Haggle | read a book together.

Haggle | read a book together.

At this time, is there anyone else willing to read?

Hello, everyone. This is the second time I have met you.

all the messy activities in the future will be called messy, not only offline sharing meetings, topic selection meetings, binge eating meetings, but also online reading activities like ours. Anyway, we will put this name on any interesting event we think of, and then post it in a mess and invite everyone to join us.

and the first miscellaneous activity to be released today is reading good books together.

the sponsor of this good book co-reading activity is Pu Rui Culture.


hack | read good books together

activity content: invite a good friend to read the books we sent out with Purui Culture within two weeks, and write down your book review two weeks after you get the book, and send it out in a mess.

activity bibliography: "Uto has a gang 2, we will arrive eventually", "there is a glimmer on the road"

number of people: 20


1. Confirm that the above two books are your favorite type, and make sure that you have the ability to complete the book review.

2. If you want to apply for "Uto has a help 2, we will arrive eventually", please mark "want to read" for the book on the Douban Reading page and click "read the original text" to fill in the form.

if you want to apply for "Cat Walk 2: there is a glimmer on the road", you can directly fill out the application form in "read the original text".

3. Click\ "read the original\" at the end of the article to fill in the form, and if you successfully sign up, you will be notified before 11:00 on the evening of May 27th (without notice, you are not selected).

4. Just wait for our notice.


if you are lucky enough to be chosen by us, please read the book we sent you carefully, and then complete the book reviews you and your friends have created within two weeks.

We take every reader seriously, and we also take every text very seriously, hoping that when you get a gift of books, you will fulfill your responsibilities.

"Uto has a gang 2: we will eventually arrive

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author: Milala

publisher: Pu Rui Culture /Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House

" Uto has a gang 2. We will eventually reach 32 literary and art celebrities in in-depth dialogue, who are participants and witnesses in Chinese literary and art circles over the past five years. They are singers, musicians, drama actors, drama directors, photographers, poets, visual designers, radio hosts, and they are idealists moderately on the edge of the times.

Song Dongye said: "No one knows why I became impetuous and proud. You can only adjust this thing by yourself, and you can only read it a little bit. "

this interview collection will give you a better understanding of literary and art circles and a better understanding of why those who have been on the path of dreams are persistent and persistent.

each story is like a glimmer of light that illuminates the cat's journey, giving people the warmth and courage to move on.

in fact, our original intention of doing chores is very simple, that is, we hope to have more opportunities to make progress with you. Don't miss this opportunity again. Although we may have such interesting activities all the time, we can't always choose you.