"I like to socialize with people who are measured."

"I like to socialize with people who are measured."

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in interpersonal communication, the sense of division is a very delicate thing.

Schopenhauer said:

if you don't master it well, it's like walking on thin ice, even if the other person suddenly alienates himself.

A good command is like a fish in water in a relationship.

the better a person is, the more comfortable he is to others.


outspoken, it is emotional poison

in life, many people joke, have no scruples, and boast that they are straightforward.

maybe an unintentional remark pokes a sore spot in the other person's heart; it may be a wanton joke, but you don't notice the embarrassment on other people's faces.

it is true that acquaintances can speak freely, but no matter how good the relationship is, you have to consider what you can't say.

at the end of "outspoken", there are unwarranted contradictions and grievances, and friends who leave because of injuries one after another.

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respect each other's boundaries

A netizen once told such a story:

"I once had a close friend who grew up together. Once, when I borrowed his game account and had a good time, I took something from his account without his consent."

it was not a big deal, but it aroused his disgust and accusation. At last we fell out. "

years of feelings have been destroyed in this way.

Sanmao once said:

very often, when two people have just met, they often show politeness and respect, but when they become acquainted with each other, they lose their sense of division and then do things that hurt their feelings.

in fact, no matter how good the relationship is, the closer the relationship is, the more you should pay attention to moderation and respect each other's boundaries.

put yourself in the shoes of others and fully respect each other's personal boundaries, so that the relationship can develop healthily and flow forever.


A comfortable relationship is close to each other.

in the movie "four Springs", the daily life of an old couple is recorded, ordinary and simple, but touching.

for example, they will walk slowly along the river bank together; serve the lush flowers on the rooftop; in the room, the husband plays the erhu and the wife does the fan dance.

but most of the time, they are all busy. The wife likes to do housework, while the husband likes to study music.

it's late at night. Father and mother are in two separate rooms. Mother is cutting clothes and father is practicing songs.

that silent tacit understanding, close but sometimes, sparse but close to each other, moving.

A good relationship is like a bowl of water, it looks insipid, but if you taste it carefully, you will know that it is a clear spring and becomes sweeter and sweeter over time.

whether it is affection, love or friendship, knowing how to give each other some space when getting along with each other is also the oxygen to breathe in this relationship.