Everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella! (good text in depth)

Everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella! (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

flowers do not have a hundred days of red, will always wither,

people do not go smoothly for a long time, there are always difficulties.

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We live in this world.

No one can go well all the time.

there will be rainy days without umbrellas, and

will be in trouble one day.

when something happens, I am the most helpless. I hope someone can lend a helping hand.

rainy days are the most frustrating. I hope someone will send an umbrella.

in this world,

there is no help and giving for no reason.

is the result of heart for heart.

if you want to get help, first help others.

if you want to have an umbrella to protect yourself from the rain, first send an umbrella to someone.

what you do to others, others do to you.

to do others a favor is to do yourself a favor.

to be good to others is to be good to yourself. 01

treat people with sincerity

sincerity is goodwill,

sincerity, is love.

when dealing with others,

treat people with sincerity,

Don't play tricks, don't play tricks,

show sincerity, don't cheat.

one day, your heart will win long-term companionship.


greet people with kindness

is a kind of attitude, and

is a kind of tolerance.

Harmony can make money, and harmony can eliminate disasters.

when dealing with people, peace is the most precious.

give way to everything, don't worry about it, just lose

, don't hold a grudge.

greet people with kindness, rely on kindness,

make good friends and noble people, and follow good luck! 03

do things with righteousness

people must be upright, and

can they stand upright.

never do things that are deceived and abducted.

money against your conscience, don't make money no matter how good it is.

hold the bottom line, do not touch,

adhere to the principle, do not change.

always rest assured,

handle things with righteousness, be open and aboveboard,

rely on righteousness, and have a clear conscience.


to reflect on oneself

, no one is barefoot, no one is perfect.

everyone has shortcomings and shortcomings.

but not everyone will reflect.

if you have conflicts with others, you will blame others, and

if you conflict with others, you will shirk responsibility.

everything never looks for reasons from itself,

so it is unpopular and has no friends.

truly wise people,

sit still and often think about their own mistakes, persist in self-reflection,

cultivate themselves by self-reflection, cultivate their hearts by reflection, and

improve their self-accomplishment and win bosom friends.

We can't be perfect.

then try to be good.

when others are in trouble, give a hand.

when others are in trouble, give them a hand.

to help others is to give yourself a way back.

to solve the difficulties of others is to get rid of trouble for yourself.

give someone a rose, leave a fragrance in your hand,

help others once, and you will be blessed all your life!