Goodbye in 2021, Hello in 2022: may there be no haze in the sun and spend the rest of your life with joy

Goodbye in 2021, Hello in 2022: may there be no haze in the sun and spend the rest of your life with joy

Good morning, accompany you to read.

2021 is coming to an end, which is undoubtedly a difficult year, and there are too many things to see for a long time.

our lives are still shrouded in an epidemic, with extreme weather, energy winters, chip shortages and shipping jams all frightening.

fortunately, we survived this year together.

the sprint of the Olympic athletes, the new in Sanxingdui, and the leap in space, let us witness miracles again and again.

this year, there are glory, absurdity, separation and reunion, and we are constantly changing in time.

before the New year bell rings, remember to hug yourself who has worked hard for a year and solemnly say: 2021, goodbye; 2022, please be kind to us.


to yourself: accept impermanence and live well

once read a question on the Internet: "what experiences have you passed by death?"

many netizens told their stories that some survived after a car accident, some survived after an earthquake, and some recovered after a serious illness.

Life is too short and things change.

it is not easy to live well.

this year, no matter whether you do well or earn more, remember that if you are healthy, it will be the best year.

every day of life is a gift, success or failure, there is never a unified standard.

between gains and losses, it all depends on how the individual balances.

everything a person gets is bought at the expense of something else.

if you just ask for more, the loss may outweigh the gain in the end.

many people are used to mistreating themselves on the pretext of being busy at work, accumulating occupational diseases at a young age, but do not realize that once they lose their health, everything will be a thing of the past.

as Chaplin wrote in the poem "when I start to love myself": "when I really love myself, I start to stay away from all unhealthy things." Whether it's diet and people, or things and environment. "

We don't have to be invincible fighters all the time, but we should learn to take care of our fragile stomach, smooth out our anxious hearts and love ourselves in one vegetable and one meal.


to the family: accompany each other, the lights are amiable

Lin Yutang once said, "Happiness is nothing more than four things: one is sleeping in your own bed, the second is eating the food cooked by your parents, the third is to chat with your lover, and the fourth is to play games with your children."

We always run for distant goals, but forget that true happiness is just the warmth of our family sitting idle and the fulfillment of our daily necessities.

when we are young, we are eager to pursue the beauty of the outside world;

when we grow up, we realize that family is more important than anything else.

all we want to protect all our lives is the smiling face of our family.

having a partner who understands you, kind parents and lovely children is the best time in your life.

our family is always behind us. No matter how far we go, we can't get out of our family's concern. No matter how much wind and rain we encounter, as long as we get home, we will feel at ease.

in the new year, often go home and have a look.

be more patient with your parents and complain less;

give more to your lover and care less;

praise your children more and scold them less.

Don't stay away from your parents, snub your lover, and ignore your children for the sake of fame, property, and status.

it's the end of the year. Please remember to say thank you to your family members and thank them for their company this year.


to friends: keep each other warm, that is, good friends begin with interest, accord with temperament, respect character, and last longer than the years.

as the pace of society becomes faster and faster, it becomes more and more difficult to meet a like-minded friend.

if you meet, you must cherish it.

there are not many friends, but sincerity.

instead of pushing cups with bad friends, it is better to have a long talk with two or three bosom friends.

as written in "Zengguang Xian Wen": "meeting is like a first acquaintance, but there is no resentment in old age."

it is not uncommon for people to hit it off at first sight, but the difficulty is that they are not bored for a long time under the baptism of years.

and the secret of everlasting friendship is to be intimate and distant.

I heard a story in which two hedgehogs snuggled up to keep warm. At first they were so close that they made each other bloody.

later, they pull apart so that they don't stab each other or feel cold.

this is true between hedgehogs and friends.

We have seen the worst of our friends, but we are still willing to tolerate each other;

We don't easily interfere in our friends' lives, but we are never absent at critical moments;

We don't have to keep in touch deliberately, but we talk a lot as soon as we meet.

We share joy with friends, chew pain, solve problems, and become indispensable pillars of each other's lives.

although there are occasional contradictions, I am willing to smile to obliterate my grudge, just because this friendship is more precious than anything else.


to the future: bridges are strong, tunnels are bright

people's eyes are made up of black and white, but why can only see through the black part?

the Jewish Bible Talmud gives the answer: "because life must pass through the darkness in order to see the light."

this past year, it has not been easy for everyone.

under the double reduction, many education and training practitioners lose their jobs overnight;

regulation occurs frequently, and many real estate companies will fall;

the economy is shrinking and Internet layoffs are common.

as small potatoes in the great era, we drift with the tide in the midst of sudden changes.

We will be annoyed, tired, sad and heartbroken, but no matter how difficult life is, we must learn to forge ahead.

if you go forward, the bitterness will fall back.

even on clear and bright days, there will be chicken feathers and dust shavings. Complaining is of no use, it will only add to the trouble.

since this is the case, you might as well make chicken feathers into duster and dust shavings into fertile soil.

even if there are regrets, there are feelings around you.

for seeds, wind swords and frost swords are necessary, they can awaken the inner stubbornness of seeds;

for us, frustration and pain are indispensable, and we become better ourselves through suffering.

Dickinson once wrote: "the injured deer jumps highest, the hammered rock bursts, and the trampled steel bar bounces." Joy is the armor of pain. "

there is no road in vain. Every step counts.

when you get through this, everything will be all right.

as the Turkish writer Tarangi expected: "May the bridges be strong and the tunnels bright."

2022, may all regrets be fulfilled and all wishes come true.


there is a long way to go tomorrow. At this time, my heart

was moved again and again in the topic "year-end questions 2021" recently released by Xinhua News Agency.

Zhang Jiamei told us: "Life is in the 'cold winter' that we must go through, but also with inevitable hope."

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Zhang Wenhong told us: "Life may be like this, it seems mundane, but it will move forward a little."

Su Bingtian told us: "Human life cannot always be at a 'peak'. All we have to do is to climb up step by step when we go through a low ebb."

Wang Chi told us: "when you move towards your dreams, more and more people will begin to understand and support you."

everything in the past is a preface;

good and bad things become the past.

anyway, be happy in 2022.

Hope is fire, disappointment is smoke, our lives are always lit by fire and smoking at the same time.

No matter in the past, present or future, there are no absolutely good days, only a very good state of mind.

you will live what kind of life you choose to believe.

the cycle of the four seasons, the flow of time, the spring wind will blow slowly, soothe all the sadness in the heart