Educating your children well is your most important career.

Educating your children well is your most important career.

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parents devote their lives to working hard for their children.

busy with career, busy making money, hoping to give better living conditions and better learning environment.

but sometimes we find that what we give is not what the child wants, so we are drifting away from the child.

and the growth of the child is an irrevocable live broadcast, and the overdue compensation is invalid.

in fact, raising children well is the career that parents should spend the most time learning and investing.


it is the teachers who teach, and the parents who cultivate the habit of conduct

have read such a sentence:


the duty of the teacher is to impart knowledge, while the duty of educating people lies with the parents.

in the movie Future Robot City, wheat is a "new left-behind child".

although wheat lives with her mother, her mother indulges in the entertainment brought by robots and neglects her care for wheat, which leads to all kinds of bad habits.

when she accompanied her mother to watch the new product launch, Mai was attracted by the football, so she ignored the retrograde on the elevator and ran around the robot research and development center without permission against the robot police who maintained the order.

my mother turned a blind eye to this situation.

when I was at school, the teacher was lecturing hard on the stage, but she looked around below and didn't care to listen.

sometimes when the teacher wasn't paying attention, she snuck out during class.

students who disliked them were solved by violence, resulting in having no friends and having to play alone.

although these behaviors are not good, my mother never asks questions and thinks she can just leave it to the teacher.

due to the lack of love from his family, wheat has become a real bear child: rebellious and grumpy.

this is just like a child who is mentally deficient due to lack of parental company in real life.

Adler once said:

all the problems in the growth of children can be traced back to the relationship with their parents.

parents should reflect on themselves most about their children.

I Ching cloud: "Frost, ice to."

when you step on the frost, you know that the cold winter is coming.

in fact, if you look at a child's behavior from an early age, you can see what kind of person he will become in the future.

and what kind of person you want your child to be, the parents themselves become that person first.

educate, teach in the teacher, raise in the parents.

to raise children well, parents should teach by deeds and lead by example.


parents are willing to be accompanied with high quality, and their children are happier

Dr. Jane Nielsen once said:

people pursue their own importance all their lives, because they are happier when they have love in their hearts.

and it depends on whether parents are willing to give their children high-quality companionship and unconditional love.

"the teenager said," there was an issue called "is the mobile phone the child of the parents?"

Ye Zijian, who is in the fifth grade, complains that his parents like to play with their mobile phones.

he said:

when I was a child, I always thought that mobile phones were the children of my parents.

because every time I look up at them, they can't take their eyes off my phone. I really don't know what's more important than me.

even take the initiative to let me play with my mobile phone in order to keep myself quiet and keep me from making trouble.

in the end, the child choked up and said, "Mom and Dad, will you put down your phones and stay with me?"

although they are with their children, the absent-minded parents are heart-wrenching.

but isn't that how we get along with our children?

the furthest distance in the world is that I need you, but you are looking at your phone.

in fact, low-quality companionship is not as good as high-quality short-term relationship.

Obama once said proudly:

No matter where he is and how busy he is, he tries to have dinner with his daughter every night and patiently answer his children's questions.

Children's important days are never absent.

give your daughter high-quality companionship in your limited time.

daughters feel the importance in the hearts of their parents, which makes them better.

psychologist David Elkind said:

Purchase our petite wedding guest dresses and fall in love with the perfect infusion of high quality and perfect tailor fit. Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

the high-quality companionship of parents is not only the strength of a child's life, but also the longest confession of parents.


money can be made again, and children grow up only once

in the first lesson of school, Dong Qing said:

when educating your children, you choose to make money instead of disciplining your children.

when the child grows up, the money you work hard for the rest of your life is not worth the loss of his family for a year.

No matter how successful one is in his career, he can't make up for the failure in educating his children.

du Hua has attracted a lot of attention this summer for participating in "the Sister who braved the Wind and waves".

du Hua is so busy at work that when she is about to have a baby, she is still talking about work. She said to her boss, "can you give me a few hours so that I can have the baby first?"

she is a desperate Saburo. She started her business a month after giving birth.

I have started my own business for 11 years, and my son is also 11 years old.

her efforts have made her career very successful and a leader in the industry, but she is unable to educate her children.

du Huaping seldom spends time with his children, who are brought up by their grandmothers.

because of the doting of his elders from an early age, his son Zhao Chu-Kai developed many bad habits. Not to play with a tablet computer, he directly reached out and hit his grandmother, resenting his grandmother's inability to understand people.

du Hua knows very well that children are spoiled.They let their children take part in Metamorphosis to experience life, hoping to correct it.

Yu Minhong once said:

Zhao Chushi also said on the program: "I am self-willed. In fact, I want to keep my mother."

du Hua admits that he is too busy, which leads to many problems for the child, regrets missing the child's growth and owes the child a lot.

she blamed herself and said helplessly, "it's a loss to be a mother."

money can never be earned, but children grow up only once, and they can't make up for it if they miss it.

Yan Rujing said something that people remember deeply:

parents' love and companionship cannot be replaced.

Don't let a child spend his whole life repairing a defective childhood.


educating good children is your most important career

Japanese writer Kotaro Izaka once said:

how to be a qualified parent in his life is the most important thing for us to learn.

in fact, raising children well is also a practice for parents.

I have read such a sentence: "A person's relationship with his parents is a projection of his relationship with the world."

when parents and children are in love with each other, the child has the strength to face everything.

to let children feel the love of their parents is the meaning of growing up with children.

"raising" good children is a more important career for parents.