How important it is to marry a man with three values.

How important it is to marry a man with three values.

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fans often complain backstage that they have met someone bad, and it is not until they leave that they can see whether they are human or ghost.

the human heart is unfathomable. After all, relationships are beautiful and intense at the beginning, and each other shows the best of each other.

but a person's real character and a bit of sincerity to you can be seen in the details of ordinary life.

if you want to have a good marriage, a man's values must be correct!


attitude towards the opposite sex

whether a man's values are positive or not depends on his attitude towards the opposite sex.

before, there was a video of a woman braving the rain to deliver food to her husband on the night shift, bumping into her husband and her female colleague trying to commit suicide after holding an umbrella together.

some people say that the wife is too petty, but I agree with another view: the husband has no sense of boundaries.

because he always knew that "his wife is so strict that she can't see anyone near him."

writer Cai Jianjian once said:

"Marriage is two circles that intersect. Apart from intersecting, you can follow your own inner thoughts. Within the intersection, that is the part where you overlap. Every time you think you are indifferent to cross-border behavior, you are injecting needles into each other's body."

A man who doesn't care about you will know your bottom line and try it out, blaming all his faults on your lack of magnanimity and lack of trust.

A man who cares about you will take the initiative to consider your feelings without you asking:

Wu Qilong once took part in an activity and a female fan wanted to hold his arm when taking a group photo. Wu Qilong looked at her and whispered, "be careful, I have a wife." Then, in order to avoid physical contact, he gentlemanly put his hands behind his back.

in the game session of Happy Camp, he Ya-wen proposed to let Princess Zhu Yawen hug Wu Xin. Zhu Yawen immediately refused: "No, I'd better hug teacher he." Because I'm married. "

see? Men with positive values will have a warning area in their hearts, in which only you can and no one else can.

Marriage can't give you sense of security, but people can. "

because they love you, they won't give others a chance to catch the wind, and they don't want you to think about things that don't make sense.

Men's sense of proportion to the opposite sex is the biggest sense of security for women.

the man who loves you will reassure you.


share of housework

will your lover take the initiative to do housework? Zhihu has many answers to this question.

obviously he got off work earlier than me, but he didn't even want to buy vegetables and shouted tired. And before I got home, he slumped on the sofa and said, "come on, cook. I'm hungry."

not to mention housework, he won't help even if the soy sauce bottle is poured in front of him.

call him to throw out the trash and play with his mobile phone when he says yes. I wash the dishes in ten minutes and he is still playing with his mobile phone.

at the beginning of a relationship, how many men promise to spoil you into a princess? only after living together do women realize that they not only have to act vigorously in the workplace, but also have to be busy at home.

A candle burned at both ends, no salary, no thanks, and finally became a free babysitter.

data show that in China, only 7% of husbands are the main bearers of housework, while wives account for 65%.

A husband in a nanny marriage ignores his wife's dedication, does not say a word of thanks, but also tells her what to do and chills her heart.

Men with positive values tend to move their hands faster than their mouths.

even if it's just a pair of dishes, even a cup of hot water after a busy day, even if it's just a compliment. They know that women want nothing more than a share and understanding.

as the video "I never help my wife" says:

my wife doesn't need help at all-she needs a partner.

I'm not helping my wife clean the house, because I live in it, too.

I'm not cooking for my wife, because I want to eat, too.

I don't help my wife wash the dishes after dinner, because I also use dishes and chopsticks.

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I am not helping my wife take care of the children, because they are also my children, and it is my job to be a father.

I'm not doing housework for anyone-I'm part of the family.

the man who loves you can't bear you to carry the burden of housework alone, and you can't bear to turn white to the trivialities of the day.

housework not only reflects a man's sense of responsibility, but also exposes your position in his heart.


emotional stability when quarrelling

quarrelling is not terrible, the terrible thing is not talking well.

I have seen such a news:

3-month-old children are in poor health, and doctors advise parents to change imported milk powder for their children.

due to financial pressure, the man quarreled with his wife and angrily drove the children to their parents-in-law's house and threatened them to take their wives home as soon as possible.

parents-in-law want the man to sit down and talk, but the man refuses to throw the child on the cement floor, and later says he wants to chop off his arm with a knife.

the child suffered from intracranial hemorrhage and fracture, and the man threw down his kitchen knife and walked away.

this is not the first time a man has lost control of his emotions. According to his wife, men used to drop bowls and chopsticks and mobile phones to vent their anger during quarrels, but now even their own son falls.

A moment of emotional anger can really make you feel angry.

there is a line in "do you know": to get along with others, it depends on the lowest point of one's character.

whether a man deserves to be entrusted for life depends not only on how good he usually is to you, but also on his relationship withHow bad you are when you have conflicts.

people who are out of control, those who are light, those who talk too much, those who destroy feelings, those who are serious, and those who act excessively can get you killed.

A man with positive values will not be violent to you during a quarrel, nor will he vent his feelings on you.