"find someone with the same frequency."

"find someone with the same frequency."

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there is a hot topic on Zhihu: why do good friends drift apart? The answer below

tells countless sad stories.

some people say it is because of distance, some say it is because of differences in understanding, and others say it is because of the gap between the two people.

but I think the root cause of drifting away is just the difference in frequency.

my friend Xing Fei told me such a story:

she has a very close friend who has been in love for more than a decade.

after working, they went to different cities.

when I get in touch with each other again, I never feel the same again.

if friends work hard and work overtime, they will be told that girls should eat and play and work so hard.

A friend likes a motivated boy, but the other person tells her that it is useless for a boy to make progress, but it is true that he is rich.

friends are kind and often go to do public welfare, but the other person dislikes to say that your money is the same as not helping.

chat with people of different frequency, she can't understand your thoughts, don't agree with your way of life, let alone how you feel.

in a word, the other party scoffs at your efforts. Your ideal, the other party thinks it is a fantasy.

two people with different frequencies, not only can not synchronize their thoughts, do things with the same frequency, but also have the same rhythm.

in the end, it only makes each other more and more tired.

the frequency is different, so why be a friend.

you have your ambition, I have my opinion, we are not destined to be the same.

as in Dear Andre, the author says to his son:

Life is actually like a road from a broad plain to a forest.

companions can walk in groups on the plain, joyfully pushing forward and backward, helping each other;

once they enter the forest, the grass and thorns stand in the way, the situation changes, and each person pays attention to his own way and looks for his own direction.

and people of different frequencies will eventually drift away.

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the so-called frequency is the same, which means that both parties share the same philosophy of life, and they know how to appreciate each other and respect each other when they have different opinions.

with the same frequency, it refers to the understanding and understanding between friends.

the same frequency, which refers to the appreciation and tolerance between husband and wife.

people with the same frequency know how to listen rather than argue.

people with the same frequency, understand your implication, understand your mountains and rivers, and respect you are different from mine.

with people of the same frequency, there are only two words: comfortable.

recently, Zhang Guoli and Deng Jie, who have not appeared in front of the camera for a long time, have been searching frequently.

although both of them are over 60, their feelings are still sweet.

their mode of getting along with each other is also evaluated by netizens as "the most desired marriage life in the elderly".

the two people have completely different interests and personalities, but they lead a poetic life:

while Deng Jie was taking care of her flowers and plants in the garden, Zhang Guo went to the study to write and draw.

Deng Jie likes to listen to English songs and modern songs in the kitchen. Zhang Guoli goes to the study to listen to Beijing Opera and folk music.

Deng Jie cut the potatoes very thickly, but Zhang Guoguo had a very artistic evaluation. Potato sticks are more delicious.

henpecked wife is hard. Zhang Guoli said that eating white rice is fine. But Deng Jie said to eat spaghetti because Zhang Guoli loves it very much.

they appreciate and understand each other's hobbies in the most comfortable way, and love each other in the most tolerant manner.

A cup of hot water warms hands; a word of understanding warms the heart.

on the road of life, it is the greatest happiness to have a lover of the same frequency and several friends of the same frequency.

because in front of people of the same frequency, you can be yourself completely, with no need to hide or please.

your shortcomings are humorous, while your petulant and capricious are lovely.

people with the same frequency often have some special tacit understanding.

if you are happy, he will be happy with you. When you are sad, he gives you support and warmth.

people with the same frequency know that you understand you and care about you, and respect your values more.


Han Han once said:

what kind of people we choose to be with, what kind of life we will have in the end.

I think so.

it's really important to be with people of the same frequency.

two people with the same frequency will have the same tacit understanding in spirit and the same ideas in the three values.

they can talk about the future, about life, about everything they can talk about.

many people know about McDonald's, but few people know about McDonald's founder Ray. The story behind Croke and his wife Joan.

Racklock once wrote in his memoir:

McDonald's has been through many troughs, and only Joan understands and supports my every choice.

our ideas and views are always the same. We are teammates and partners, so we are better than the average couple.

he said that McDonald's has grown from a small restaurant of 10 square meters to a leading business empire all over the world, thanks in large part to his wife's support and understanding.

in McDonald's most difficult time, the partners left one by one, but his wife always believed him and chose to fight with him.

ideally, the two have the same frequency of opinion. In life, two people have the same frequency pace.

the same values and life goals of the two people have opened McDonald's one after another.A new chapter. The older you get, the more you will understand that whether it is work, life, making friends or falling in love, you must find someone with the same frequency.

because the love with the same values is the best, and the two people with the same frequency last the longest.

as said in the elegance of the hedgehog:

just like Sanmao meets Jose, she is regarded as a "strange lady" in the eyes of others.

but here in Jose are young girls full of dreams, and the two have written love stories that make the world feel sorry.

just like Carina Lau met Tony Leung, one loves lively, the other is dull and doesn't like to go out.

but respect each other's values, and the two act as models of marriage in the entertainment industry.

just like when Lu Xun met qu Qiubai, he left a famous saying that "it is enough to have a bosom friend in life, and the world should regard it as the same."

being with people of the same frequency can not only nourish each other, but also promote each other's growth and development.


likes this sentence very much:

people with the same frequency and the same values will approach each other automatically.

A person with positive energy must make friends with people with positive energy on the same frequency.

A reliable person must make friends with reliable people of the same frequency.

A good person must make friends with excellent people of the same frequency.

in the days to come, may you also find people who are of the same frequency with you. Everything you encounter is good, everything you do understands you, and you will live with you in a quiet and good way.