I'd like to invite you, one of my people.

I'd like to invite you, one of my people.

What I'm doing when I'm alone.

I posted such a moments last night, and I asked them, what was the hardest experience and the coolest thing you've ever done alone? You can comment directly, like and start a group chat, or talk about me in private.

as a result, there were only three likes and four comments, while those who talked about me in private were the most.

they shared a lot of stories with me, and I found in their stories that when they were alone, whether it was the "hardest" or "coolest" experience, it was "bitter" in their description.

the following is a story from two readers-

@ UU

the worst experience and the coolest thing, should be the same thing. After the breakup of the second year of high school, because I had to accompany my family to another city for the Spring Festival during the winter vacation, it was rainy in the southern city. The night before I left, after dinner, holding an umbrella and holding a post-it note, I walked step by step from my house in the south of a small town to his house in the north. Check every 100 steps.

in this way, a person guessed that he had walked a long and lonely road uneasily. When I went downstairs to his house, I sent a text message-"can I see you again before I leave?" When I couldn't get through, I found that my phone had already been blocked directly. I just stood downstairs at his house, looking at the wet shoes under my feet and the marks made on the toilet paper on which Rain Water was drenched.

it takes two hours to walk 8909 steps from my home to his house. Then I got on the bus home and leaned against the window in the last row, when I thought to myself that this was the last time I allowed myself to risk my life so humbly to find someone.

@ sick

the girl I like is in the same place as my hometown. At that time, she asked me to drive home with me during the winter vacation. Of course I said yes. She said, however, that she would not go home until the 6th and asked me if I could wait until the 6th. I agreed without hesitation.

later I learned that it was her boyfriend who came to our school to find her. They both played outside every day in those days. I waited for her at school for five days. I was the only one in the school. My roommates went home, and everyone went home. I lay alone in the dormitory bed for the Spring Festival, listening to the sound of fireworks outside. I remember that night was the first time I cried in years.

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I have also experienced a lot of "alone" that I feel very bitter. I was stood up in a strange city, dragged heavy luggage, encountered a power outage in the elevator, climbed the stairs and went up the overpass. I couldn't bear it when the box fell on my foot and rolled down. My luggage was scattered all over the floor. People who come and go look at you in a strange way, but no one helps you.

while cycling around Erhai Lake, Dali fell on an uninhabited road, bruised his knee and forehead, and his cell phone ran out of electricity. A man towed the car back for a few kilometers, bought hemostatic tape through the convenience store, and went back to the hotel room to clean the wound.

A person went to the Red Pavilion to see Eason Chan's concert. On the left and right sides were lovers, and in front of them were a group of five friends. The fat man on the stage sang "unparalleled in the world", "I want to know that no one on earth can make me want to run more." when I cried foolishly, because I went through the address book, I was still afraid to contact the person I wanted to contact.

at those times we felt "bitter" because we always thought there should be two people here.

I think that a person's long-distance train travel is called independence, but wherever I go, I seldom feel happy. I can't help thinking about what would happen if there was a "you". I spent more than 30 hours driving to see "another World", but spent half a month thinking about "my World". It was at that time that I realized that it was not called independence, it was called loneliness.

it's like, I have some friends. I go to dinner alone and go to the movies alone. I've been taking pictures for a long time, a set meal, a movie ticket, and posting moments to announce that I'm alone. In fact, they are lonely. It's not hard for a person to do these things. The act of posting moments is very "bitter". He wants you to know that I'm alone today, so there must be another person on the other side of the network. He wants to invite him. And you can't say it.

later I guessed that maybe "one person" has two properties, one is loneliness, the other is called independence. Loneliness is bitter, while independence is cool.

after I went to college, I was more of a cool person. I used to do some strange things by myself.

alone, I took a two-hour bus and walked through three traffic lights to buy milk tea with cold weather. One drink in the shop, one to take out, three hours after I went home, I found that the cup had gone sour.

when I'm alone, I'm so cool.

it takes me a day to drink a glass of milk lid.

