How do I operate in a mess?

How do I operate in a mess?

This is the practical information I can output.


recently more and more people will come to me to ask me how on earth you got into this mess.

so I'd like to share some of my experience with you today. If you're going to write, or run an official account, you might as well take some time to read it.

but this one, I try not to be verbose.

one, about the powder absorption of the official account.

readers often ask me backstage, "how did the first batch of disorganized fans come from?" How did you do promotion at that time? "

Let's first set the time back to May 15, 13, at about 05:30 in the afternoon. I sent the first disorganized tweet, which is very short, which probably means: "I have opened a number, and I will post film reviews, stories and food." follow me. "

about an hour later, there were a hundred fans in a mess.

because my sister sends out all her Wechat friends in bulk, the message goes like this: "my brother has opened an official account, please follow and support my brother." So half of my first batch of fans were my sister's Wechat friends, and then I also posted them to my circle of friends. As I had a good reputation, 30 or 40 friends followed the confusion.

the above is the first disorganized promotion, and I did a lottery promotion half a year later. The prize was a scarf of 150 yuan, but at that time the push was 300 to 400 readings. In addition, disorganized has not done any promotion about voting, competition, lottery.

it took me half a year to get 10000 fans by writing every day, and then it took me nearly a year to get 500 fans, and it took us 16 years to find a way, and it was just yesterday that we welcomed our 60,000th reader.

so if you ask me, how did these fans come from?

in fact, the answer has only two words, that is, content.

We rely on content to absorb powder. We don't do promotion because we don't need people who pay attention to clutter out of curiosity or prizes. What we want is those who have read our articles and think we deserve attention before paying attention to us.

that is, we just have to identify with fans of the output of this account.

even if we do offline activities, we don't ask others to scan with our own QR code. I'd rather raise the threshold for fans' attention than absorb a lot of zombie fans in order to hit the number of fans.

so if you ask me, where did our content come from?

is actually written back, unremittingly write, even if it is very bad, I will continue to write, even if I am called "nonsense" by fans, I will write every day, and then you will find that more and more people will surround your words. There are even some people who are willing to write with you and follow your command, such as eel whale, Tong cjinglimy, Mu Yi, and lili.

believe me, to be an official account, there is really no shortcut other than to concentrate on doing a good job. Of course, you can invest money to absorb powder, but without good content, the fan turnover rate will remain high. Although everyone is bad-mouthing the official account now, this is actually a good thing, because as long as your content is good enough, you will certainly live, because when people are tired, they will naturally eliminate those useless information.

by the way, I forgot to mention that if you never write more than 100 tweets and no one responds to your posts, you still have less than a thousand followers after writing for more than half a year. Be sure to learn to change. The "persistence" I said earlier means "persist in writing", not "be yourself".

do you really think you are good enough to be yourself now?

Why is the disorganized growth rate getting faster and faster? It's because I keep changing while I keep writing.

pandering is also an ability, and as I said, pandering at the moment is no longer necessary. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are an ordinary person, and the talented story will never happen to you and me, otherwise, why would you read this article now?

two, what is the biggest feeling of two years of continuous writing?

in fact, for my personal writing, the most important thing is the first three months of daily writing. It not only exercises my writing style, but also exercises my logical thinking ability, let me know how to speak smoothly, if I want to tell a truth, how to lay the groundwork, how to tell a story, how to sum up.

but in fact, the improvement of these two abilities is not my biggest gain in the past three months.

my biggest gain is that I got into the habit of writing in those three months.

this habit is terrible, and you will become a star who will die if you don't write one day. Before writing, I played LOL every day, because the timely feedback in the game can give me a great sense of achievement. But after a period of regular writing, my interest in the game slowly declined, because when you watched the article you spent hours writing was published, and then watched the reading volume slowly rise, there were constant responses backstage. The kind of satisfaction that these feedback gives you can't be given by the game.

and the game is just fun, but after the fun, there is nothing left. Writing is different, it will be retained forever, especially when the reward function is enabled, it will become your extra income, as long as you continue to create, every article you have written before will become your source of income.

once you discover so many of the benefits of writing, I think you will fall into it like me, clearly aware of how powerful words can be.

III, the operation of the official account is not based on writing alone.That's enough.

back to the skills of writing. Up to now, I have been writing for two years. I have read a lot of books in the past two years, but none of them taught me how to write. Because I always think that writing is not taught, but imitated by myself.

I read Haruki Murakami's books and sometimes copy down the conversations inside. Not because the content of the dialogue is too interesting, but because I want to analyze how Haruki Murakami has a dialogue. (below is part of my notes)

my notes are definitely more than that. I usually analyze the title of the tweet, then do my own mind map, sum up my own methodology, and finally share it with the team. I will also do large content analysis, summarize their titles, analyze their writing ideas, think about why they bold the sentence, and think about why they design the article in this way.

the picture below is a simple summary of the recent "1000 people Library" of the New World. In fact, I have been working on the official account for so long, and now I realize that writing is not the most important part of the content. it's the way of thinking behind each tweet.

I dare say that operators of official accounts who do better than disorganized accounts spend no less time "learning" than writing tweets. It was only after I had been disorganized for a year and a half that I consciously developed this habit of summary and analysis.

because I am well aware of one thing: knowing where to work is much more important than working aimlessly.

I once tried to spend ten hours a day on tweets, writing and deleting them, and the final article was still so muddy that I couldn't even read it myself, let alone tweet it to you. Finally make their own mood depressed, sleep at night to think about it, entangled to the next day, continue to do so.

after a week, I was almost driven crazy by myself. I didn't have any good articles, let alone good ideas. They were all shoddy.

knowing that the state was wrong, I forced myself to read books and watch movies, one book after another, one movie after another. As soon as you write after the rest, it will be different.

so every creator should pay attention to his own absorption and output.

once you have more output than absorption, your output will only be reduced to garbage and will be as painful as squeezing toothpaste.

four, summary.

if you are also working on an official account, then do your own content from now on, regardless of whether it is good or bad, what you do will certainly feed you back (logical thinking ability, language sense, analytical ability). Will only reprint and write some marketing number content, will be eliminated, because free reprint is actually playing hooligans.

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We are only twenty years old, and that little money is really not worth throwing away our principles.

if you are also working on an official account and no one wants to read it for a long time, there is only one reason. I am not afraid to tell you directly, that is,

your content is not good.

there is no other reason.

I saw a passage this afternoon, which is very interesting. I'll show you here:

"you give your efforts to Chicken Soup, your mistakes to Shuibei, and your luck to Koi, but you still shout in your moments," I've heard so many things, but I still can't live a good life. "

well, good night.