Everything in the world is doomed.

Everything in the world is doomed.

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Shen Congwen said in the Border Town:

"everything happens by chance, but the result is as inevitable as fate."

believe it or not, everything in this world has a cause and effect, and there is a reason between good and bad.

everything in the world is doomed.

Zhang ailing once said:

"in thousands of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, you happen to meet the people you meet, neither earlier nor a bit too late."

all the encounters between people seem to be a fate, but in fact they have their own destiny.

if there is fate, you can't drive it away, and if you miss it, you can't ask for it.

just like Baoyu and Daiyu, they met happily for the first time.

this sister I have seen before.

although I have never seen him, I look friendly and feel like an old acquaintance.

through the former alliance of wood and stone for three generations, only the two of them understand, and have nothing to do with others.

just like in Roman Holiday, Princess Anne met Joe, a newspaper reporter.

"Nice to meet you. How are you tonight?"

even though many things in the world are doomed to come to nothing, that romantic day is enough to comfort the rest of life.

just like Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang, they decided to meet hand in hand for a lifetime.

"before I met you, I didn't think about getting married; after I met you, I didn't think about getting married with anyone else."

you and I begin to fall in love at first sight, fall in love with each other, and finally fall in love with each other for a long time.

Life is actually a grand encounter.

every time the subconscious turns around, every casual look back, there are deep roots and karma hidden behind.

someone will accompany you all your life, walking in the lonely late autumn, so that you will not be alone for the rest of your life.

someone will accompany you just to leave a mark in your life and then leave in a hurry.

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who you will meet is meant to be.

in this world, there are people who love you and understand you, and naturally there will be people who hate you and hurt you.

so some people say that if they had been too late, they would not have known each other, and there would have been different results and consequences.

but in this world, we have never met for no reason.

everyone who appears around you is here to ferry you.

those who love you bring you warmth and security and teach you gratitude and giving.

people who deceive you, let you experience something, see some people, and teach you to grow and experience.

those who beat you, let you know your shortcomings, and have the courage to move forward even in the trough.

these frustrations, frustrations and pains are all experiences of life, and they cannot be avoided.

but whether the ending is good or bad, in the process, your vision has improved, your pattern has improved, and you have a clearer understanding of yourself and the world.

eventually, it makes you more determined, more mature, and more confident to meet the future.

I think this is the greatest meaning they bring to your life.

so please don't blame anyone in your life.

there is a cloud:

"all kinds of yesterday, such as death yesterday, and things of today, such as life today."

meeting is a beautiful accident, meeting all kinds of people.

all we have to do is learn to be kind to everyone you meet.

Thanksgiving to meet each other.

how many people in this life, while desperately pursuing a perfect life, they regret it all the time, if they can start all over again.

have you ever thought that we don't have the ability to predict, and there are a lot of things we can't control.

most of the time, everything has its cause and result.

is yours, will not disappear because you are not perfect, not yours, and will not come because the timing is just right.

it seems to be accidental, but in fact it is doomed.

four very spiritual words spread in India:

whoever you meet is the right person;

whatever happens, it is the only thing that will happen;

No matter what time it begins, it is the right moment;

it is over.

whether you admit it or not, many times in your life, you have made the best choice you can make at that time and meet the best people.

even if you do it again, no one can guarantee that you will be better off than you are now.

since it is doomed, why cling to remorse? it is better to deal with it calmly.

everyone you meet in your life, good or bad, everything is the best arrangement.

and the only thing we can do is to focus on each moment.

always with a heart of gratitude, cherish fate when fate comes, and fate goes when fate goes.

maintain the mindset of being at ease with the situation, and have no obligation to do a good job.