Don't let yourself live at a discount (​)

Don't let yourself live at a discount (​)

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there is a lyric in "Happy Ballad": "when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the west mountain, sorrow is also a day, joy is also a day." If you don't get into a corner when something happens, you will feel comfortable and your heart will be at ease. "

taking good care of yourself is more important than anything else.

Don't let yourself live at a discount for the rest of your life.


think too much, life is discounted by 10%

most people who are too sensitive will not be happy.

I have read a book called "the strange illness of a headmaster", in which the headmaster is very sensitive and always thinks a lot, which leads to serious self-friction.

he is usually very rational and adaptable, and suddenly one day he fell ill.

he feels dizzy and often needs to lie down and rest. Once he sits up, he will aggravate his dizziness.

the cause of this strange disease is that he guaranteed a loan to his friend.

after making the guarantee at that time, he regretted it.

think for a moment, "what if he can't afford to pay it back?" "all my savings are gone!"

A moment later I thought, "Oh, I shouldn't think of him like that. He's a good friend of mine."

after thinking about it day and night, he finally fell ill in bed.

when he was cured later, it was his friend who told him that the loan had been paid off.

after hearing this, the headmaster cheered up and returned to normal work the next day.

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

look at simple things as complicated, and annoyance entanglements follow.

all happiness and happiness come from the heart. When the heart is put down, happiness naturally comes.

Don't think too much about the past; Moss is too much about regret.

as Bing Xin said, "if your heart is simple, then the world is simple."


overdraft and a 30% discount on life

Life is 30% off. "the poorest people will not give up their health for the sake of money, but the richest people will willingly give up all their money for health."

once upon a time, the topic of Weibo that the post-90s generation dared not read the physical examination report caused a hot discussion.

in a survey of 2000 18-to 35-year-olds, 62.6% said they were stressed out and afraid of problems in physical examination;

60.9% said they had an unhealthy lifestyle and spoiled their health and dared not look.

if you overdraw your body, something will go wrong sooner or later.

Lee Kaifu's first half of his life was wonderful. He once worked for Apple, then founded Microsoft Research in China, and then went to Google, a member of the American Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association. He was selected by time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

in order to help Chinese young people start their own businesses, he left and founded Innovation works.

and he is also very hard at work. He advocates efficient work. There is no rest day. It is common to work overtime and stay up late.

when others send him an email, he will reply within 10 minutes during the day and within 2 hours at night. He will refresh himself with coffee when he is tired, and take sleeping pills for insomnia at night.

but the efficient work rule that he was so proud of was destroyed by a medical examination.

at that time, his wife forced him to have a physical examination and was found to have 26 abdominal tumors and was diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma.

because of this cancer, he began to think about the meaning and pursuit of life, and understood the importance of good health.

he put down his full schedule and learned to enjoy life, accompany his family, pay attention to his health, keep exercising, pay attention to diet, adhere to good living habits, and warn more young people to strike a balance between work and rest.

people, peace is the best, the tree of life thrives, will not wither, the river of time flows, will not stagnate, people live is a kind of gain!

rest when it's time to rest and exercise when it's time to exercise.

only when it is good for your health, your body will give you better feedback.

only with health can you create a more wonderful life.


likes to compare, life is at a 50% discount

once Chongqing University hired a new doctoral student as the school doctoral director, or "post-1995", this year is only 25 years old, which makes many people surprised and envious.

for many young people who have been badly beaten in society, it always feels out of reach.

someone left a message saying:

"I came to the world just to make up the numbers!"

"I earn NT $3,000 a month, while others earn tens of thousands of yuan a month. It's really incomparable!"

"this is the difference between people!"

although it seems to be a joke, it is actually a sign of self-denial by many people, feeling that others are doing well and that they are the worst.

the outsider says: if you want to be happy, you must not pay too much attention to others.

the root cause of a person's unhappiness lies in comparison. As long as there is comparison, there will be a psychological gap, and the final result is frustration and self-negation.

but in fact, everyone has their own time zone, their own strengths, and their own difficulties to overcome. No one comes first, who is high and who is low.

the great physicist Albert Einstein, who has been an unlearner since childhood, often likes to go out with his buddies.

because he feels that everyone around him is playing, it's okay to play by himself.

and once his father told him a story that changed him:

"yesterday I swept the chimney with my neighbor Jack, when he got out of the chimney and he was covered in soot, but I didn't have it on me.

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Jack saw that I was clean, so he thought he was the same, so he took to the street with cigarette ash.

but I thought I was covered in gray, so I went to the river to clean it.

then the people on the street laughed so much that they thought Jack was not normal. "

finally his father summed up a truth: "in fact, no one else can be your mirror, only you are your own mirror." If you use someone else as a mirror, an idiot may see himself as a genius. "

at last, Einstein suddenly realized that he no longer compared with his friends around him, and began to do what he liked.

less comparison, more self-love, you will get a calm, a happy.

"some people graduate at the age of 22, but wait five years to find a good job!

some people become CEO at the age of 25 and die at the age of 50.

there are also people who become CEO late at the age of 50 and live to be 90.

some people are still single, while others are married.

some people retire at the age of 55, while others do not become president until the age of 70.

everyone in the world already has their own time zone for development.

some people around you seem to be walking in front of you, while others seem to be walking behind you.

but in fact, everyone has their own pace in their own time zone.

Don't be jealous or laugh at them. "

Life has been in a hurry for decades, flashy fame and wealth are just passing by, and only an ordinary heart makes people feel at ease.

Please keep yourself healthy and calm. Life is not worth living. You should live a life without discount.