"how tired can it be to wash dishes on the floor?"

"how tired can it be to wash dishes on the floor?"

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two days ago, when I browsed through moments, I saw someone say--

"how tired can it be to do housework?"

with all due respect, the man who says that doesn't deserve a wife!

when I saw this, I laughed and almost couldn't help leaving a message: "not necessarily, not necessarily. I know a man who says such things every day, but he is definitely a good man."

this man is my boyfriend, and every time he says that, he is arrogant.

for example, he has just finished cooking and is hanging clothes.

when I was chasing the show, I felt a little sorry, so I asked tentatively, "Why don't you take a break and I'll hang it out?"

he will immediately use a disdainful tone and throw out his proprietary sentence pattern: "how tired can it be to cook a meal and hang some clothes?"

for example, as soon as he has finished cleaning the table, he is mopping the floor with his head buried, while commenting on the fact that I have lost a lot of hair recently.

while I was eating snacks on the sofa, I pretended to be courteous: "I'll do it. I soiled the floor. I'll clean it up."

he immediately defended his mop and asked, "what do you mean?"

in short, in our family, the clothes rack on the kitchen, mop, washing machine and balcony symbolizes supreme power, and not everyone can touch it casually.

and he is a big man, full of endless strength, destined to hold on to these powers.

if he wants to mop the floor, he can mop the floor and wash the dishes if he wants to. No one can stop him!


not long ago, a variety show called "Why are you so pretty" was scolded.

among them, the one that impressed me most was that the program group went to the house to transform his wife at the request of a man.

according to this man, his wife has changed since she gave birth to a child. She doesn't wear makeup, dress up, or fall in love with him.

he is not satisfied.

when the program group got home, it was found that the children mentioned in the male population were quadruplets.

the mother with quadruplets is busy feeding her baby, feeding water and preparing fruit every day. From 6:20 in the morning, she will be busy for 15 hours at a time. Life is like a war.

she said, "one of my favorite words when I was young was, I love you." One of my favorite words now is, leave it, I'll do it! "

Unfortunately, no one said to her, "leave it, I'll do it!"

her husband only hopes that while taking care of the quadruplets, she can paint exquisite makeup, wear beautiful clothes and give him some unexpected surprises as before.

like a child still nursing, he asked his wife, "you can't just live for your children, you have to live for me, too."

who will live a little for this woman?

the so-called transformation of the program group is nothing more than putting on makeup, changing clothes, arranging dates with her husband, and teaching her how to make her husband happy more considerately.

on the last date, she couldn't help expressing her heart's wish again-- she really wanted to hear her husband say, "leave it, I'll do it!"


in the eyes of married and pregnant women, the most beautiful love word in the world is no longer: "I love you."

but: "leave it, I'll do it."

once, I took a taxi and met a female driver.

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she learned that I had brought a box lunch, which was made by my boyfriend, and her face was covered with admiration, saying, "what a blessing for girls nowadays."

she has been a taxi driver for more than 20 years. No matter what time the sports car arrives, she always cooks for the whole family when she comes home.

sometimes the whole family waits when she goes back late, only complaining that she is late. No one will think of going to the kitchen to try to cook some food.

she has a bad lumbar spine and often works while holding her waist.

for more than 20 years, she really wanted to hear her husband say, "I'll do it."

but at that time, washing, cooking and housework was a woman's business, as was the case in every household.

it's different now. She said, "I've asked a lot of people, and there are all men cooking in the house!" It would be nice for me to be born more than twenty years later. "

after saying this, the talkative eldest sister added: "but now my son has learned to cook." I have to teach him. A man who can't cook won't find a wife in the future. "

Yes, a man who can't cook will not find a wife in the future.

Men are physically stronger than women.

Boys go to work like girls, and girls still bear the burden of giving birth to offspring. Men with a conscience should consciously take over the housework so that the family can run normally in a balanced manner.

otherwise, the woman will be exhausted and run away, and she will deserve it in the end.


A friend of mine likes doing housework very much.

his reason is: "do housework and save money!"

if you buy a dress for your wife, she may be happy for a day or two. And you wash dishes every day, she is happy every day.

if you buy a gold ring for your wife, she may take it out in her spare time. And if you insist on cooking for her, she can remember for the rest of her life!

A man doing housework is the cheapest way to make his wife happy.

it doesn't matter if a man is poor, as long as he is willing to make an effort, a woman is just as willing to live with you with a smile.

those who say that their wives feel poor and run away are mostly men who are not willing to pay money and are unwilling to make efforts.

doing housework is a gift for DIY.

every meal you cook is unique and a precious gift worth keeping in memory.

the ancient knights did not hesitate to protect the princess.A duel with the dragon.

and what is it for you to do some housework for the woman who made you promise to cherish for the rest of your life?

A real man should stand upright, work hard, have endless energy, and take the initiative to take on more physical work instead of waiting for a woman to take care of him like a cripple.

"how tired can it be to wash dishes on the floor?"