From today on, everything will be bearish.

From today on, everything will be bearish.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people live, there will always be a lot of dissatisfaction, along the way will experience a lot of twists and turns, pressure in all directions makes people breathless.

when I feel overwhelmed, I can't help but complain, why is life so painful?


look down on the gains and losses

a lot of things have already been fixed.

give it to me, no matter how I missed in the past, I will have it. "


look down on the human heart

in this world, it is the human heart that is the most difficult to see and understand.

time is always going, people always change, true or false, why care too much.


look down on the past

there are often unsatisfactory things in life.

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but if you always struggle with the past, you take everything too seriously;

it's easy to get yourself into a quagmire of trouble, and it's hard to live at ease.

there is only one time in life. Don't always look back and waste too much time and energy.

know how to look down on the past and let go of the past in order to walk easily.


look down on feelings

the moon will be full and missing, and people will be reunited and separated.

what can be left, cherish what can't be left, let nature take its course, and be well with each other.


be bullish on right or wrong

in the earthly world, you will always encounter some troubles, and you can't avoid some people's gossip.

when people are alive, as long as they are open and have a clear conscience, they don't have to pay attention to what others say.

in the face of human disturbance, people should be bearish and relaxed.