Don't disturb anyone when you are in the doldrums!

Don't disturb anyone when you are in the doldrums!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the road of life is long, and it can't be smooth all the way.

there are always twists and turns and difficult obstacles.

getting through it by yourself is the skill.

crossing alone is the winner. It is not easy for anyone to be a human being in this life.

everyone has a responsibility on his shoulder,

everyone has pain in his heart, and

everyone has scars.

empathy is just an extravagant hope, and

self-knowledge is king. In the adult world,

crying is quiet, tears are stealthy,

laughter is forced, and injuries are hidden.

No one understands the pain, so they can only shut up.

No one is in pain, so they can only pretend to be relaxed.

each and every one of us,

the wind is light on the face and the clouds are light on the face, and the heart is riddled with holes.

We are no longer children.

we have already passed the age of being coquettish and wayward.

No one will coax you when you cry, no one will carry you when you are tired.

We dare not cry aloud when you are in pain.

everything can only rely on ourselves.

there is no one to clean up the mess for us anymore.

there is no one behind us anymore. I am an adult and have a family.

there are families who need us behind.

in order that they cannot fall down, no matter how difficult it is, we must forge ahead bravely, and no matter how tired we are, we must grit our teeth and stick to it.

No matter when you are at a low ebb,

or a person in distress,

do not disturb anyone.

rely on yourself to get out of the trough and turn over successfully.

in this world,

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you have to go your own way in life, and

you have to do everything by yourself.

maybe you will meet an honorable person,

lend you a hand, give you a helping hand,

show you the way, promote and use you.

but these are temporary.

you can only live on your own. In this society,

Don't expect others to help you,

because everyone has difficulties.

Don't yearn for others to understand you,

because everyone has pain.

most people only see the scenery on your surface, but

can't see the hard work behind you.

self-knowledge of cold and warm, self-caress of pain,

only I am the savior of this life.

when people underestimate, don't disturb anyone.

people are in distress, don't beg anyone.

disturb others, leave behind to complain,

beg others, owe favors.

strive to become truly strong,

run with injuries and smile with tears,

remove all obstacles by yourself,

strive for a brilliant future on your own! To be a man,

there is an ability to rely on yourself, and

there is a backbone called not asking for help.

whether you are at a low ebb,

whether you are in trouble,

do not disturb or trouble anyone.


strong, independent,

results, excellent spelling.

every time you suffer, it turns into happiness.

every kind of tiredness you suffer will be rewarded!