Huo Qi just posted family photos, 160 million luxury living room exposure: education is the final spell, or parents

Huo Qi just posted family photos, 160 million luxury living room exposure: education is the final spell, or parents

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Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing, the stingy couple in the rich world, have been on the hot search again!

two days ago, Huo Qigang posted a photo of watching a concert with his children on his social platform.

the picture of him, left-handed daughter, right-handed son, and three people snuggling together is warm and loving. However, netizens' attention went to the approachable living room decoration and the yellowing old air conditioner.

the living room of hundreds of millions of luxury houses is surprisingly simple, which coincides with the couple's usual low-key style.

Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing have always been a "clear stream" among the rich and powerful. And they are frequently praised by netizens in the concept of educating children.

as the "four rich generations", their children grew up in such a top family, it can be said that they were born in Rome.

indeed, compared with ordinary people, such favorable material conditions determine that children will enjoy better educational resources.

however, from the daily training of Guo Jingjing and his wife, we can see that real education is never a contest of materials, but a contest of parents themselves.


No matter how busy she is, she is not absent from the growth of her children

Guo Jingjing said:

she goes to pick up her children to school and hold parent-teacher meetings almost every day. When her son's kindergarten held a sports meeting, she also joined the family committee and actively participated in the preparation of various matters.

while husband Huo Qi has gradually reduced his work contacts since the child was 1 year old, even if he annoys his father in order to get home to spend more time with his children. Because in his opinion:

in the daily life of this couple, we often see such scenes.

A warm time for parent-child reading:

A family's supermarket shopping trip is no different from that of ordinary families:

teacher Wu Zhihong once warned parents:

before the age of 12, parent-child relationship can affect a child's life. Companionship is a necessary psychological desire of children at this stage. If this need is not met, they will lack enough sense of security and sense of belonging, which can easily lead to character and personality defects.

indeed, in modern society, parents are so busy making a living that companionship seems to be a luxury. However, the most precious thing in parenting is not the money and material things, but the high-quality companionship of parents.

not long ago, Shayi shared her parenting experience on Weibo. Always humorous and witty, he used a small composition to express the importance of companionship to children.

companionship is mutual, nourishment is mutual, and giving is mutual. The process of growing up with our children is also the process of self-growth as parents.

instead of teaching children how to grow up, it is better to stay with them and watch them grow up slowly.

companionship will not only give children a sufficient sense of belonging and existence, but more importantly, these warmth will be transformed into real love as they grow up, so that children can better understand life.

otherwise, the child's childhood will always be full of loneliness and want.


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"Tiger Mom" + "Wolf Dad", doting but not doting

Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang, a "Tiger Mom" and a "Wolf Dad".

as we all know, Guo Jingjing is very strict with her children.

even if Grandpa Timothy Fok opens his mouth, he must finish his homework before he can play. There is no square without rules, and not easily breaking the rules will make children get used to exploiting loopholes and do whatever they want.

and in normal life, there is no trace of arrogance in a few children. They can attend top kindergartens with tuition fees of more than 100,000 yuan a year, or they can wear inexpensive sandals on the street.

during the epidemic, Huo Qigang posted a video of two children cooking together on Weibo.

from peeling shrimp and cutting shrimp beard to stir-frying shrimp together, the son carefully imitates his father's movements, which is very cute. On the other hand, the daughter, who is not yet high on the side, is even more cute and funny when she looks at the movements of her father and brother.

Huo Zhongxi, who is not tall enough, stepped on a small stool and finally worked with his father to complete a delicious Curry Shrimps.

although cooking seems like a small thing, there is a good intention of the father behind it.

realize personally that it is not easy to cook a meal, so that you can understand that even if you were born in such a rich family, you can't live a life with your clothes and your mouth open.

nowadays, many parents, regardless of their family circumstances, follow the principle of "raising" their children.

there is no bottom line to meet the needs of children, unwilling to let them suffer a little bit, obviously an ordinary family, but raised a group of "rich second generation".

in the movie manslaughter, Sucha was mistakenly killed, buried alive in the grave and suffocated to death.

and it was none other than his mother Lahu who sent him on the road to death.

she dotes on her son and wants a sports car to buy a sports car. When her son almost blinded someone else's eyes, her first reaction was to feel sorry for her son. As a result, he used his power again and again to cover up all the mistakes made by Su Cha.

in the end, what she got was not a child who was grateful to her parents, but a spoiled teenager and a cold corpse.

some people say: it is a sin to be born without upbringing, and it is a disaster to raise without teaching.

doting on a child will only turn him into a wanton, lawless and lawless person.

parents with foresight will not let this heavy "love" become a "harm" to destroy their children tomorrow.


be yourself first, and then be a good parent

not long ago, Huo Qi just ran for the general election of the Hong Kong Legislative Council and received a lot of support.

After graduating from Oxford, he joined Goldman Sachs as an analyst, started his own company when he returned to Hong Kong, and slowly took over the family business.

cut through the difficulties all the way, until now he has taken the lead in the family business. And he has not stopped, has been fighting on the road of self-improvement, and has been jokingly called the most promising "rich three generations".

and Guo Jingjing is as good as her husband in spelling.

once upon a time, we thought that the wife of a wealthy family was the one in "only 30". In addition to daily comparisons and intrigue, we thought that the wife of a wealthy family was the wife of a rich family.

on the other hand, Guo Jingjing shows people another way of living for the wives of powerful families.

whether it is the self-study and recharge before and after marriage, or the variety show after marriage, she then endorses and becomes the director of the family's Nansha culture. All along, she has not changed the nature of the "diving queen" who dares to fight and dare to forge ahead.

Dong Qing once said in "face to face":

Anthroposophy studies have found that children before the age of seven are a complete "perceptual organ."

their whole body is like a big eye, which creates an impression of the people around them, which is passed into the child's systemic circulatory system and metabolic system. Ufeffufeffufeffufeff

that is to say, children will unconsciously imitate the way parents work, live, communicate and behave in the eyes.

there is a mother in the United States who ran a half marathon with her three children on a wheelbarrow and broke the world record in 1 hour and 29 minutes.

she mentioned in the interview:

many parents want their children to become talented and take painstaking efforts to ask their children to make progress. When I turned around, I was addicted to playing games and playing cards, unaware of the exemplary role of parents to their children.

when children come into the world, the first people they know are their parents, the first words they learn to say are "Mom and Dad", and the ones they miss most when they are away from home.

they grew up watching their parents' backs, so the most intuitive example of being a person from primary school is also Mom and Dad.

Education itself is a process of spring breeze and natural inaction.

and the best education is for parents to be the best of themselves.


countless parents want to send their children to the best schools, receive the best education, and try their best to create the best educational environment for their children.

in such an era, we can see that the struggle is about the class and wealth of the parents, but the real thing is the education and upbringing of the parents to their children.

powerful families can have parents like Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing, as well as parents who indulge their children to eat, drink and have no knowledge, while poor families can have motivational girls who have been admitted to Peking University, and there are also the "rich second generation" who beat and scold their parents.

all the differences, fundamentally, are the differences in parents' values, lifestyles and ways of doing things.

few children are born geniuses, and we are parents for the first time.

Education itself is a long and difficult cause, and the process is very painstaking. No matter the rich family or the ordinary people, only the heart can teach excellent children.