If there are nine unreliable performances of a person, you can't have a deep acquaintance with one.

If there are nine unreliable performances of a person, you can't have a deep acquaintance with one.

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as an old saying goes, "success or failure in life depends on whether a friend is good or not, so you must be careful."

I think so deeply. Although people are not high or low, friends are divided into three, six or nine grades.

among them, reliability is an important measure.

A hundred people, all kinds of people, read countless people, not as skillful as reading people.

here are 9 criteria to help you screen out unreliable passers-by in your life and give you a simple and clean circle of friends.


something Zhong Wuyan, Xia Yingchun

I wonder if you have ever met such a person:

when you ask for something, you always call you brothers and kind words.

once I don't need you, I will put you aside and have no contact with each other.

you take great pains for them, but the other person won't care about you afterwards.

when you need it, most of them avoid it, not to mention providing timely help.

the attitude of such a person towards you often depends only on your value to him.

similarly, they won't offer you any value on their own.

when you meet such a person, it is the best policy to stay away.

because, in their world, you are not a friend, but a dispensable "spare tire".


there is always nothing left to do

I quite agree with a saying:

in life, there are many such people:

when you ask him for help, he says yes all over his mouth, but there is no reply

this kind of people always talk about hype, but in fact they often have nothing to do.

there is an old saying: promise is not credulous, the old friend does not fail me. A promise made by

is like a person's business card.

A man who always makes promises easily and breaks his promises again and again is not worthy of anyone's trust.


two faces

there is a kind of person who always wears a mask to interact with others.

they always pretend to agree with you, but criticize you as useless in private;

seems to be intimate with you, turn around and tell your secret everywhere;

openly be kind to you, but secretly stumble you.

there is a good old saying: if you are not afraid of tigers and wolves sitting in front of you, you are afraid of two knives in front of people.

such people who do things face to face and behind their backs are the most unreliable people.

because you never know how much sincerity and hypocrisy are behind their mask.

if it is easy to dig out its heart and lungs, it will only make you suffer in the end.

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humble to the strong, domineering to the weak

know that there is a problem: "when making friends, how to determine each other's character?"

highly praised replied: "it's very simple, it's enough to see how he treats people who are worse off than he is."

the mentality of admiring the strong is human, but the real self-cultivation is to maintain empathy and compassion for the weak.

people who always worship high and tread low, bully the soft and afraid of the hard are often the most unreliable people.

living is ten years east of the river and ten years west of the river.

when you have a good time, they may greet you with a smile and flattery.

but if you fall into the doldrums, not only will they not lend a helping hand, but they may even throw a stone at the bottom of a well.


like to take advantage of others, but you can't suffer losses.

it is etiquette to get along with others, and it is normal to have gains and losses.

but in life, some people always have an abacus in mind all the time.

whenever there is a profit and a bargain, it always appears faster than anyone else.

once they need to pay something, they push three obstacles and four, unwilling to suffer the slightest loss.

Ji Jian has a saying that is quite classic:

this kind of "poor" person is actually the most unreliable person.

because in their hearts, there is no relationship, only calculation, no eternal friends, only eternal interests.


everyone boasts, but has no real ability.

I have heard such a theory of knowing people, and I think it makes a lot of sense:

those who begin to brag about themselves after three glasses of wine are generally incompetent.

when some people first meet, it is easy to give the impression that they are omnipotent and omniscient.

but after a long time, you will find that his actual skills lag far behind his eloquence.

people who are really reliable will only keep a low profile and behave calmly and diligently.

only the "paper tiger" who is strong in the outside will boast and blow his own trumpet.

as the old saying goes: exaggeration should not be of great use.

if you care too much about face, it is often difficult to live your inner life.

working with people who have no real skills is bound to be painstaking and painstaking.


get used to passing the buck instead of taking responsibility

in recent years, there is a hot term on the Internet: pan Man.

this kind of person always likes to pass the buck to others when something happens, and always finds fault with others when he encounters problems.

their mantra is always:

"it's not my problem, it's the one who didn't do it well."

"this has nothing to do with me. Go find someone else."

"the reason I didn'tIf you take care of it, it's because you haven't told me clearly. "

as the old saying goes, "things do not take refuge, righteousness does not escape responsibility."

never try to rise and fall with someone who has no responsibility.

because if you are not careful, you will be thrown at the pot and cheated.

in the end, he will always enter and you will always retreat.


outsiders are friendly and angry with their families

agree with a sentence:

A person's conduct is always untruthful in front of outsiders, and it will be exposed only when he is around his family.

A person who always speaks ill of his relatives, then he has some water in his kindness to you.

A person who has always been indifferent to his relatives may not be sincere in his attentions to you.

people make friends with each other, the value lies in sincerity, and the victory lies in character.

outsiders can't count on too many people who can't even be kind to their relatives.


uncertain, extremely emotional they get along with people, and often the sky is clear one second, and dark clouds begin the next.

when you encounter unhappiness, you will get angry with the people around you, talk with a stick and get hurt at the exit.

when you work with others, it is easy to have a situation of "quarrelling over simple things and troubling about complicated things".

in the end, things can not move forward, reduce efficiency, and affect results.

to be with such a person is to plant a time bomb around him.

if you are not careful, you will usher in a storm in your work and life.


like the saying

"relatives are given to us by God, and friends are chosen by ourselves."

similarly, when we choose others, others are choosing us. "

the above nine points are not only the way to know people, but also the way to cultivate themselves.

the process of screening out unreliable people is also a process of self-improvement.