Everything is the best arrangement.

Everything is the best arrangement.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a saying in Buddhism: "if you drink and peck, you must be determined before."

Life is impermanent, so is prosperity, and so is poverty.

in the face of circumstances, all we can do is to live well in the present and do our best.


everything is God's best arrangement

Buddha says:

in life, there are traces of who you meet and what happens.

whatever the result, it is bound to happen.

but if things go against your wishes, don't worry, because all this is the best arrangement.

painting Saint Wu Daozi, whose family was poor when he was young, accidentally came into contact with an old monk in Berlin Temple, so he decided to study painting.

at first, Wu Daozi's painting was not very good, and whether it was waves or characters, it was always distorted in his works.

when he was about to give up, the old monk decided to take him around.

during his travels, he kept learning how to describe every drop of water and every spray. For three years, he finally achieved something.

after returning to the temple, he stayed in the temple for nine months, and it was not until late autumn that he finally completed the mural "River and Sea Pentium" and became famous.

the fate of life comes from the accumulation of bits and pieces.

No one can make himself full of experience in an instant, nor can he reach his peak overnight.

everyone has a difficult time. Only when we get through it can we find that those situations that were about to fail will slowly get better.

if you are willing to stick to it, it is willing to be a thing of the past.

No one can succeed effortlessly, as long as you don't give up, God will give you the best arrangement.

as the saying goes, "if you want to know the fruits of the afterlife, the author of this life is."

the fate of man is doomed.

there is no absolute in life, and fate is never unfair.

if you want to fight for it, don't be discouraged in the face of wind and rain.

No matter how many problems fate has given us, we can compose it into the most beautiful chapter!


gains and losses are doomed, and people with a relaxed heart are at ease

there is a saying in the Hua Yan Sutra: "knowing the body comes from the origin, but there is nothing to write."

knowing that this body is the product of karma and harmony, there is no need to cling to greed.

there is such a fable.

the young monk cleans the courtyard every day and gets bored.

one day, the little monk had a whim: if I could shake the leaves off the tree ahead of time, wouldn't I be once and for all!

so he shook all the trees ahead of time, cleaned them and went to rest.

unexpectedly, the courtyard was still covered with thick fallen leaves the next day.

the young monk worries about yesterday, fears tomorrow, but forgets that what should happen is doomed to happen.

worrying about the past or worrying about the future will only make you fall into a bottomless abyss and make you miserable.

the best way to live is to live in the present.

Qian Zhongshu said:

there is no worry, no fear.

live in the present and be at ease with fate.

the middle of my life is over. I'm busy, I can't earn enough money, I can't get done, I can't get angry.

it is better to learn to go with fate, let go when you should, and enjoy what you should enjoy.

Don't be obsessed with it when you are alive.

obsession leads to annoyance; let go and one is at ease.

in life, gains and losses gather and scatter, calmly, gain is not necessarily a blessing, loss is not necessarily a curse.

as the saying goes, three thousand bustling flick fingers in an instant, a hundred years later, but a grain of yellow sand!

Life, ordinary or wonderful do not need to care, you just do your best, even if God does not give you what you want, he will certainly give you better.

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