For the rest of your life, marry the one who spoils you as a child.

For the rest of your life, marry the one who spoils you as a child.

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I met my friend Shazi some time ago. I haven't seen her for only a few months. She looks like she's ten years older.

five months ago, Shakespeare had just given birth to a baby and needed good self-cultivation.

but her husband is a jobless, who only knows how to play games every day, does nothing to do, and does not take the initiative to take care of her.

knowing that the child is too young to smoke secondhand smoke, he still smokes unscrupulously in the room, regardless of the safety of the child and Shazi.

during this time, in addition to taking care of the children day and night, Sha had to clean the dishes and clean the table and sweep the floor.

she was so busy every day that her husband did not share it for her.

even if the child cries in the middle of the night, the husband just wakes up Shakespeare impatiently and tells her to get up and feed her.

under the pressure of life, while worrying about unattended children, Shakespeare is on the verge of collapse.

No matter what suffering you are going through, the real pain is that no one shares it with you.

it's no use crying and shouting. You can only change it from one shoulder to the other.


A good marriage will make you a child again

some people ask, what does a good love look like?

in the Psychology of Marriage, there is a saying about the true meaning of love:

it is often said that to love someone is to be willing to spend money for her and spend time with her.

but more and more I feel that the sea of people is vast, and the most difficult thing is to find someone who is not willing to let you get hurt, can hold you in the palm of his hand all his life, take good care of you, and keep you innocent forever.

when you are with him, you can take off all your disguises; with him, you never have to grow up; with him, you can relax and be yourself.

even if you don't ask him for anything, his salary card will be handed over to you for safekeeping; he will take the initiative to tell you your phone password; when you are with him, you will really feel what it is to be loved.

Xiaoqiu is the most bold and unrestrained of my friends. She is always quick, ruthless and accurate.

Don't bother others for what you can do.

until I met my boyfriend Xiao Dai, the change was simply amazing to all of our friends.

whenever Xiaoqiu tells us about her boyfriend, she is very sweet, she said:

maybe you used to be independent and strong. But in front of the person who spoils you, you can still become the child who doesn't have to worry about anything.


what women need most is to dote on

, which is reflected incisively and vividly in Zhang Jie. In the variety show "wife's Romantic Journey", Zhang Jie wrote to guests traveling with his wife in a letter:

she likes to get lost, so please take her arm and pay attention to the traffic;

she likes to lose her papers, so please keep your passport for her.

the little sister who lives with her should pay attention to her necklaces and earrings when throwing toilet paper. Don't throw them away together, of course, in case she throws yours away together.

many netizens laugh that they are very familiar with this method, which is exactly how I take care of my children. But in Zhang Jie's eyes, Xie Na will never grow up.

in order to lure Xie Na to sleep, Zhang Jie tells Xie Na the bedtime story of "Bear" every night.

even if he works out of town, he will call Xie Na until she falls asleep.

Xie Na, who has poor sleep quality, can fall asleep quickly as long as she listens to Zhang Jie's bear stories.

he coaxed Xie Na by spoiling his wife as if he were a child.

Hu Xinger also said in an interview:

in this life, we will meet a lot of people, some people make you mature, and some people teach you to be independent.

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but the luckiest thing is to meet someone who makes you a child again.

he will be your eaves, protect you from the wind and rain of life, give you sunshine, give you beauty, give you all love, and give you the best of the rest of your life.

from a small woman to a strong woman, is the helplessness of life, and from a strong woman back to a small woman, is the real happiness.

in fact, looking back, the couples who get along well with each other are more or less childish.

one of them, or a pair of them, looks like a simple "childish ghost" in life.

laugh when you are happy and cry when you are unhappy. There is no need to hide.

what is love between couples? It's just: I'm messing around, you're laughing.


Life is not easy, but luckily with him

now it seems that many girls are becoming more and more sensible.

do not like to trouble others, big and small ridge is to survive, but also special glass heart and inferiority complex, for fear of saying the wrong thing and doing the wrong thing.

however, no matter how strong the girl is on the outside, she is actually eager to meet a man who can understand her overexert, protect and dote on her.

it's nice to have someone to rely on.

he can accompany you silently and listen patiently to your grievances when you are sad.

he can give you a warm embrace when you cry bitterly and tell you, "cry, it will feel better to cry."

the answer must be: look for the kind of person who must be by your side no matter when or what difficulties you encounter.

he can understand your little emotions and tolerate your ailments.

he will not talk to you as a lobbyist, let alone be impatient with you. You can feel full of care and love in your relationship with him.

this is not hypocritical, but because someone who really loves you will take good care of you carefully and thoughtfully.

he doesn't want to let you be too sensible. He will protect your childishness because he knows the fragility behind your bravado and the tiredness behind your maturity.

those who really love you will always try their best to share it for you so that the burden on you can be lighter.

he understands that the suffering you have experienced will not only give you the warmest and most generous arms, but also give you timely comfort and solid support, so that your soft heart can have a place to place.

A good relationship, that's about it. If you have a hundred ways to get confused, he has a thousand ways to save you. He protects you like a suit of armor, and you can safely hide behind him.

"can protect your innocence and make you feel at ease as a child" is the highest and most sincere love of a husband and partner for the other half.

May someone be by your side and love you forever and love you to the bone.

May someone take you away from the hustle and bustle and come back to be the carefree "little girl".

Life is long, so be sure to spend time with someone who can "spoil you like a child".