Everything will pass! (epiphany)

Everything will pass! (epiphany)

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once upon a time, there was a king who wanted to find a word that could make happy people sad and sad people happy.

he searched for a long time but couldn't find it.

until one night, he dreamt that the wise man said something to him, which was exactly what he was looking for.

the most magical sentence in history is: this will all pass! Xad

whether it's good or bad, nothing lasts forever.

when you fail or suffer, tell yourself: everything will pass!

when you are successful and complacent, you should also know that everything will pass!

A good life is a process, not a state; it is a direction, not an end.


the truth of life

has always been mud and sand, flowers and thorns coexist

maybe you are satisfied with your wishes and are in a high position.

A word is spoken, a thousand people promise; in the ear, sweet talk; at home, high friends are full; travel, hug before and after.

but don't forget: everything will pass! When you go on stage, you will step down.

Life is like climbing, the time to reach the top of the mountain is often the shortest and the least lasting, and the most eternal time is always on the road.

whether it is the heroism of "a panoramic view of the surrounding short mountains" or the loss of undesirable scenery, it is short-lived, and the next stop is to start again.

maybe you are suffering from illness and struggling in adversity.

but remember: everything will pass!

No one is always strong, the sun sets in the afterglow, but the next day, it will rise again, the more tired you are, the more you want to be your own sun.

Shi Tiesheng, a famous writer, spent most of his life sick. When he mentioned the illness, he laughed at himself: "my occupation is to be sick. I write something in my spare time."

on several occasions, Shi Tiesheng almost went to the devil's door. But his life was harder than iron, and even the nurse said he had a good name.

after coming through again and again, he teased himself: "as soon as winter is over, I live again." It seems very likely to live into the next century. "

by this time, he had seen through life and death.

people who have met Shi Tiesheng have a common feeling-cheerfulness.

you will find it strange that you can't see suffering in his face.

when you understand that good things and bad things are a thing of the past, you can stop panicking and take a better look at the gains and losses in life.

maybe you are sad.

sorrow without sorrow is like a stuffed stove that burns a heart to ashes.

but remember: whether it is sad or happy, it will pass, but it will leave a different mark on us.

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the day-to-day sadness will leave us with a bitter and resentful face and make us tired.

and continuous happiness will brighten our lives and make every day sparkle.

therefore, the difference between the strong and the weak does not lie in the absence of sadness, but in the speed and quality of dispelling bad emotions.

the sooner we get out of our old emotions, the sooner we can fight for more time for our lives.

immersed in old emotions, it will make us miss out on what we should grasp in front of us, and lead to chagrin.


look down on things and despise others

A friend told me that I really want to have a good state of mind.

but in real life, work and family chores, co-worker relationships, and friends come and go. Will affect their emotions in all aspects, it is difficult to achieve the real light.

I told him that he might as well try to do both.

1. Learn to belittle people

No matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life. It is no accident to face them with gratitude, look down on people coming and going, be a bystander of life, have peace of mind, and believe that everything will pass.

in the face of friends

in adversity, I understand the warmth of human feelings; in mediocrity, I realize that fate is changeable.

time, will precipitate sincere feelings, want to leave you, do not have to force, ask for back, perhaps a villain.

as the saying goes, "the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water". Friends who are really close to each other do not have to contact each other every day, but always trust and support each other.

in the face of the child

the child is a certificate of deposit given to you by God, of course it is not your account, and the password is unknown, so just deposit it in, when you can take it out and enjoy it, it depends on its owner, don't count on it, just give it.

in the face of my parents

my parents are the people who set up an account for me. Although they do not want to recover the cost, we should give it back even more. Maybe it is not clear until they leave me.

2. Learning to look down on things

what we care about now, what we have got, what we have not got, is only a very short moment in the long river of life.

appreciate life

keep a childlike sense of wonder about life, pay close attention to the good things around you, and know how to cherish what you have.

learn to forgive

to hold a grudge is an act of "self-harm". Forgiving others will calm your mind.

at the same time, learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself.

smile often

Don't be too serious about yourself and life.

try to find a little bit of fun around you, be humorous at the right time, and fill your life with laughter.

focus on yourself

concentrate on creating your own thoughtsTo live a life, don't care too much about what others say and do, or even gossip or abuse.

there is no need to judge this, because everyone has his own way of living.


everything will pass

"will pass". A simple sentence is full of philosophy of life.

when you have power and authority, it will warn you that you should not be arrogant, bossy or bossy;

when you are in high spirits, it will remind you that you should not be complacent, intoxicated, or carried away;

when you suffer setbacks and sufferings, it will inspire you, there is no need to be discouraged, there is no need to be discouraged, there is no need to be pessimistic.

everything will pass! Everything will begin again!

for the rest of your life, tell yourself that you are happy when you get it and calm down when you lose it.