Four signs that a person begins to have good luck

Four signs that a person begins to have good luck

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writer Jiang Xun once made a wonderful exposition on fate:

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Xiang Ling was born into a well-off family with a rich family and loving parents.

but then she was abducted and trafficked by human traffickers, and after several twists and turns, she was badly treated by Xue Zhi, which was bad luck.

if one wants to have good fortune in this life, in addition to fate, one must have the blessing of luck.

otherwise, no matter how strong the ability is, no matter how good the family is, it won't help.

and if people are lucky, they usually have these signs.


never sigh.

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as the old saying goes, "one sigh for three years"

people who always sigh are generally unlucky.

everything is a reflection of man himself. If you are optimistic, you are optimistic, and if you are pessimistic, you are pessimistic.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Jia Zheng has a side room called Aunt Zhao.

Aunt Zhao was born as a servant girl in her early years. She was taken a fancy to by Jia Zheng and became a half-grandmother from a servant.

in theory, she is the luckiest among these servant girls.

but she always thinks that others are unkind to him.

complain about this and which one every day.

complains that his son does not give him a long face, complains that his daughter does not support her, and complains that Sister Feng is making trouble for herself.

for a long time, her children don't like her.

she was originally the grandmother of Jia Fu, and she has not yet lived a comfortable life.

on the contrary, it is Grandma Liu who lives a miserable life at home, but she can still have fun in the bitterness and amuse everyone.

live a life with relish.

all Fukuda, do not leave the heart.

your heart is sunny, naturally the sky is clear, your heart is dark and naturally overcast.

each of us is the master of our own heart and the master of our lives.

Don't sigh and keep a cheerful state of mind in order to have good luck.


pay no attention to right and wrong, regardless of length

eight of the ten evils in life come out of the mouth.

A man can be blessed only if he can keep his mouth shut and don't talk nonsense.

in the Sui Dynasty, there was a man named he Ruobi, who was the most talkative among the courtiers.

Sui Wendi appointed Yang Su as prime minister, but he was not convinced and privately talked about Yang Su: this man is so bad that he can be prime minister, and he doesn't know what the emperor sees in mind.

when the matter was known by the emperor, he was demoted as a commoner.

soon after, the emperor gave him meritorious service and restored his knighthood.

he Ruobi did not rein in this.

after Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty ascended the throne, he still mocked his tongue under the court, saying that the emperor was extravagant and not a master of benevolence.

Emperor Yangdi of the Sui Dynasty had a bad temper and immediately ordered him to be executed.

when he Ruobi was young, his father he Ruodun warned him when he died: "I have caused a lot of trouble because of my words, so you must not learn from me."

Silence is gold, eloquence is silver.

learn to shut up so that one can keep his blessing.

Cao Zhenyong of the Qing Dynasty survived Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang, and was spoiled by Rilong in his later years.

when he was asked about the tricks of officialdom, he said, "without him, he kowtows more and speaks less."

if you don't talk about things in the world, there is nothing in the world.

only by keeping your mouth shut can one make his life less bumpy and have a smooth journey.


phase is born from the heart and determines the fate of life

in this age of looking at faces, appearance is becoming more and more important.

they can easily gain trust and affection.

this is not a superstition, but an instinct.

phase is born from the heart.

A person's appearance is a reflection of one's heart.

cowardly people droop their faces and look shrinking;

arrogant people hold their heads high and look at people through their nostrils;

lazy people are listless all day and their eyes seem to be too sleepy to open;

people who are good at drilling are always frivolous and show shrewd calculation.

We often say, "this man has a good face."

means that mild-tempered people just look at their faces and give people a feeling of spring breeze.

your personality can be seen on your face.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "those who love deeply must have kindness, those who have harmony must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

repair your heart and control your temper. After a long time, your appearance and temperament will be naturally correct and generous.

what is on the inside will be what it looks like. Fix a good face and enjoy a lifetime of good luck.


be grateful and know altruism

the World of Sophie says: no one is born to be nice to anyone, so we should learn to be grateful.

it is the duty of others to help you, not the duty.

Don't take other people's gifts and kindness for granted.

only by being grateful can one win the trust of others.

before the three Kingdoms competed for hegemony, Zhou Yu was a local county magistrate.

once there was a famine in the place where Zhou Yu was located, and he went to borrow grain from a local rich man.

Lu Su, a local official, gave him a big warehouse without saying a word, saying: don't mention whether to borrow it or not, I'll give it to you.

this warehouse of grain helped Zhou Yu meet his urgent needs, and many people died as a result. Zhou Yu is extremely grateful for this.

later, Zhou Yu developed and became a general. he remembered the kindness of Lu Su and recommended him to Sun Quan, and Lu Su was given the opportunity to pursue a career.

if you want to stand, you want to stand up, and you want to reach others.

if you want to be yourself, you must first be someone else.

learn to be grateful for the plight of others, to lend a generous hand, and to be grateful for their help.

only in this way can goodwill flow and life get better and better.

Confucian style

people's good fortune does not come out of thin air, but is repaired by themselves.

No matter how good a person's life is, he can only accomplish nothing if he doesn't know how to cultivate himself the day after tomorrow.

understand these four signs of good luck, put it into practice, and life will naturally change.