Family's best feng shui: big things to discuss, small things to forgive, do not fight for right or wrong.

Family's best feng shui: big things to discuss, small things to forgive, do not fight for right or wrong.

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family is the support of a lifetime, and

family is the end-result of a lifetime.

whether a family is prosperous or not,

determines a person's happiness index,

affects a person's fate in life.

if a family wants to prosper,

is inseparable from these three points.

these three points are the best fengshui of the family.

if achieved,

the family will be prosperous and harmonious, and

life can be happy and stable!

Major discussions, do not make decisions

family, not one person,

but multiple family members.

No matter what happens,

do not take matters into your own hands and cling to your own opinions.

if you insist on going your own way and making your own decisions,

regardless of the interests and feelings of your family,

will cause conflicts and

affect the feelings of your family.

the family is a whole, and

cannot be selfish and disregard others.

when you encounter a major event, you must discuss it with your family.

listen to your family members' opinions, and

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ask your family members for advice.

avoid disputes,

everything will be prosperous if you make peace.

forgive trifles, forgive

the family gets along day and day,

it is inevitable that there will be ups and downs.

when you have a little friction with your family,

Don't take it too seriously and be tolerant.

when you have differences with your family,

Don't be too angry and learn to be considerate.

otherwise, the quarrel becomes bigger, the contradiction deepens, the family is restless and the life is not happy.

No matter who it is,

Don't be unscrupulous because of the tolerance of your family.

your careless words will break your family's heart.

Home is a place to talk about love.

never reason with a bad mood.

forgiveness of trifles, tolerance and understanding,

families will become more and more prosperous.

do not fight for right or wrong, do not turn over old debts

there are many families in life,

because they do not give way, fight for right and wrong,

leads to alienation.

many couples,

end up falling apart because of old debts and conflicts.

what does

argue about when families are together?

win the argument, lose the relationship,

turn over the past, it is difficult to forgive.

regard the family as a battlefield, attack each other with evil words, and

let family contradictions superimpose. Once it breaks out,

becomes enemies, regardless of feelings,

a family will come to an end.

in this world,

only family members are closest to us, and

only family members are most true to us.

especially after middle age,

has nothing but family.

having a harmonious and warm family

is the most precious treasure in this life.

I hope that each and every one of us,

, can cherish our home.

when we are with our families, we can do this:

big things are discussed, small things are forgiven,

there is no struggle for right or wrong, and we do not turn over old debts.

work together to run a family,

family integrity is worth thousands of treasures,

family prosperity, life will be better!