If a man is clean, his heart is expensive.

If a man is clean, his heart is expensive.

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Chekhov once said: "everything in a man should be clean, whether it is face, clothes, heart, thought."

when you are alive, you don't have to be rich, honorable and famous, but you must live clean and clean.

Clean is the best card and the most valuable quality.


people have pure spirit, and their demeanor comes from

as the ancients said, "if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?"

A clean house has nothing to do with rich or poor, and attitude towards life has nothing to do with education. A neat house can reflect one's enthusiasm for life. Liu Yuxi said: "Si is a shabby house, but I am virtuous."

Clean people not only respect themselves, but also have the ability to live their lives vividly.

people have a clean spirit, and their demeanor comes by themselves.

every time I go back to my hometown, I can see that there are guests from the neighbor Aunt Zhang's house, and the children nearby always come to their house to play.

the reason is obvious at a glance. As soon as I entered their house, all the floors and furnishings exuded a clean smell.

looking at the clean and spotless house and the calm and orderly courtyard full of flowers, it makes people feel indescribable sense of security and cozy.

as the saying goes, money does not enter the dirty door.

such a clean house can attract both people and blessings.

cleanliness is not only a temperament, but also an attitude towards life.


Clean speech is a kind of self-cultivation

A netizen once told such a story:

When you choose sparkly wedding dress, it will make your look glittering and amazing. We stock the best selection of your preferred taste.

once he talked business with the boss of a company. The boss is very warm to himself, driving and picking up, smiling and courteous.

for millions of bills, the two had a very congenial conversation and were about to sign. When it was almost noon, they decided to eat first and then go on.

but when we got to the restaurant, the boss seemed to be a different person, bossing the waiter around when ordering food.

when the waiter slowed down a little bit, he shouted impatiently, "are you deaf?" Still missing a leg, why not serve it. "

look like a different person from above. As a result, of course, millions of lists fell through.

abusive words are not spoken out, harsh words are not heard. An aggressive, foul-mouthed person will not be respected by others.

A truly cultured person tends to speak cleanly; they know the power of words and take into account the feelings of others.

you are what you say.

if you want to know a person's character, you can know one or two by observing his speech.

in life, there are always some people who are self-righteous, deny each other, highlight their talents, and then defend themselves with frankness;

what they say, the water they spill. His mouth addiction is relieved, but it hurts others.

speaking well is a sign of responsibility and self-control.

most of the time, more words are not as good as fewer words, and less words are not as good as words. Think twice before you speak and know how to give others a piece of decency.

the cleanliness of speech is a kind of demeanor, an understanding that does not embarrass others, and self-cultivation engraved in the bones.

mind is clean, peace of mind

Montesquieu said:

"Beauty must be clean and innocent, especially in the heart."

A person with a clean mind does things openly and aboveboard, lives up to heaven, bows down to the earth, lives pure and innocent.

Mr. Yang Jiang has experienced ups and downs in his life, experienced war, disease, persecution, and parting from his relatives, but he has never changed his noble nature.

in the eyes of her friends, her life is extraordinarily frugal. Her apartment has not been decorated and has always been at ease. There are no expensive furnishings in the room, but she is full of bookish style.

A new work was published one year, and the publishing house intended to invite her to "come out" and hold a seminar on her works.

she confessed: "I've handed in the manuscript, and it's none of my business how to sell the rest of the book." I'm just a drop of water, not soapy water. I can't blow bubbles. "

even if the world is bothered and full of lights and wine, you should leave a pure land in your heart, which is not controlled by the world. You can be alone and be happy, and you can love what I love.

disdain for the bright colors of downtown competition, and enjoy wearing plain makeup in the valley. The false name is allowed to go with the wind, only spitting fragrance into poetry.

A person with a clean mind is like a mirror. Do not be tired by fame, do not work for profit, be a clean man, and do things magnanimously.

I like a sentence in "those things of the Ming Dynasty" very much:

in this dirty world, people who can spend their lives cleanly are admirable.

Clean people, such as plain lotus, come out of the mud without stain, have seen the darkness of the world, but their hearts are still clear; they still keep their original heart and goodwill after going through ups and downs.

that touch of cleanliness is not only the most true background of life, but also the most beautiful blank in the years.