Hidden rule of Wechat: the moments you post can not be seen by others!

Hidden rule of Wechat: the moments you post can not be seen by others!

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when it comes to the most commonly used "social tools", Wechat must be on the list.

while Wechat moments is like a public display wall, recording everything in our lives, and many people are keen to share happy experiences and complain about things that make them unhappy.

moments is like a mirror, reflecting everyone's attitude towards life.

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but many people do not know that sometimes, the rough, messy and hostile content that they transfer out of their hands has made many people have the impulse of "out of sight is pure".

at this time, they will turn on the switch of "do not look at his moments".

maybe, when you excitedly post a circle of friends, waiting for others to like and leave a message, you don't know that your moments may not be seen by others at all.


Don't always complain

Human joys and sorrows are not connected

some time ago, I blocked a circle of Wechat friends.

she was originally a good friend of mine when I was a student, but she was out of touch after graduation.

later, I happened to meet her at a party and happily exchanged WeChat accounts with her.

when we first added each other, we were so excited that we talked for a while almost every day.

but slowly, I found that while she was catching up, she liked to complain to me about her life more and more.

at first, I would empathize with her and comfort her patiently, but over time, I found that she paid no attention to my comfort and advice, only complaining and complaining on her own.

not only is she chatting on Wechat, but her circle of friends is also a place of negative energy. She sends a text to complain about every little thing:

sometimes when I brush into her circle of friends, I will feel that I am also infected by the negative energy on her body, and the world has become dark.

after much deliberation, I decided to block her circle of friends and try my best to reduce contact with her.

writer Li Shanglong said:

"negative energy is whipping other people's bad and scolding social injustice;

positive energy is to tell you that no matter how bitter it is, I can still try to change some."

emotions are contagious, and people, like plants, need "photosynthesis".

everyone likes people who are close to sunlight and positive energy, and no one wants to be close to a person who is full of negative energy.

there is actually a reasonable scientific explanation for this.

Dr. David Hawkins, a famous doctor of psychology in the United States, has found that people have their own "magnetic field" and "energy" after treating many patients from all over the world.

when a person is surrounded by pain, resentment, and depression, the magnetic field energy of that person is very low. Such people not only have low resistance and are easy to get sick, but also affect the magnetic field of the people around them.

while an optimistic and peaceful person, the magnetic field energy will be very high. Such a person is not only in good health, his magnetic field will also drive the people, things and things around him, so that everything becomes harmonious and beautiful.

as the saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black."

choosing to shield and stay away from people who carry negative energy is not indifference, but a kind of self-responsibility and protection of life.


people who like to show off

can't make real friends

on weekdays, the habit of many people in their spare time is to browse their moments and take a look at their recent living conditions.

and I also found that there are a few people who like to show off in almost everyone's circle of friends.

when you travel to a shrine of online celebrities, you must clock in on your moments and send more than a dozen pictures and videos to refresh your screen.

when you go to the gym, you must post several refined pictures of your figure with heavy makeup in your moments.

when you go to the library, you must send some selfies with books in your moments, accompanied by a few years of quiet copywriting.

this is not to say that it is not good to record the details of your life in the circle of friends, but that some people always try their best to brush the sense of existence in the circle of friends and deliberately want to show their happiness and superiority.

but this deliberate superiority does not make people around us feel envious, on the contrary, it appears that this person is not very sincere, which attracts everyone's shielding and disgust.

some time ago, the topic of "Shanghai socialite group" went viral on Weibo, and then a new term "begging socialite" appeared.

when we mention the word "socialite", we always think of "wisdom", "elegance" and "nobility", but somehow we are associated with "beggars".

it turns out that some people say that their friends spend a high price to enter a "celebrity group". They originally want to be nurtured and share contacts in order to improve themselves, but what they see is the illusion behind wealth:

6 people work together for a package for two, each sharing 85 yuan to enjoy afternoon tea in a high-end hotel;

pull 40 people, each for 125 yuan, you can enjoy the top hotel of 5000 a night.

this is just to take a few photos that you pretend to enjoy and post them on your moments to create a false impression that you are a "socialite."

Yi Shu once said:

indeed, does a real socialite always show off what brand-name clothes she wears and what high-priced food she eats?

in the final analysis, this false show-off does not bring real wealth and connections.

when lies are exposed, all they get is mockery and pity from the world.

once saw a sentence on the Internet, which made a lot of sense:

Tagore said:

and a personOnly when you know how to keep a low profile, be humble, don't show off, don't try to please others, and leave your limited time to yourself, can you go further.


Don't disturb other people's happiness

disturb other people's happiness

everyone has more or less encountered such a thing:

finally saved a holiday, went on a trip, and posted a photo on moments.

as a result, someone immediately jumped out and commented below: "Why are you so bad at choosing a place? I've been there a long time ago. it's not fun at all."... "

go to your favorite restaurant, want to reward yourself, and post a status in moments.

as a result, someone jumped out and commented: "the food in this house is not delicious at all, it is not as good as the restaurant I went to a few days ago."

on the anniversary, my husband made you a loving dinner, and you happily sent it to your moments.

as a result, someone came to make trouble: "the wedding anniversary is that simple?" It's too hasty. My husband gave me a jewel necklace on the anniversary. "

this kind of "leverage" in the circle of friends always has the ability to destroy the good mood you have finally accumulated with one sentence.

in fact, as in real life, there is a set of social etiquette on the Internet.

A person with a high EQ will notice that he does not bring unhappiness and trouble to others when showing himself and sharing his life;

when browsing through other people's moments, he will also pay attention to his own words, even if he disagrees. He won't point at random or say evil words to each other.

this is a kind of politeness and a kind of kindness for the sake of others.

whether in the "moments" on Wechat or in the real circle of friends, a person's character will be exposed in every word and deed.

I remember that a friend once told me about an interesting family rule in his family:

because of this family rule, the atmosphere has always been friendly.

good people will not disturb other people's happiness, because they understand that everyone is an independent individual, the experience of happiness is unique, this is a privacy that does not want to be disturbed.

and those who always speak ill of you do not need to struggle with them. Since they do not know how to respect them, leaving them in moments will only add to the annoyance, so it is better to block them altogether.

nowadays, because of the existence of Wechat, everyone has a lot of familiar or unfamiliar "friends".

if you want to be popular in a large social circle, you just need to remember the word "comfortable" all the time.

socialize with people with the same values to make yourself comfortable; at the same time, you should also pay attention to etiquette and make others comfortable.

when you are unhappy, you should not be a negative energy emitter;

when you don't know, don't disturb other people's happiness casually;

Don't deliberately show off and show off your sense of superiority at any time;

the most important thing is to keep a kind heart that is considerate of others.