How are you all the time in this world?

How are you all the time in this world?


I recently read a book called "always Hello in the World".

it is a book of photos about love, which the author says is inspired by a series of plain love letters written by his grandfather to his grandmother during World War II, but can't help but be moved by the sincerity in it. So the author decided to record more "growing old together" in the world with a camera and tell the story behind the photo.

but to tell you the truth, when I first started reading this book, I always thought that the author had a "point-to-point" meaning. Because I believe that the protagonists in each story must have more moving details and words, just because "I fell in love with him at first sight" can live together for more than 60 years? Just because "it's like our hearts are exactly the same", can two people write to each other for five years and then become each other's lifelong companions?

I am skeptical of the "oversimplification" in the book, because there are countless examples around me that tell me that "marriage is not just about liking each other." In addition to whether you like it or not, there is also a mismatch in material conditions and disagreeability of the family.

I think of the old couple in the Love Letters. When Grandpa was questioned by Daniel whether he had obtained a marriage license, his first reaction was: "I used a lot of cows to marry back." It can be seen that in the old man's mind, the material condition is actually the necessary condition for marriage.

but in the book "always Hello in the World", almost all the old couples omit the first and second questions in the story. in the book, they seldom mention the material conditions of both parties at the time of marriage. most of them talk about the same topic, that is,

"Why do I like him /her?"

I have two excerpts, which you can take a look at.

John Campbell and Schumann Campbell

Star Valley, Wyoming

married on March 13, 1955

Schumann: I was 13 years old that year, and my friends and I were walking down the street. We just moved to Afton, Wyoming. As we walked, we met John and his friend Ray. Like most young people, we stopped and talked for a while. After they left, we giggled and I said, "I'm going to marry John Campbell!" My friend said, "you can't do this." He's my boyfriend! " And I said, "OK, but one day I will marry him." Of course, we are too young to date, but I fell in love with him at first sight.

these love stories take place among different people, different ages, and even different skin colors, and they each have a variety of reasons for liking them. The only thing they have in common is that each couple has lived together for nearly 50 years, and they both believe that the one around them is the one they will be with for the rest of their lives.

as the comment on the book seal says: "they even doze off every day at the same time."

the "like" in this book is very simple. The woman will say generously, "We were young once, and now he is old, but I still like him." He spoke to me very gently. " Then the man recalled that when he first met at that time, he would say, "this is a kind of real love." An attraction, an irresistible attraction. "

then since the truth in this book is so simple, why should I recommend to you this book "always Hello in the World"?

because this book can tell you that love is as simple as that.

going back to the beginning of this article, I said that I was skeptical when I first read the book. I suspected that the author was lazy and unwilling to dig into the stories of the characters. But just the day before yesterday, I took out this book on the bus to the city and looked at the rest through the sunshine outside the window. I listened to a song about love that I recently liked very much. It sings:

"from the perspective of the third person, I also understand that everyone is flawed and keeps searching for a better self until a certain degree of waste of youth."

that moment I began to think about questions I hadn't thought about before: were they in the book, now in their seventies and eighties, ever as young as I am? Whether they have ever faced a lot of problems, about money, about getting along, about the three values. Have they ever had a big fight, even saying "I don't like you anymore" and so on. Will they also, as sung in the song, "finally understand that everyone has defects, and do not feel the value of each other until a certain degree of waste of youth"?

I began to understand why the story of this book is so simple and the reason is so simple.

because these old couples who have been in love for 50 or 60 years, after going through so many ups and downs, find that it is really because they "like each other" that they have been able to get along for so long.

instead of hiding profound truth, they feel unnecessary.

they don't forget the romantic days, but the ordinary is the essence of life.

this book can't teach you how to curry favor with girls or how to set up a plane when shooting characters, but it can tell you that for those who are already together.For half a century, what exactly is love?

our love can be very complicated, we can put all kinds of things into it, and then turn the love of two people into the love of two families. But in fact, it can also be very simple, as simple as "I think I can't do it without you" can explain everything.

for me, this book can't put it down, but every time I open it when I'm upset, if I want to stop and think, stop and think. I want to achieve it in one go, very free, very suitable for leisure afternoons.

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OK, that's all for my book review.