I wish you were here.

I wish you were here.

& the troubles of ordinary people in quot; & quot

Wen /Tong c

We were at a Starbucks in Nancheng at 10:30 the night before last to discuss the process and details of the event. We have been worried that "the event will be too boring," and "what if everyone can't let it go?" in the end, I already told the eel whale that it would be better to change the theme of the event to "who is more embarrassing than who?"

but after yesterday's activity, we went to a restaurant for dinner. How effective was Brother long's activity for us? Zhang Jingshi said: "much better than we thought."

from the awkward situation of playing with mobile phones at the beginning, we gathered around to take out our anonymous troubles and put forward our own solutions to other people's troubles. The interesting thing is that the group of people around the long table are high school students worried about the difficulty of the national exam, confused otaku in the sports department, teachers facing career choices, and lovelorn men who come specially from other cities to take the high-speed train.

but they all have one thing in common, that is, "if you have trouble, you don't know what to do."

of course, people can let go and discuss how to solve a certain anonymous trouble, because during the two or three hours of making chopsticks, they chat with people opposite or around them while making chopsticks, and more than a dozen strangers begin to get to know each other.

after the chopsticks are made, each group takes 50 yuan to buy the food they think represents "annoyance", goes back to FA+, in the process of discussing troubles, eats them, and finally comes up with a solution.

after the photo of the participants is over, as a boy at the scene said, "maybe after today's event, we may never see each other again. Our friendship is only because of today's event." but I think it's worth it, because you really want to help everyone clear up for the sake of others and put forward the possibility of progress. "

after this trouble-sharing meeting is over, they are still the ones who want to solve their troubles, but they have also discovered new breakthroughs.

go back to their respective places of departure and see you next time.

Zhang Jingshi: "Thank you for giving us a reason to keep going."

eel whale: "We are all ordinary people, which is why we are so interesting."

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Tong c: "long time no see, come on, good night."

vc: "We are in different places, but there will still be points of intersection."