about gain and loss, panic all day long.

Zhang Xiaoxian said: "people always like to compare with others to see who is better than themselves and who is inferior to them."

in fact, it is never other people's misfortune and pain that comes last for your troubles and sorrows, but your own happiness. "

in many cases, in order to satisfy their own face and vanity, people want to gain a sense of superiority by comparing with others, but they do not know that indulging in comparison will breed countless resentments and negative energy.

the more compared, the cheaper the happiness and the worse the mood.

the more you compare, the more you will lose your way and slowly destroy yourself.

like those kingfisher who are tired to death from keeping up with the comparison.

although they are beautiful, they are busy building nests every day, looking listless and extremely tired.

the kingfisher is only five or six centimeters long, but its nest is several times or even more than ten times larger than its own body.

it turns out that when there is only one kind of kingfisher, it stops when it builds a nest that can only hold itself.

when another bird builds a nest, they compete with each other and expand their nest crazily.

finally, the birds lost their strength and died one after another.

proper comparison is a kind of motivation; blindly keeping up with the comparison is a disaster.

people who like to keep up with the comparisons are not necessarily poor in material, but often lack in spirit.

everyone has enviable advantages, as well as their own shortcomings and shortcomings. Without comparison, everyone can live comfortably.

comparing your own weaknesses with the strengths of others will overwhelm you.

if you attribute your happiness to the eyes of others, you will fall into an abyss of pain.


whose life is not perfect

not long ago I went to the hospital and saw our leader's wife pushing a trolley and her son sitting in it.

the ability of leadership impressed people in the industry. His wife was elegant and beautiful, and she lived a relaxed and comfortable life with her husband and children at home.

their lives are the best we see.

I was about to go up and say hello when I saw the leader's wife roar angrily: "Why are you spitting your meal on the floor again?" How many times have I told you not to throw up! How can you take medicine if you don't eat? "

her crow's feet twisted and almost collapsed: "what do you want me to do?" In order to take care of you, I can't go anywhere. After seeing so many hospitals, you are still like this, what should I do? "

her voice grew louder and louder, squatting down and crying.

my son was obviously frightened and looked at her blankly, drooling.

at that moment, I realized that their son had an intellectual problem.

I have heard a saying: "Life is fair. Everyone has been bitten by the assigned apple, but in a different position."

Life is a monastery, in fact, all kinds of life are the same, and we only see its light.

you envy others for their successful career, but you don't know that they are tired of socializing and worry about high blood pressure and fatty liver;

you envy others for free time, but you don't know that they are depressed and anxious every day and worry for a living.

the Oscar for best live-action short film "neighbor's window" woke countless people up.

husband and wife are exhausted and often quarrel in order to take care of their three children.

and the young couple in the opposite window are so sweet and romantic, which makes them envy.

until one day, the man in the opposite window died of a terminal illness.

the young woman choked and said that through the window, they saw the family of five living peacefully and comfortably, which was their unreachable extravagant hope.

you are watching the scenery on the bridge, and the people watching you are upstairs.

maybe your mediocrity is the beauty that others have been longing for for a long time.

people, they just want to see people after watching the sea for a long time; after tasting all the delicacies, they yearn for roadside picnics.

but I don't know that each has its own advantages and annoyances.

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the meaning of life is to find who you really are

to see a high school composition material, which makes people ponder:

A reporter visited the president of the world's largest chain of travel:

"you dropped out of school at the age of 14.Washing dishes and collecting dishes in the hotel, but step by step to this position. The people you used to work with may still do the same job in a small restaurant. Would you have thought that there was such a big gap with them at that time? "

the president smiled and said, "I didn't see anyone else on my way forward."

it is true that he has never compared with others, because when compared with others, he will bind himself.

compared with who you were yesterday, one step at a time, you may become yourself with unlimited possibilities.

the sea has the verve of the sea, and the river has the free and easy of the river.

instead of looking up at others, it is better to reflect on yourself than to fear the darkness.

writer Zhang Defen once worked as a TV news anchor and went to the United States for further study as a marketing manager for a well-known company. in the eyes of others, she is very excellent.

but she cares too much about what the outside world thinks of her. She likes to win or lose everything, and to be better than others everywhere.

in order to maintain this competitive spirit, she lost so many opportunities to face her true self that she suffered from depression.

she had to give up her work and work as a housewife for four years, devoting herself to reflection and practice.

she wrote in her book: "Honey, there is no one else outside, all external things are the result of your inner projection."

although we yearn for perfection, don't refuse regret; although we can't have everything going well, we still have the ability to choose and change.

Life is not for comparison, but for feeling.

everyone's ultimate destination is himself, and the most important thing in life is to accept himself.

Zhou Guoping's words suddenly enlightened people:

"there are three times of growth in life, one is to find that you are no longer the center of the world, and the second is to find that no matter how hard you try, there is nothing you can do." the third is to accept your ordinary and enjoy the ordinary. "

every kind of life has its own happiness. Finding your true self and enjoying your own happiness is the true meaning of life.

if you are open to everything, you will be much more comfortable with less comparison.


for the rest of my life, don't compare yourself with others.

there is a good saying: "never compare people. Everyone is different. The important thing is to find differences that suit you."

in a lifetime, there will always be people who are better than you, and there will always be people who can't reach the top of the mountain.

instead of exerting effort and effort in comparing with each other, it is better to have a calm state of mind and be content.

there is only one life, and everyone has his own progress.

do not seek to compare with others, but to surpass yourself and grasp your own rhythm, all the good things will come across unexpectedly.