Harvard University study: children who exercise for a long time will have amazing changes in their brains.

Harvard University study: children who exercise for a long time will have amazing changes in their brains.

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recently followed a Douyin blogger brother Huan.

he is the top student in the college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province in 1999. He graduated from Tsinghua University and is now an expert in brain science and educational psychology.

he sighed in a recent video: "I was admitted to Tsinghua University thanks to my high school head teacher!" Up to now, I am very grateful to him. "

it turns out that since he was in high school, brother Huan's head teacher often took them to exercise together and went out to play football every day.

when he really studied brain science later, he realized the good intentions of the head teacher at that time:

"what adolescent children need to manage most is emotion. A lot of exercise can release all their inner energy and physical restlessness, spread hormones, and get a lot of happiness.

at the same time, an athlete's sense of purpose, endurance, concentration and persistence in pursuing a thing are all very strong, and these qualities can be transferred to learning.

these qualities are not particularly obvious in sprints, but they will quickly widen the gap in long-distance running. "

can be said to hit the nail on the head.

A child's road to school is like a long and arduous run, and the college entrance examination is like the final sprint.

it is sports that determine whether a child can do well in junior high school and high school and set the tone for the rest of his life.


Children who exercise for a long time

have amazing changes in the brain

I wonder if you have found anything?

those around high achiever, as well as outstanding people, especially love sports.

this is no accident.

according to the survey results, 34 of the 63 top performers counted in 2016 are fond of sports, while 24 of the 42 top performers surveyed in 2017 are fond of sports.

in 2015, Jiang Linkun, the top science student in Fujian, was a famous "runner" at school, and even kept running the day before the college entrance examination.

Li Yichen, the top science student in Guangdong Province, persisted in moderate exercise for a long time in 2016. Especially like swimming and badminton, even if academic tension, every afternoon to the school playground to run a few laps

the biggest hobby of Jiangxi science champion Fu Linke in 2018 is playing football. He was the captain of the senior high school football team and won the provincial campus football league MVP;

Professor Li Meijin also said personally: "those children who are particularly active in the playground are generally excellent in their studies."

this makes people wonder, what is the magic of sports that can directly affect a child's performance?

in fact, people produce dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine during exercise, all of which are associated with learning.

dopamine: make people feel happy and keep excited learning state;

serotonin: can release stress and improve memory;

renal hormone: can improve concentration and concentrate more in class.

initiated by the National Institutes of Health of the United States, the "Human brain Project" led by Harvard University, Yale University, the University of California and Cornell University has found that

persistent exercise can significantly increase the number of brain nerve fibers, dendrites and synapses, promote brain development and improve memory.

Reddy, a professor at Harvard Medical School, after years of follow-up investigation and a large number of studies, has also found that the more important significance of exercise is to strengthen the brain.

he also detailed the relationship between brain and exercise in the book exercise Transforming the brain, which was later reprinted 16 times and became a revolutionary book that swept the world.

this also confirms the accepted theory of contemporary brain science:

exercise provides a unique stimulation to the child's body, and this stimulation creates an environment for the brain. so that the brain can better operate and learn.

that is to say, children who often run on the playground and sweat wantonly are quietly undergoing amazing changes in their brains-they will become smarter and smarter.

this is why children who like sports always look refreshed, active and focused.

because exercise is the best brain medicine for children.


Children who love sports are stronger inside.

I remember when I was a child, there was a girl in my neighbor who had excellent grades since she was a child.

while other children are still playing crazily, she always goes home after school to do her homework, and once became a "learning model for children in the whole community."

later, in high school, the girl accidentally had a serious illness and took a month off.

in the first mid-term test after recovering from her illness, the girl's score fell directly to over 30, and the sudden failure and parents' complaints directly destroyed the confidence she had always built.

after that, she began to collapse, tired of learning, skipping classes, mild depression, and had to drop out of school in the third year of high school because of excessive anxiety, and did not even take the college entrance examination, which is really lamentable.

I have seen this girl several times before. She is always silent. She hardly goes to school or makes up lessons when she goes out. She looks very emaciated.

A weak body can never cultivate a tough and energetic soul, let alone support a child's future.

Professor Zheng Yi, an expert on child mental disorders, pointed out in his work that 1/3 of primary and secondary school students and 1/4 of college students in China have varying degrees of psychological disorders.

this number worries many parents.

in fact, today's children have frequent psychological problems and become fragile and sensitive, and it is easy for them to suffer a little blow.

