Don't overestimate relationships, don't underestimate life, don't misjudge people.

Don't overestimate relationships, don't underestimate life, don't misjudge people.

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there is a question in Zhihu: in the adult world, how can we not be disappointed in life?

the highly praised answer is: don't overestimate relationships, don't underestimate life, and don't misjudge people.

in life, overvalued relationships lead to chills, underestimated lives tend to be lonely and miserable, misestimates lead to miserable lives.

things change, life is like a dream, the truth of life, but walk alone.

and if you want not to be disappointed in this strange world, you must do these three things.


Don't overestimate the relationship

the relationship between people is a metaphysics-

the so-called brothers who were still drinking last night can wake up as strangers this morning.

once upon a time they told each other their best friends, and they could no longer have anything to do with each other as soon as they turned around.

the older I get, the more I find that the relationship between adults is not as good as the rush of time, but even less than a few taels of broken silver.

some time ago, my best friend Xiao Xin came and confided to me that she had blocked several friends she had been dating for many years.

I hurriedly asked her what was wrong.

she told me that her mother was diagnosed with lymphoma and was in urgent need of a large amount of money for surgery. As a result,

"the friends who usually play together will hide when they see me."

"I finally got in touch with two people. As a result, one said he had just bought a second apartment, and the other said he had lost money on his investment."

"fortunately, I used to regard them as my best friends, but I didn't expect that there was no one who was willing to help."

"people, you really can't overestimate your relationship with anyone!"

speaking of this, there are tears in Xiao Xin's eyes, and I am also saddened by

how many people have been hurt to pieces because of overestimating their relationship with others;

and how many people are looking forward to others' help in the snow, but in the end they can only see each other turn away.

they do not know that it is easier to add icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow;

they do not understand that the relationship between adults is essentially an exchange of value, and the hidden condition here is that you can only exchange if you have value.

and high-level people understand this, so they never overestimate the relationship.

I have a female friend who used to be an ace broker in a company.

at the beginning of the year, because of her health, she quit her job and started her own women's clothing brand.

Checking our online shopping? We have a huge selection of fabulous off the shoulder wedding dress with sleeves for you. Our collections will surely cater for all kinds of tastes.

at the beginning of her business, she had a lot of hardships: she not only had to dock with manufacturers, run online stores, and bring goods live, but also contacted the media, part-time models, and analyzed data. I am tired of doing everything by myself.

and those so-called "peer friends" not only refused to give her a hand, but also laughed at her at dinner: "it's so humiliating that the ace agent of the past was reduced to competing for jobs with Internet celebrities!"

when she heard these words, she did not pay attention to or sad, but worked harder to cultivate her personal brand and broke even in just three months.

when asked by a friend about the secret of success, she only said one sentence: "Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone, because your life can only depend on yourself."

she made me understand that not expecting or relying on is the top self-discipline of an adult.

and people who are really good will not overestimate their relationship with anyone.


Don't underestimate life

A few days ago, a piece of news called "Metersbonwe plans to sell assets to return blood" went viral on Weibo.

it turned out that Metersbonwe suffered a huge loss of more than NT $800 million a year, and its market value shrank by more than NT $30 billion. In order to replenish current capital, Metersbonwe had no choice but to sell its assets.

at the beginning, Metersbonwe, founded in 1995, has been one of the top 100 enterprises in China's clothing industry for six consecutive years, with more than 4000 offline stores and annual revenue of more than 10 billion yuan.

unexpectedly, in just a few years, Metersbonwe ended up with a sharp fall in stock prices and huge losses in its performance.

netizens commented in the message area:

"Life abandons you and will not say goodbye."

"Enterprises that fail to keep up with the times are doomed to be abandoned by the times."

to the point.

even if this is the case with commercial giants, how can ordinary people avoid the rubbing of life?

how many people are busy for half their lives, but are still uncrowned and empty-handed;

how many people, with all their strength, are still struggling and the sea of people is still floating and sinking.

in Zengguang Xian Wen, it is said: "in a lifetime, grass gives birth to a spring, which comes like wind and rain and goes like fine dust."

Yes, life is not easy, life is really hard, and no one lives easier than anyone else--

can't you see that 70,000 masters deliver takeout part-time; don't you see, 230000 people turn to Didi?

there is a passage in the Silver Soul:

when you grow up, you will understand that there are tears in life that wash away the great sorrow that is not clean, and the unforgettable pain that you can't cry even if you want to.

so the really strong people, the more they want to cry, the louder they laugh, with pain and sadness, even so, they have to take them forward with a smile.

I strongly agree.

the more life hits you, fails you, and hurts you, the more you have to face it, fight it back, and defeat it.