I asked the time (very classic)

I asked the time (very classic)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

Chuang Tzu said, "if Bai Ju crosses the gap between heaven and earth, it's just all of a sudden."

We walk in the long river of time, with the passage of time, all the way to grow, all the way to understand.

as a result, life gradually becomes heavy, and the pace gradually becomes calm.

time is the best teacher who teaches us all the truth and feelings in life.


I asked time: how can I keep you?

time tells me that life is a process of coming in tears and leaving with a smile.

I have read a sentence:

Life is a leaf, green and withered, inevitable.

Youth is a flower. Thank you for blooming. It's natural.

Life is like a leaf, one green and one withering is life.

as long as you are alive, you are walking on the road of aging. No one can stay young forever, and no one can keep time.

but you really don't have to worry about it, because everything you have today comes from who you were yesterday.

every road you have traveled, everyone you have loved, and everything you have done has left a deep mark of time.

you just need to keep your heart, do what you do, love what you love, and time will tell you the rest.


I asked time: how can I not waste you?

time tells me: enjoy life and don't save the best for last.

A man bought a box of pears. In the hot weather, he was afraid that the pears would go bad. He ate some of the worst ones every day, but ended up eating a box of rotten pears.

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to sum up, make a pair of couplets:

upper couplet: put good rotten

lower couplet: eat rotten good

horizontal batch: eat rotten forever

Life is also like eating pears, always reluctant to eat good first, can only eat rotten all the time.

you should know that there is only one life, time can not be repeated, do not wronge yourself.

A lifetime is not long. Leave time to people who are worth it, things that are worth it.


I asked time: what is success in this life?

time tells me: good health is the greatest cost.

I like a passage very much:

the sky will dawn when the rooster crows, and it will be dawn if the rooster does not crow.

it's not up to the chicken to decide whether or not dawn. The key is who wakes up.

wake up after a day, not wake up for a lifetime.

the second half of life is not about more money and less money, but who lives happier and longer.

if you trade your life for money today, you may get money to save your life tomorrow!

you know, the most important thing in life is not work, not wealth, but health!

in good health, there will be quality of life; in good health, life can be prolonged.


I asked time: what can be regarded as a bosom friend?

time tells me: time sees the hearts of the people, but time knows the character.

as the saying goes, "if you know horsepower in the distance, you will see the heart in a long time." time is the best way to tell the truth of the heart.

the acquaintance, acquaintance and acquaintance between people always have to go through the precipitation of years in order to be valuable.

as the saying goes, "A bright moon rises slowly from the sea, and I look up at Iraq at the end of the world."

A true confidant never forgets if he doesn't get in touch with him.

even if they are apart, they will care about each other.

therefore, there is no need to embarrass yourself, everything is given to time, and the one who can accompany you to the end is your true confidant.


I asked time: how can we get out of the predicament?

time tells me that there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome, only those who cannot.

I have read a story.

Cupid and evil spirits come to earth together.

in spring, they visit the garden together.

Cupid said, "Oh, what a beautiful scenery-a hundred flowers are brilliant!"

the devil said, "what's so beautiful? there are thorns under the flowers!"

in summer, they travel together in the mountains and forests.

Cupid said, "look, what a wonderful scenery-the shade of trees!"

the devil said, "what's wonderful? there are bugs in the tree!"

in autumn, they travel to the countryside together.

Cupid said, "look, what a joyous beauty-the golden world!"

the devil said, "what are you happy about? yellow represents withering!"

they travel together in the desert in winter.

Cupid said, "Ah, what a clean earth-- covered with snow!"

the devil said, "Jie, the snow is full of sand!"

so God kept Cupid in heaven and sent evil spirits to hell.

obviously the scenery is the same, the mentality is different, the result is very different.

Note: life is like an electrocardiogram, ups and downs are normal.

therefore, when you are at a low ebb, there is no need to be restless; when you are complacent, you should not be complacent.

you just need to calm down, adjust your mindset, and move on in silence, and time will help you heal all your pain and suffering.


I asked time: how can I be happy in this life?

time tells me that putting it down is the cure for everything.

writer Tian Wei wrote in "half an acre of Flower Field": "regret is often, loneliness is often, born to taste bitterness, born to see impermanence."

Life is an unpredictable adventure, and impermanence is the norm.

whether it is constant or impermanent, the key lies in how you look at it.

as the saying goes: once you put it down, you are at ease.

this life, get calm, lose indifferent, do not fight, do not rob, neither humble nor timid, it is happy enough.

everything in the past is a preface.

years are always the fairest, and every section of the road you walk will become an understanding of life.

Thank you for the time that makes us better ourselves.

May you live your best life through the vicissitudes of life, free from the dust of the years.