A very important point is that today's children are often locked up in the reinforced concrete room to study, facing great learning pressure on the one hand, extreme lack of exercise on the other hand, and lack of release outlet on the other.

in the early years, Nanjing University of Science and Technology Mobile Business Research Center published an article entitled "students commit suicide frequently, but sports students are an exception."

it is mentioned in the article that sports is a kind of frustration education for students themselves, which can exercise not only students' body, but also people's will and spirit.

as open-mind science expert brother Huan said: "Adolescent children are often emotionally unstable, so the most important thing to manage is emotion."

I have seen a Zhihu blogger share her personal experience:

when she was in the first year of high school, she was short and fat, self-abased and sensitive, and had few friends.

coupled with the fact that it is difficult to adapt to a new environment, the study pressure is great, the whole person is in a very bad state, and he often suffers from insomnia at night.

after a mid-term test, she failed her best Chinese exam and was so sad that she couldn't eat all day.

my father found something different about her and took the initiative to talk to her. knowing that she was under too much pressure, he took the initiative to take her to climb the mountain, and agreed that the two would go out for a run for half an hour every morning.

she was surprised to find that she was always in a good mood after every run, as if the fatigue and bad mood of the body flowed out with the sweat, and she became more focused on her study.

after holding on for a period of time, she became slim, her face was full of vitality, she became cheerful and confident, and gradually became one with her classmates.

later, she ran for three years, and every time she encountered setbacks in her study, she would go out and run a few laps to relax herself.

it was the confidence and energy that sports continuously injected into her, which made her better and better in her three years of high school, and finally was admitted to a well-known 985 university.

exercise is the best way to vent bad emotions. Children who love sports are more optimistic, more able to resist pressure, and stronger in their hearts.

the college entrance examination is actually a marathon, not the fastest child can win in the end.

only by maintaining a good state of mind and mood, and always full of strength, can children become more and more courageous all the way, ride the wind and waves, and give play to the best level at the critical moment of life.


the future of children

is really physical strength

I have a best friend, and my physical fitness has been relatively poor since I was a child.

so she doesn't like sports either. Every time she can escape from PE class, she would rather study in the house than go out for a move.

in fact, she is very smart and has good grades, and she has been at the top of the list for several years in high school.

but the weather was not beautiful. She happened to catch a cold during the college entrance examination, and her brain was dizzy during the exam, so she was only admitted to an ordinary college.

after entering the workplace, she asked for leave every now and then because of her poor physical condition, so it was difficult for her to go all out at work, and she missed several promotion opportunities in a row.

now at every party, she always regrets that she didn't exercise well when she was a child and developed a strong body.

Yes, in real life, it is difficult for weak people to be entrusted with important tasks, while energetic people always stand out easily.

not long ago, Shenzhou 13 was successfully launched. as the only female astronaut in the "three-man regiment," Wang Yaping, the "space goddess", has become the focus of public attention.

because she is naturally active, Wang Yaping has been fond of sports since childhood. She is not only seen in the school sports meeting every year, but also participates in long-distance running organized by the school and the county many times.

long-distance running is actually a great test of a person's endurance and perseverance, but she can grit her teeth every time.

in the third year of high school, there was a flight academy to recruit students. With her good physical and psychological quality, she became an honorable female pilot.

the training of pilots is very hard, such as pulling, swimming and skydiving. Behind the seemingly glamorous, there are countless frustrations and tribulations that ordinary people can not bear.

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especially after being selected as an astronaut, she has no rest days, no entertainment, and insists on intensive training every day for more than 1800 days.

it was the strong physique and firm belief brought to her by long-term exercise that made her gnash her teeth all the way to today, becoming the first Chinese female astronaut to walk in space.

Last year, Wang Dengfeng, director of the Sports Health and Arts Education Department of the Ministry of Education, said at a news conference:

"our children have reached a very serious situation in terms of poor eyesight."

in addition, physical health, running vital capacity, obesity and other problems are becoming more and more serious.

the decline in physical health is an urgent problem, and various measures need to be taken to further strengthen the school system to ensure children's physical and mental health. "

Yes, with the increase in the scores of sports high school entrance examination in various places in recent years, it confirms this truth:

the future of children is to study in the short term, but often at the end, it is physical strength.

without the strong body brought by exercise, it is useless to learn more knowledge;

without exercise to help children release pressure, our children will only become a fragile learning machine;

because the future social competition is extremely fierce, if we cannot maintain a good state and abundant energy, it is easy to be mercilessly eliminated by society.