For the rest of my life, be a "unfaithful" woman

For the rest of my life, be a "unfaithful" woman

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there is a saying:

when a thousand sails pass through the country, I find that the best destination for a woman is herself.

therefore, a woman's life, instead of placing a heart on others.

it's better to pay more attention to yourself and live for yourself for the rest of your life.


pay attention to the state of mind and face the storms of life

Feng Zikai said in "frank Collection":

if you love, life is lovely everywhere;

if you hate, life is hateful everywhere;

if you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere;

if you grow, everything can grow;

it is not the world that chooses you, but you choose this world.

I think so.

I often get messages from my listeners saying that I am always busy and tired.

I have been paying for my family and my children, but my husband is not considerate and the children are not obedient. I feel that everything in life is terrible.

when I click into their circle of friends, I am basically complaining and my face is sad.

I often persuade them:

there is no perfect life, only the best state of mind.

Destiny will repay you in a life-like way what kind of mentality you use to treat your destiny.

Life belongs to the world of dedicated people.

A woman should learn to see the world with an open mind, live with a rotten heart, and love with joy.

Zhou Guoping once said:

Ma Yili also encountered setbacks in marriage:

her husband had an affair, and many people would probably sink angrily, disappointed in marriage, and resent the unfairness of fate.

but Ma Yili can hold his fate in his own hands, can hold up love, and is not afraid to break it.

rumors and accusations swept in. She didn't care. The phrase "Marriage is not easy, and cherish it" silenced the nonsense of others.

after the affair, she did not complain about anyone, but continued to work hard to film, face the broken life and marriage, and rebuild her self-confidence and courage.

she won the White Magnolia Award for Best Actress for the role of Luo Zijun in the TV series "my first half of my Life".

after Sun Fang, the middle-aged nanny in the movie "find you" won the Huading Award, the Film Association Actress of the year.

in her long article to herself, "write in 43", she said:

in her twenties, she only wants to control everything she has in order to last forever, so she is inexplicably troubled by many uncertainties in the future and misses something beautiful.

in his forties, he knows that mortals and things are not immutable, thinking of yin and yang. The only thing that can be grasped is the present time.

Yes, self-pity will only add to your troubles, and it is meaningful to hold on to the present.

Last year, her Weibo announced her formal divorce with the article, saying, "this feeling has regrets, but there is no right or wrong. From now on, everyone will be happy."

she says there is no right or wrong in the first half of life, only growth. Looking back on everything in the past, I found that everything given by fate made her more calm and stable.

there is no complaint, only gratitude and good wishes, because I am strong enough in my heart.

for feelings, for life, can afford, also can let go, is a woman needs to practice the mentality of life.

Life is like a mirror. If you smile, it will give you joy; if you are angry, it will give you sharp feedback. What kind of mentality you have, what kind of life you have.

so don't let life manipulate you, you are the master of your own mindset.


focusing on appearance and living the most beautiful self

Beauty is a way of life. When you are willing to dress up and put yourself into a state of beauty from the inside out, it is the attitude of loving yourself and life.

Don't think that women who love to dress up are material and superficial. Instead, they should envy and learn from them and live their own world with delicacy, temperament, elegance and the gift of life.

during the period of the Republic of China, Guo Wanying, the fourth lady of Shanghai Yong'an Company.

this elegant woman has been called "the last aristocrat of China".

as a teenager, she was like a princess in a fairy tale, holding a doll and living the richest and happiest life in the world.

later, she went through a lot of things and her family was in decline.

instead of living in a mansion and being waited on, she has become an ordinary person who needs to do dirty work in order to have a meal.

she was punished to clean toilets, build roads and dig fish ponds. Her hands were blistered, hurt and scarred.

however, as long as she meets people, she should always put on make-up and change into clean clothes.

others do not understand, she is already poor so, why still have leisure to dress up?

she replied, "because that's what people look like to live."

she always wears short silver hair with neatly curled hair, and although she wears cloth clothes and trousers of a single color and ordinary style, she is always decent and clean.

she always said that maintaining a good appearance is respect for others, so until the age of 89, she was clean, light makeup, elegant and reserved, as if shining all over her body.

when she is rich, she can be refined like a hibiscus, which is enviable; when she is poor, she is like a rose in the desert, convincing.

Life is like an ant, but it can be as beautiful as God.

the aristocracy may not have noble pedigree, great wealth, and skillful skills, but no matter how the world changes, they can live like adults.

A person who is diligent in trimming his appearance must have a vigorous and upward force in his heart. She does not allow herself to be depraved, does not tolerate sloppiness, and keeps her life hot all the time.

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be loved by yourself and treated by the years.


the ability to focus on her career and maintain financial independence

video blogger Papi Jiang once said:

if you put children, parents, partners, and yourself, in order of importance, she will definitely put herself first.

because you are the one who has been with you for the longest time.

so even though she is married, she still works very hard at work.

in order to come up with better video ideas, I often work overtime and do it all over again.

occasionally I feel broken and tired, but tired and happy.

I think this is a woman's sense of achievement in maintaining financial independence.

most jobs in the world are tedious, but our sense of value is often found in work.

papi paste, which took maternity leave after giving birth this year, quickly returned to work and became a working mother.

in addition to work, she has to take care of the baby every day, and she will face greater challenges than before she had a baby.

but she never wants to give up her career, because she knows that women should not think about who to live, and no one is worth giving up your independence!

Mr. Liang Wendao once said that it is very important for a woman to have the ability to live a good life and to have things that others cannot take away.

the biggest backer of a woman is not her parents, marriage or men, but her ability to support herself, reassuring balance, and independent personality.

Maugham said in the shackles of Human Nature:

of course, people do not pursue wealth, but they must have a life sufficient to maintain dignity, so that they can work without hindrance, be generous, cheerful, and independent. "

all our efforts are just to have the right to control our destiny.


A woman who is "unfaithful" had better have a life

Yang Lan said, you can not succeed, but you have to grow up.

if women are willing to think for themselves, despite the years of running water, there will still be a warm light between their hands and feet!

when you encounter setbacks, don't complain, change!

when you find yourself looking old, don't hesitate to dress yourself up!

when you feel that life has lost its value, don't be idle and go to work!

the surprises of life, the gifts of life, and everything you want can be firmly in your hands.