Happiness in the world is not this and that, but disease-free and disaster-free

Happiness in the world is not this and that, but disease-free and disaster-free

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people have many understandings about happiness.

some people interpret happiness as "having": having a house, a car, money and power.

others interpret happiness as "nothing": carefree, carefree, disease-free and disaster-free.

in fact, "you" is for others, and "nothing" belongs to you.

the happiness of the world is, first of all, not this and that, but disease-free and disaster-free.


physical health is the greatest blessing

the body is the capital of the revolution, and health is the premise of everything.

absence of disease is the greatest blessing.

if you are in good health, you will have a good day, and you can have a good meal.

if your body collapses, everything else will turn into a cloud.

No matter how much wealth or high status you have, you can't get a healthy body back.

if people eat whole grains, how can they not get sick?

Kou Jun, the famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, said in the inscription of six regrets: "an does not rest, but repents when he is ill."

means that you don't take care of your body when you are healthy, and you don't regret it until you get sick.

if you feel dissatisfied, you might as well go to the hospital and have a look.

when you get there, you will find that everything except health is a small matter.

Don't have too much money, just spend enough; the house doesn't have to be too big, just keep out the wind and rain.

there is only one life. You can't start over. Cherish what you have now.

only when you break away from your desires can you realize that losing your life for money is the most uneconomical thing in the world.

it's not worth staying up late in order to get a promotion, get a raise, and drink too much in order to get in touch with each other.

the greatest blessing in this life is to live a healthy life without illness.


the safety of the family is the greatest wish

Life is only a few decades. You should be responsible for both yourself and your family.

in many cases, as you get older, you become more and more calm and tolerant.

you can always feel the satisfaction of the present in an ordinary life.

the greatest wish has also changed from getting ahead to being safe for the family.

Zhuangzi said, "the wren nests in the deep forest, but one branch; the rat drinks the river, but its stomach is full."

No matter how big the forest is, the birds choose only one branch to settle down, and the rats drink water, at best, they are full.

isn't this the case with people? what do they fight for, what do they rob, what do they want all day long?

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A vast expanse of fertile land, but three meals a day; ten thousand rooms in Guangsha, only three feet of bed.

No matter how much you have, it is a thing of the past. I only wish my family to be safe and accompany me for a long time.

Su Shi wrote a very famous poem:

everyone's adopted son wants to be smart, and I was misled by wisdom all my life.

I wish the child would be foolish and ruthless, and there would be no disaster and no trouble to the public.

Su Shi was famous for his talent when he was young, and later he became an official in North Korea and enjoyed a high salary.

but he has also been relegated, and even his family suffered from the disaster with him.

only when you have experienced hardships, will you yearn for a down-to-earth life.

disaster-free and disaster-free has become Su Shi's most cherished state of life and his best wish for his children.

for the rest of my life, I don't want to be rich and rich, but for peace and happiness.


he is not an official. As long as he has money in the bag, rice in the warehouse, and poetry and books in his belly, he is the prime minister in the mountain.

pray for a year without taking medicine. I hope there is no disease in the body, no worries in the heart, no debt, and he can be the immortal on the earth.

this is a pair of couplets written by Li Hongzhang, which contains the same truth between the lines:

if there is this and that, it may not be secure; no disease and no disaster is Qingfu.