Girls say it doesn't matter, but it does.

Girls say it doesn't matter, but it does.

It doesn't matter. I don't care.

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I was waiting for the bus at the station at noon the day before yesterday, when I received a voice message from the eel whale, "I'm going to the party tonight. Do you want to come and see me?" Anyone who knows eel whale knows how difficult it is for such a coquettish and pretentious person to ask her to take the initiative to ask for an appointment. So when she asked me, "would you like to come and see me", I almost treated her as a little girl and promised her without hesitation.

however, one minute I said to my family, "I haven't eaten at home for a long time. Let's go to the new hot pot restaurant tonight." So when I could only stumble and say ambiguous words, the eel whale suddenly said, "Why don't you come? it's so troublesome."

obviously she took the initiative to help me make a decision, but when I was supposed to be relaxed, my hands holding umbrellas became overwhelmed and kept hitting the ground with the tip of the umbrella, regretting not telling her, "I actually want to see you, too."

after one o'clock in the evening, she suddenly posted a black-and-white photo of a bottle of Coke in her moments.

I know she is unhappy, because the pictures of her po Coke are all color on weekdays, but they are black and white that night.

talk about her in private.


"I thought you would come, but you asked me about it the other day."

"well, I wanted to see you, too, but then you told me not to come."

I know that after saying these two sentences, our inner OS is "you who don't mean it".

however, it is only when I need you that I do not mean what I mean.

Daxin is an engineering student. He spends 25 hours a day in the laboratory messing with all kinds of electric and fire equipment and machinery that I don't understand. But every girl is born with a skill of "sticking to death does not pay for his life". Naughty face and wayward want him to accompany me all the time. At first, I would tell him everything from what to eat for breakfast in the morning, what to listen to before taking a nap at noon, and how I felt at sunset in the evening, hoping that I could let him know how my day was going.

well, to be honest, it's to tell him, "look, I was thinking about you at breakfast, I was thinking about you when I was listening to music, I was thinking about you when I was watching sunset, but I can't tell you that directly."

however, Daxin, who has become busier and busier since he was promoted to junior year, always has endless experiments and reports, and he begins to be unable to reply in time to every little thing about me. On Wechat at 01:20 today, he won't get back to me until 03:00 tomorrow.

I think "disappointment" should be more explained as "disappointment accumulates and then suddenly turns into despair". It will only turn into a sentence "then get busy first."

so after I typed "nothing, you go busy" on the keyboard for the ninth time this month and pressed send, I turned off my phone, completely disconnected from him, and didn't want to worry about gain or loss any more to wait for his reply. Said so, but he did not know that women are duplicitous, my angry words my eyes rolled tears are actually waiting for him to save.

but the drama of Xiong Bao waiting downstairs for phone bombardment didn't happen to me and Daxin, not even a word of coaxing.

maybe the word "suddenly enlightened" was invented for boys who don't understand girls. When there was a boy around me who said, 'you go ahead,' and he would say,'it's all right, you're more important', Daxin told me, "I'm sorry, I ignored you and thought you were young and inconsiderate."

after glancing at Daxin's words, I only said, "it doesn't matter."

I don't know if he knows, but it really doesn't matter what I said "it doesn't matter", and the sentence I said before the breakup, "it's all right, go ahead." Actually, it's really something.

I don't need you anymore, Daxin, so I won't repeat my words to you anymore.

"the girl says nothing, but something; when the girl says it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter; when the girl says she never talks to you again, she doesn't really hate you, but she cares about you very much." In the movie "my Girls", Lin sincerely told Xu Taiyu, who wanted to save face and bullied and laughed at the girl he liked all day.

from that coquettish Xu Taiyu, that Xu Taiyu who does not admit that he likes Lin, and the recent typhoon weather that brings the familiar smell of Rain Water mixed with the ink of the examination paper, I think of this time last year, when I was painting ants on my desk, on the afternoon of the last round of simulation exam results, I also lay down on my desk in this way.

89, the math score, which was one point short of passing, put all my confidence and carefully prepared problem sets, as well as the teacher's encouragement and expectation, into the shredder and wheezed it to pieces.

"what are you doing"? brother Da Ming, who came from behind to sit back on the seat, patted me on the back of the head.

nothing. The eyelids looked up at him and drooped again, and continued to trace the shameful score in red.

after five minutes, brother Ming, my front desk, turned around again and patted me on the back of the head again. "Damn it, are you really okay?" "Oh, it's really all right. I don't want to talk."

Brother Da Ming left the classroom, came back 15 minutes later, took a braised beef noodle and said, "they said you didn't go to dinner."

I, who said "nothing, I'm not hungry", picked up instant noodles and ate them very easily. While I was eating, Brother Da Ming took his examination paper, pointed to the number one point lower than me, and said, "you see, I'm usually so good at teaching you so many problem-solving methods, but I'm just as bad in the exam."

to be honest, when you are lostWhen I saw a man who was usually better than you, he also suffered a setback, which was even happier than his own good grades, but what was even happier was that he sent me a bowl of noodles when I had repeatedly said "nothing". Tell me he's worse than me.

this almost made me desperately to thank Brother Daming. It was obviously grateful, but I didn't know whether the braised beef noodles soaked by Brother Daming was too spicy or too spicy, so that when I bowed my head and sucked on the noodles, I tried to drown out the sound of sobbing tears.

I think Brother Da Ming's future girlfriend should be very happy, because he knows that girls say nothing is something, girls say there is something wrong, girls say they want it when they don't want it, and girls really want it when they say they want it.

after dinner last night, Vivi and I had a drink in a beverage shop. She ordered a very large watermelon cup. I wonder why a girl can drink such a big drink. She, who is famous for her dog abuse, told me, "it's all right. I can give it to a thorn later."

I lost. I didn't expect that the eating habits between lovers are different from ours.

I heard that Vivi had been in love with Zhang Jingshi for three years when he was in junior high school, but he never admitted it. It was not until after graduating from high school that everyone found his boyfriend and girlfriend and broke up again, and the two sat together again, and they were willing to admit to each other. "they said you liked me." "Yes."

while eating the flesh from my mango cup, I asked her, "We can go around together, so I wonder if I will suddenly be with my classmates in junior high school or high school."

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but she didn't answer my words and continued to say to herself, "it's not easy. In fact, my parents disagreed and disliked him at the beginning, and they kept persuading me to convince me. I know what they mean, but what can I do? I just like him. "

Vivi said the last word, "I just like him," and the tone suddenly rose. I don't think she needs to say that I know that she likes him very much, and every time there is no one to appreciate Zhang's article, she will quietly appreciate it; every time Zhang Jingzhi complains about the amount of reading, she will share it with her friends who usually don't retweet; she even bought a large cup of watermelon juice.

I think the last sentence of the line "it doesn't matter if a girl says it doesn't matter" is also true. It says, "if a girl says she likes you, she really likes you." It is said that duplicity balances human self-esteem and inferiority, but it is obvious that when I like you so much that I am afraid of missing you again, I will choose humble rather than self-esteem.

after I told this story, someone asked, how on earth can you judge a girl's duplicity?

is very simple, when a girl doesn't like you, you ask her all the questions, her answers are false, because she doesn't want you to know her too much. If you ask her if she is free, she will certainly say no, because there are a hundred ways to refuse you if she doesn't like you; if you ask her what she likes, she will definitely say that watching movies, reading books and listening to music is those common hobbies shared by all human beings. because she just wants to be your ordinary friend, not the unique one.

when will you stop talking about your heart?

Sorry, there is no time not, women are born like this.

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