Good parents of 10 standards, more than 7, children will grow up to be successful!

Good parents of 10 standards, more than 7, children will grow up to be successful!

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parents envy other people's excellent children, but there is also a kind of parents called other people's parents.

parents are the best teachers for their children. Only when parents are excellent can they become their children's light and illuminate their children's lives.

the following 10 criteria for good parents, more than 7 of them, children will be successful when they grow up!


give children a loving family

give birth to a child should be responsible for the child, let the child grow up in a loving environment.

in a loving family, it is best for parents to love each other, but they do not have to maintain their unhappiness for the sake of their children.

but even if you get divorced, you can give your children enough sense of security to tell them: although Mom and Dad are no longer together, they still love you. You have just changed from one home to two.

A loving family atmosphere will nourish a child's spiritual world and let him have enough sense of security. No matter how hard life is, the child will still love it with a smile.


give their children sufficient companionship

some people say that parents can really accompany their children for only three years, that is, less than 1100 days.

from the moment your children start to go to kindergarten, it means that you begin a grand farewell.

when your child is young, you are busy earning money to support your family, and when your child asks you to play games, you will only muddle through.

when the child grows up day by day and gradually goes to his own world, you can only watch him go away.

so cherish this time when you can be fully with each other. Only by entering the child's world and giving high-quality companionship can your child grow up healthily.

it is important to earn money to support the family, but children's physical and mental health is more important. Parents' high-quality companionship and giving according to their ability are the education that children need most.


learn and grow up with children

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: how does a person get rid of it step by step?

one of the netizens summed up brilliantly:

"laziness, leisure, do not think, do not learn, the combination of the four will be abolished, the gods will not change."

how can abandoned parents educate excellent children?

Krupskaya said: "Family education for parents, the first is self-education."

if parents want to educate others, they must educate themselves first.

the education of children is not only the education of children, but also the self-education of parents.

Children are constantly learning and growing, and parents should also learn and grow with their children. Only in this way can they use their own positive behavior to influence their children, can they always have a common language with their children, and can always keep up with their children.


the American thinker Emerson once said: "what kind of person a child eventually becomes depends largely on what he receives from the first educator." the quality of love, companionship and example. "

so don't be a reasonable parent and educate your children. Even if you say it a hundred times, it's not as effective as doing it yourself.

words are not as good as deeds. Language is abstract and plays a more direct role in education through behavior.

parents are the first teachers of their children, and children's initial learning begins by imitating their parents' words and deeds.

what parents do, children do what they do. Parents have to get used to it, that is, children have to get used to it. In the final analysis, education means that parents should lead by example and educate themselves!


to maintain a child's self-esteem

in the variety show "Juvenile talk", a girl in the first year of senior high school walked up to the rooftop and begged her mother to educate her behind closed doors, complaining that her mother was coming up with a temper outside, regardless of whether there was anyone else nearby.

Zheng Yuanjie said: "if you want to destroy your children, you should destroy their self-esteem, demote them to a humble status, and show their ugliness in public. This is a killer's mace, and they will always leave a mark in their hearts."

good parents know how to maintain their children's self-esteem.

Don't think that children don't know how to save face because they are young. In fact, children sometimes save more face than adults, because the world is very small, so all the little things are not small.


when the children grow up, the parents want to communicate with them again, and the reaction of the children will certainly hurt the parents.

and children have experienced those feelings one by one.

No one likes to be full of expectations, but the result is a feeling of disappointment. No one is willing to accept a promise that they value very much, but the other party regards it as a dispensable joke.

this is especially true for children. For children, parents are his world. If parents break their word to him, who else can he trust?

so be a parent of your word and cherish your child's unreserved trust in you.


can respect children

Gibran said in the Prophet:

"your children are not your children;

you can give them your love, but not your thoughts, because they have their own thoughts;

you can protect their bodies, but not their souls, because their souls belong to tomorrow."

the premise of educating children is to understand the child, and the premise of understanding the child is to respect the child.

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although the child is our child, it is more a child.Independent individuals, with their own personality, we should respect their ideas, wishes and choices, instead of imposing our ideas on our children.

only by being able to respect the parents of the child can we get the respect of the child and give the child more freedom and possibility.


give children the greatest trust

China Youth Research Center conducted a survey: "Primary and secondary school students like their parents'10 best practices", and 63.5% of the children chose to "trust me".

the best proof of love is trust.

it seems that it is natural for children to trust their parents and rely on their parents unconditionally from birth, and this sense of trust continues to be based on mutual trust with their parents.

so please give your child enough trust and love.

Children who grow up in the trust of their parents have enough sense of security to turn to their parents for help at the first time when they are injured and will not leave themselves alone.

if parents want to get closer to their children, parents must first learn to trust their children before they can regard their parents as the most trustworthy people.


dare to admit their mistakes

making mistakes is not exclusive to their children. Parents also make mistakes. It is a very normal thing to make mistakes.

truly good parents dare to admit their mistakes and sincerely apologize to their children after making mistakes.

our children are actually very magnanimous. As long as their parents sincerely apologize, they can easily be forgiven by their children.

and parents' apologies do no harm to their dignity in the eyes of their children, but bring their children closer to their parents' hearts.

educating children is also a process of parents' self-growth. Loving children can give everything for their children. Isn't it much easier to say "I'm sorry" than to say "I'm sorry"?

the words "I'm sorry" are common, but they are important to children.


often encourage children

psychologists say that children's needs for adults are nothing more than being inspired, recognized, affirmed and responded positively.

the correct education is awakening, not transformation.

in fact, every child's future is hidden in the mouth of his parents.

the more parents belittle their children, the less confident they will be. Even if their children have potential, they will eventually be scolded as humble and powerless.

only when parents always encourage and praise their children, can they awaken their sense of self-identity, and they will move forward in the direction you expect.

each child is unique and has his or her own bright spot.

only by teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and respecting the characteristics of children can children's potential soar and grow into independent and confident adults.

good parents are never bad reviewers for their children.

Bad parents cannot produce good children, so what is more important than disciplining their children is to discipline themselves and make them good parents.

if the parents' behavior is right, so is the child.