For the rest of my life, I just want to be with someone who is comfortable

For the rest of my life, I just want to be with someone who is comfortable

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someone once asked: "if a person is alive, what is there to be really proud of for a lifetime?"

in my opinion, nothing is better than walking for half a life, with three or five friends around all the time.

in the final analysis, it is not difficult to realize that temporary friends are not difficult, and it is not easy to make friends for the rest of your life.

Friendship is born with fate. Some people feel that they can know each other for a lifetime when they meet. As a result, they break up as they walk.

and some people, who meet by chance, have unwittingly gone through the four seasons.

the more sophisticated people you experience, the more you will find when you look back:

originally, the friendship that can really stand the test is nothing but these four points!


I never get tired of chatting for a long time.

it is written in "there is a commissary in the Cloud": "A comfortable relationship between people can be kept silent or at any time."

get along with each other comfortably, but also warm without words. A person who really understands you may not contact you every day, but he will always keep you in mind.

Zhou Ruchang, a master of Hongxue, is 20 years behind Zhang Boju, but he has become an inexorable friend.

Zhang Boju has numerous books in his home, which coincides with Zhou Ruchang's love of reading, so he often goes to his home as a guest.

and every time Zhang Boju sees him coming, he doesn't take the initiative to get up to greet him, but is just busy with his own affairs. When Zhou Ruchang left, he had no intention of getting up to see off the guests.

most of the time, both of them are silent, just sitting quietly for a day with piano music.

to outsiders, Zhang Boju seems to be unkind in doing so.

but Zhou Ruchang said, "I ignore him, and he ignores me. I'm going back to school, and I'm not leaving. I'll leave as soon as I get out the door. No one can understand our relationship. "

Yes, you don't have to please someone with the same frequency. When something happens, each is busy, and when he is free, he will have a few conversations.

this kind of relationship is not noisy, although getting along with each other is light, but the friendship is deep, when we get together, we can always be ourselves comfortably.

the most important thing for friends to get along with is that they can drink and talk and remain silent.


send charcoal in the snow, achieve each other

time can know people, difficulties can know the heart.

We all go through some difficult moments more or less in our lives. When something happens, you will understand who you can rely on.

during the Spring Festival, the film Hello, Li Huanying, directed by Jia Ling for the first time, was officially released.

as soon as the movie was broadcast, it won a lot of applause and won a lot of applause at the box office. In particular, Shen Teng's performance added a lot to the whole film.

but what few people know is that Shen Teng did not charge a penny for his role in the film.

at that time, Jia Ling found him with the script, and Shen Teng agreed without saying a word. Not only that, he also specially set aside seven days to cooperate with Jia Ling in filming.

during that time, Shen Teng did not complain, but said, "you can shoot whatever you want!"

when she worked as a director for the first time, Jia Ling's anxiety was self-evident. And Shen Teng's unreserved support is undoubtedly timely help to her.

fortunately, Shen Teng became the "No. 1 box office actress in Chinese film history" with this film, and Jia Ling became "the highest-grossing female director in the world at the box office."

Jia Ling later recalled: "what's the use of worshiping so many people? you have to look at your brother when it's critical."

as the old saying goes, "if nothing happens, we don't know who is far away and who is near; if a person is not good, I don't know who is strong and who is weak."

some people will only get a piece of the pie when you have unlimited scenery, while others can be on call when you are alone.

cherish the people around you who want to help you out of your predicament. They are far more reliable than those who only know how to do kung fu.

the most important thing to get along with friends is to share the wind and rain, regardless of gain or loss.


like-minded, the three values are the same

the furthest distance between people is actually the disagreement between the three values.

if there is no resonance between two people, it is doomed not to be able to walk together.

as Yue Fei said, "if you want to pay Yaoqin, if you have few bosom friends, who will listen to the broken strings?"

everyone's energy is limited, and people with different Tao and different aspirations interact with each other, and one more word is killing the mind.

A netizen once made such a vivid analogy: "the real disappointment is like I said that the sea is beautiful, but he said that he has drowned a lot of people."

when you think about it, it makes sense.

to get along with people who don't know themselves, it's really more than a word of speculation, and a long time is a burden for both sides.

you share your happy life in moments, but in his eyes it turns into showing off;

you tell him about the sorrows you have encountered recently, which in his eyes is all a sign of cowardice and incompetence.

when you encounter this kind of relationship, just be a nodding acquaintance. There is no need to invite him into your life.

in fact, the correspondence of the three values does not mean that two people are completely alike, but that two people respect each other.

is that you don't have to do more, I can understand that you are different, and I can read between the lines if you don't have to say more.

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the importance of getting along with friends lies in the connection of hearts and the similarity of souls.


treat each other sincerely, not perfunctory

Shakespeare said: "honesty, the most touching."

A true friend is one who never plays games with you, plays tricks in a roundabout way, and always treats each other honestly.

remember that in the TV series "Little Joy", HaiTong Wenjie, played by Qing, was ruthlessly calculated by his "good sister".

Haiqing has excellent working ability and holds the position of vice president in the company. Unexpectedly, the sudden workplace crisis demoted her to an assistant.

and her replacement is Xiao Jin, her friend who talks to her everything.

when Xiao Jin was unknown, many people questioned her ability. It was Haiqing who spoke out and came forward to defend her.

when paying wages, even if Haiqing suffered some losses, he was not willing to let Xiao Jin get half a point less.

not to mention years of work experience, Haiqing has taught Xiao Jin everything he knows.

but what about Xiao Jin?

on the surface, she is called a sister to Haiqing, but she deliberately shows herself in front of the leader many times when Haiqing asks for leave.

some of the right and wrong that obviously did not happen will also be added to Haiqing by Xiao Jin, causing Haiqing to collide with the leader many times.

Herodotus once sighed: "nothing in the world is more valuable than a sincere and intelligent friend."

with people, a sincere heart is simple but valuable, and it is far more effective than any other routine.

the most important thing to get along with friends is to be honest with each other.


there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "A bosom friend drinks wine, a poem sings to a meeting, an acquaintance is all over the world, and a bosom friend can have several people."

accompany a journey, my friend, will not only affect the end of your journey, but also affect the scenery you see along the way.

to choose what kind of people to be friends with is to choose the quality of life.

if you don't get tired of being around for a long time, you can get along well with each other; only when you are in trouble and do not give up is the friendship between gentlemen; only by being consistent in values and treating people sincerely can you survive a long period of time.