How lucky are you to read this article! (I read it five times. It was so thorough.)

How lucky are you to read this article! (I read it five times. It was so thorough.)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.



people are alive, so there is no need to argue about everything. When the water is clear, there is no fish, and when the man is clear, he has no friends. If you argue with your family, you will lose your affection; if you argue with your lover, you will lose your feelings; if you argue with your friends, you will lose your affection.

what you argue for is reason, what you lose is love, and what you hurt is yourself. Black is black, white is white, let time prove it. Put aside your stubborn opinions, be relaxed, be willing to do things, win the whole life; more peace, a little more warmth, life will have sunshine.


the rich and the poor

the contented person sleeps on the ground as if he were in heaven; the discontented man, even if he is in heaven, is like hell.

in life, spiritual wealth is the most important. If you are confined to material desires, no matter how much you have, you will feel that it is not enough. This is poverty; on the contrary, poor material life does not affect the fullness of the mind, contentment and freedom to give is true wealth.


to consider

is to give convenience to others, that is to be kind to yourself. People's hearts are mutual. If you let others take a step, they will respect you. The human heart is like the road, the more deliberate, the narrower; the more tolerant, the wider.

if you don't argue with the gentleman, he will repay you; if you don't argue with the villain, he will have nothing to do with you. Tolerance seems to let others, in fact, to open the way for their own hearts.


put aside

Today's big thing will be a small thing tomorrow; no matter how big it is this year, it will be a story next year; no matter how big it is in this life, it will be a legend in the afterlife. At best, we are people with stories.

if you encounter something bad in your life or work, say to yourself: today will pass, tomorrow will come, and a new day will begin.



if the heart is simple, the world will be simple and happiness will grow; if the heart is free, life will be free, and there will be happiness everywhere. Be pessimistic when you are happy and take it easy when you are frustrated. There are many things in life that can be put down.

only if you can put it down can you pick it up. Be more tolerant, be more generous, wave and smile, and all unhappiness will become a thing of the past.

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do not regard the kindness of others as weakness, that is a kind of magnanimity; do not regard the tolerance of others as cowardice, it is a kind of mercy. Just because a person with a good temper doesn't get angry easily doesn't mean he won't get angry; a person with a light temper just pretends to be confused, doesn't mean there is no bottom line.

feelings, can not be perfunctory; people, can not play with; fate, can not be squandered. Only when we treat love as love, can we have true feelings; only when we love each other on an equal footing can we have true hearts.



although no one sees virtue, doing good deeds has its own knowledge. People do good, although the good has not yet arrived, the disaster has been far away; the man is evil, although the disaster has not come, the good has been far away; those who do good, such as the grass in the spring garden, do not see their growth, but increase day by day; those who do evil, such as the stone of sharpening knives, do not see their damage, but suffer losses every day.

there is always no way to do good or misfortune. The horror of doing evil lies not in being discovered, but in knowing it. Good deeds are not praised by others, but in their own serenity.



leave some blank for yourself, it will make your heart breathe more freely. When you are in high spirits, leave some blank for thinking, don't let complacency go to your head; when you are in pain, leave some blank for comfort, don't let pain suffocate your heart.

when you are in trouble, leave some blank for happiness, the trouble will disappear, and the smile will increase. When you are lonely, leave some space for friendship, sincere friendship is the second self. Leave a little blank, this is the truth of life; leave a little blank, this is the wisdom of life.


be grateful to the person who hurt you, because he has honed your mind; be grateful to the person who deceived you, because he has improved your knowledge;

be grateful to the person who whipped you, because he has removed your karma; be grateful to the person who abandoned you, because he has taught you to stand on your own feet;

be grateful to the person who tripped you, because he has strengthened your ability; be grateful to the person who reprimanded you, because he has promoted your wisdom.

Thank you for all the people who have made you determined to achieve. Life will be more wonderful if you live in a world of gratitude.



Life, but a cup of tea, full or little, fight for something; strong or light, it has its own taste; urgent or slow, so what; warm or cold, smile at each other.

Life, because you care, you suffer; because you doubt, you hurt; because you despise, you are happy; because you are bearish, you are happy. We are all passers-by of heaven and earth, a lot of personnel, we are not in charge, everything with fate!