I went to ktv to rent a room and bought 38 yuan for a group purchase. I sat in it for six hours, sang two songs, and listened to songs and watched mv the rest of the time. The waiter outside the door looked at me at least three times in six hours. I guess he was confirming whether I was lovelorn or crazy.

when I'm alone, I'm so cool.

it takes me 6 hours to watch mv on ktv.

I bought a ticket in the last row of the cinema in the upper right corner of the cinema. It was a cartoon I didn't watch. Next to it was a mother with a little boy. After the opening light was dim, I began to sleep. The little boy said, "Sister, it's time to go home." During that time, I had insomnia. When I was a child, I would leave the TV on at home and lie on the sofa. I would fall asleep after listening.

when I am alone, I am so cool.

cool enough to go to the cinema to sleep and cure insomnia.

the strange thing is that when I go to do these things, I don't feel bitter, post on moments, or wish there were two people here. Having dinner with thorns in the canteen that day, I asked him what independence was. He thought about it for a while and replied, "maybe it's because when you're doing something alone, don't you think?"There's got to be a problem.

I am a bit strange. Apart from the necessary social and social activities, I do a lot of things by myself. A few days ago, a reader told Tong c that he found it very difficult to get along with. At that time, I was at the fake grass concert at school, and this was not the first person to say so, but I was still sad for a minute, and a minute later I took a sip of ice cola and looked up to continue to watch the show, because compared to the eyes of a stranger, I don't want to miss the good times.

Last night I chatted with my friends in the stairwell all night. I talked about this topic and sighed, "I used to mind, that I was pitiful in other people's eyes. Adults always teased me when I was a child, saying that I had no friends. At that time, when people said, I felt that I was really a troubled teenager, but after so many years, I knew there was no problem. I was not a problem teenager. I did not run away from social activities." It's not that I don't have no friends, it's just that there are some things, and there just don't happen to be like-minded people, so I do it myself. "

it's like going to Eason Chan concert alone on the eve of the third year of high school. At that time, there were so many "fans" around me, but no one wanted to go, and they always had many reasons. I was really afraid that for me who had never been out alone that year, the distance between home and Hong Kong was almost the same as that between the northern and southern hemispheres, but I had to go. It was someone I had liked for nearly a decade and missed the performance at the Red Pavilion. I may never get a chance again. Today, at least three years later, Eason Chan has not returned to the Red Pavilion.

A few days before the performance, he released his new album "the key". The main song in the album was called "Let me go". I was wearing headphones in the long-distance car to cycle the sentence-"that time I ventured up the mountain in the middle of the night, and my teammates didn't want to make it." I was 17 years old.

what can one do when there is no company?

A few days ago, I spent 59 yuan on a limited number of original books. I began to paint happily by myself. International Children's Day's roommate complained to me the other day: "you draw so ugly, your handwriting is ugly, and you have such a good time." what's the point? "

I danced with my paintbrush in my hand and told her, "what does ugliness have to do with it? turn it up today next year, even though we will no longer be together at that time, I will still remember that I ate a children's meal and mango Mein mein ice with you today. I also played that I was undercover, that's what it means."

this original daily account is very simple and elegant, and the paper is made of grouper art paper and super Song Daolin, 224 pages, only 1cm thick. I am fascinated by it, because its design is a book, the cover is the title of the book-"one small thing", the author of the blank page and the introduction are waiting for you to fill in.

it is a half-year collection of life proverbs from Japanese writer Matsuura Mitaro's 100 Basics. There is a saying in the introduction: give up unnecessary stress, understand your most important nature, and live the life you want the most.

most importantly, it tells me:

"you are the author of your life."


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moments are more private, and they don't have so much vision, they also record. Moments tend to be lonely, sometimes very bitter, while the hand account is independent, it is very cool. It's casual, you can use it to plan a week, you can use it to draw mind maps, it can be used as a diary, it can be used for daily painting, and it has a list of gift list and anniversaries (anniversaries).

I prefer you to use it as an autobiography, page by page, page by page, because planning and recording count every step, and every day is not in vain. As Matsuura Mitaro said, life does not need any great truth, just a little philosophy is enough.

I am the author, so in addition to recording this autobiography as cool, I also have to live a cool life. Because I want to meet an equally cool you, invite you to participate in my "one person".

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