Forgetful (good text in depth)

Forgetful (good text in depth)

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sometimes, remembering is a burden, and forgetting is a relief. The capacity of the heart is very limited, we should leave our hearts to interesting people and things. For some past, unbearable people and things, "forgetfulness" is the mentality that we should choose.


forget the past: only in order to welcome the future

forget the past. What happened in the past, whether beautiful or ugly, has become the past; what does not happen today is the future worth pursuing. In the Ming Dynasty, there was a talented man named Tang Yin, who was named Pak Hu. The world knows that he is suave, but he does not know that his love life is full of ups and downs, which is not as beautiful as "three smiles and autumn fragrance" in the movie. He had three wives in his life. the first was Xu, the second daughter of Xu Yanrui, a famous scholar in the south of the Yangtze River, but she died of illness at the age of 24. As a result, Tang Yin was depressed for three years. The second is he Shi, the daughter of eunuchs, who started a family with her in the year of Xie Yuan in Tang Yin High School. At this time, Tang Yin's love is successful, his career is promising, and he is full of longings and expectations for the future. Tang Yin is also full of confidence in the next general examination and temple examination, and he is going to win three yuan even. Unexpectedly, before the examination began, he was involved in a case of scientific research fraud; in a rage, the emperor disqualified him from reference and cut off his official career. At this time, he asked for a divorce. How could she endure being tied up by an impoverished scholar for the rest of her life? Looking at the determined he, Tang Yin readily agreed that the long pain was better than the short pain. He fell into despair again. If affectionate feelings are disappointed, it doesn't matter to be lonely for the rest of your life. This time, Tang Yin really became a loner, and he began to wander around; when he was so poor, he exchanged poems for money. Many years later, he revisited the same place and met Shen Jiuniang when he got drunk in Qinglou. Shen Jiuniang worshiped his talent and took pity on his experience. Every time Tang Yin came to see her, she always silently offered her tenderness. Tang Yin likes painting, so she serves her wholeheartedly, washing inkstone, adjusting colors and laying paper for her. Although the two rarely communicate with words, the tacit understanding between them has long been turned into a deep affection. Finally, Tang Yinbing's cold heart was ignited again, and he married Shen Jiuniang as his wife. Shen Jiuniang depended on him for the rest of her life. No matter how difficult life is, please believe that if someone treats you badly, someone will treat you well; if someone fails you, someone will pity you. As Tagore wrote, "Don't shed tears when you miss the sun, or you will also miss the stars."


forget complacency: only then can you recognize yourself

there is a saying in the moral Sutra: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise." People always have an insight into the affairs of others, but turn a blind eye to their own actions. They do not realize that those who can recognize themselves are the real wise men. Liu Bang, the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, laughed last in the struggle between Chu and Han, largely because he had a clear understanding of himself. At that time, Xiang Yu made Xiong Xin, the descendant of the late King Huai of Chu, king, and the king of Chu agreed with the princes that "the first to enter Guanzhong is the king." Xiang Yu was originally assured of victory, but the king of Zhao, who was trapped in Julu City by Zhang Jie's army, sent out a signal for help. All the princes sat on the sidelines, but Xiang Yu could not bear the suffering of his compatriots, so he burned his bridges, broke the encirclement of Zhang Ji, and saved the king of Zhao. When he and Zhang Kui faced each other, Liu Bang took the opportunity to enter Guanzhong first. Although it is agreed that "the first to enter Guanzhong is the king", Liu Bang is soberly aware that the consequence of being king is to openly fight against Xiang Yu. Thinking of this, Liu Bang had to give up the throne of the king of Guanzhong to wait for Xiang Yu; at the same time, he ordered the palace to be closed, all the treasure put back in place, and then sent soldiers to guard it. And he made an agreement with the elders of Guanzhong: "the murderer dies, the wounding and the thief are guilty." Liu Bang's practice confused Xiang Yu, and when Xiang Yu also came to Guanzhong, he had no doubt that Liu Bang had the heart of not being a minister. Fan Zeng suggested many times to get rid of Liu Bang, but Xiang Yu was already smug after the battle of the giant deer. Liu Bang was just a small potato in his eyes. Xiang Yu will have this illusion, all because Liu Bang can soberly know himself, he abides by his duty and keeps a low profile, which deceives Xiang Yu. In fact, when people live in the world, what they fear most is getting carried away; showing off excessively is just a sign of emptiness. Only by recognizing ourselves clearly can we go step by step.


forget troubles and learn to be happy with fate

if there is a way to solve the problem, there is no need to worry; if there is no solution, it is useless to worry. People always worry too much about things that have not yet happened, expect too much for things that are about to succeed, and take inaction and illusion as reality, and troubles take root in the middle. There is such a story in the Buddhist sutra: there is a woman named Jordami whose young son died of illness and was very sad. She went to the Buddha and asked for help, hoping that the Buddha would make up a medicine to bring her son back from the dead. The Buddha said, I can help you, but you need special ingredients. Please go to the city to find a family that has never died before and ask for some mustard seeds to bring back to me. Jordami happily went to the city to inquire, but found that there was not a family that had never died. She finally realized that she was not the only one who suffered from the loss of a loved one. The Buddha said to her: you think you are the only one suffering, but in fact everyone is suffering. When you feel the pain of life, know that everyone has suffered what you have suffered, and the required course of life is to learn to live in harmony with this pain. Sometimes, people are not unhappy, they just think they are unhappy. People who really understand the meaning of life are bound to focus on the truth of life and rejoice at every bit of life. When your heart is rich enough, when your perception of life is delicate enough, when you are willing to discover the virtues of everything and everyone, joy comes uninvited. Although the contents of life are varied, the troubles caused by imperfections are the same. Only by forgiving and treating life as a spiritual practice can we gradually move away from troubles and keep pace with happiness.

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