Don't wait for the expiration date to eat me.

Don't wait for the expiration date to eat me.

& quot;, don't let pineapples be canned. "

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at three o'clock in the morning, I swiped on a moments on Airing saying, "it turns out that love expires like a can." The picture is a screenshot of A Wu eating canned pineapples in Chongqing Forest.

Airing and her boyfriend have been in love for six years, and their stability is recognized by each other's families. We all feel that if nothing happens, the first wedding invitation we receive must be hers. A year ago, her boyfriend went abroad to study, and she was also preparing to follow TOEFL. At first, like most long-distance couples, they took a lot of care to do a lot of things that proved that they were passionate, such as putting their hands together into a nine-palace grid under similar backgrounds in different countries, such as intercepting their chat notes on each anniversary. She felt that the yearning had a heavier weight because of the distance, and she was even a little excited to think that they would be able to meet across the Pacific Ocean after the year.

A month ago, Airing finally got the Offer of her favorite university. she immediately made an overseas call. As she kept on sharing her joy with her boyfriend and imagining their future, his tired and impatient voice came from the other end of the silent phone. "it's midnight in America." All right, I love you. Good night. Airing's enthusiasm was interrupted, so she didn't want to go on. She replied, "well, I love you, too, but …" It's daylight here. Good night. "

their relationship seems to have been cut into two parts by that phone call, the romance that originally belonged to the black and white upside down of the eastern and western hemispheres turned into an inappropriate disturbance, and their enthusiasm turned into self-talk and self-touching. When the words "I love you" are as common as "I go to eat" and "I want to sleep", "I love you" becomes a perfunctory way to end the conversation.

A Wu in the movie chose to buy a can of pineapple that expired on May 1 every day from the day of the breakup, and told himself that the relationship would expire if she had not bought 30 cans of her girlfriend May. The number is the materialized time, it makes the sadness have a time limit and the pain has an end. In reality, love is not a can with a date. You don't know how long it will last and when it will expire. To make matters worse, you tend to deceive yourself into attributing the dull taste to delusions-it's still good, but my tongue is too thickly coated.

just like Airing, he cried and told me that he had changed the night before, but he could secretly tell me on Wechat the next morning: "but he will definitely change back." There is a pink expression after this sentence.

but deliberately maintain mechanical, insincere enthusiasm, in an attempt to illuminate the future that does not know when, continue to eat tasteless abandoned love to spend youth, the end must be disappointment. Finally, Airing broke up, and I knew it, because when I clicked on Airing's avatar along that moments, I found that all the photos of her and him were gone.

"throw away the pineapple if it doesn't taste good. Be careful not to eat something bad. "

at 03:20 in the morning, I left a message under the moments about canned pineapples.

in fact, I have always liked another expression about the shelf life on the packaging of Japanese snacks-"appreciation period". As the name implies, the "taste period" is the "fresh period", during which the best taste of the food can be tasted. Beyond this period, the safety of the food will not change in the short term, and they can still be eaten. However, the ambiguous "short-term" between freshness and deterioration is restricted by many uncertain factors that cannot be considered, and it is easy to make people feel uneasy that "food is tasteless, but it is a pity to abandon it", which is closer to human emotion and has more Zen meaning.

and Airing's story is actually a story about the appreciation period.

many people can't tell the difference between "appreciation period" and "shelf life". The former is a subjective evaluation determined entirely by individuals, while the latter is an objective standard that still exists regardless of whether you admit it or not. But when I think of this word, an idea comes up secretly:

"there is no shelf life in life, it's all a self-serving period."

"I don't know since when, there is a day on everything. Saury will expire, canned meat will expire and even cling film will expire. I begin to wonder, is there anything else in this world that will not expire?"

everything has a time limit for appreciation, so it's hard to say that a person who "likes the new and hates the old" is immoral, disloyal and undetermined. Our interests and tastes change with age, environment, and experience, so when we find that our interests change, you can be sad, but you don't have to blame yourself too much and wonder if you are too unsentimental. The chef's salad is hard to swallow. Why don't you try fish and chips? The style is so out of date that the clothes you will never wear fill the wardrobe. Why don't you clean up some new clothes? It is a waste of life to let the tasteless and discarded bits and pieces occupy your life and consume your enthusiasm.

it's just that when it comes to the relationship between two people, the appreciation period becomes their own judgment standard. With any luck, you two can always be consistent and work together to extend the deadline indefinitely. But once your luck is bad, your taste period deviates from that of the other person, and with the passage of time, one of them will become the one who has passed the deadline. if you are more unfortunate, you will become the one who has expired, and if the other person has made the awakening mentioned above, then you will become the "bad salad", "outdated clothes" and "softened potato chips" mentioned above.

are you feeling a little uncomfortable? Because we can accept that things have the time limit we set, but we can never stand others to set a date for us. But then again, we still have to accept the fact that everyone has a period of appreciation in the eyes of others, but in some moving movies, the period is 100 years.

and many things pass the appreciation period in the moment of hesitation, such as the chocolate sent by your first love is unwilling to eat and eventually deform because of melting, such as the crisp taste of the potato chips that have been left in the bag for a long time. For example, she can't resist the wrinkles of the years that make you palpitate. If you feel like you missed the appreciation period, you will regret that you will regret it. Not only the flavor of the food is no longer, but also the mood is not fresh.

there is a word in the Japanese tea ceremony called "a period and a meeting", that is, in the process of the tea ceremony, there is a sense of "cherishing the world" by meeting each other only once in a lifetime, thus giving each other the best courtesy. Japan's "mourning" aesthetics makes people reluctant to part with all the time-limited and vanishing scenery, allowing withered cherry blossoms and ripe plums to infiltrate the aesthetic smell, forming chic dishes. The beauty will fade, the vegetables will be off the shelves, and the feelings will deteriorate. In all the short appreciation periods, we should seize the time to taste their fullest taste and lock the original taste with taste buds, which is the only thing we can make good use of.

whether it's red and white sushi in hand, or the person standing in front of you.

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if there is one thing that does not expire, it is something that has expired, such as memory.

A long time ago I saw a very delicious incense review. The boy gave the girl a bottle of sea salt sage perfume and the girl was reluctant to use it until one day she accidentally broke the bottle and filled the room with fragrance. The girl could not resist the disappearance of the fragrance and could only remember the smell of perfume desperately. From then on, that memory is the faint taste of sea salt.

in fact, the ticket and movie postcards we collect are all leads to memory. They can bring out a lot of beautiful thoughts, make you feel full of life, make you feel that those days are not wasted, and keep you in mind. How sad it is if you haven't experienced it and don't even have the capital to forget it.

I cherish every unexpected encounter, and I don't stop me from leaving without saying goodbye. There is nothing immortal, at least I have tasted it. Remember all the flavors in the appreciation period, and memories are also full of fragrance. If memory is a can, I hope its appreciation period can reach ten thousand years.

May you encounter a delicious food with all kinds of flavors, and you can't give it up.

Don't be afraid to do anything because you are afraid, you will miss their best moment, love is like this, friendship is like this, life is like this, and so is food.

"Don't let fresh pineapples be canned."