If there is no virtue, there will be disaster.

If there is no virtue, there will be disaster.

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money is thin and rich, and wealth must move.

as the ancients said:

A man who gets wealth that is not in line with his own character will only let it overwhelm him.

because people without moral character will lose their minds and let their desires engulf themselves in the face of too much or easy wealth.

getting rich overnight is the dream of many people. Xiaohe realized this dream because of a lottery ticket, but because of his shallow virtue, this sudden wealth did not bring him happiness.

with money, he lost his temper and went out lavishly, which quickly attracted a group of bad friends and some women who were greedy for money.

listening to the compliments of the people around him, he was so tired of his wife's nagging that he finally lost himself in ecstasy and insisted on divorcing his wife.

even, he was taken to make all kinds of investments by his so-called friends. Xiaohe, who did not understand these, was eventually trapped by others. He was not only cheated out of all his money, but also burdened with a huge debt.

for a short time, it's like a pipe dream.

many people who are not virtuous enough, like Xiaohe, when wealth comes, they will lose themselves in it, forget what is right or wrong, and forget who is the most important person.

and those who do not get wealth from the right way will also pay the price on this "shortcut to life".

and Kui are a typical example. He is a famous corrupt official and has the trust of Emperor Qianlong. He looks like a perfect "winner in life".

although he is diligent before he succeeds, he does not resist the temptation of money after success.

he will take advantage of his position to steal tribute;

he sells officials according to money, setting off the trend of bribery in China;

he also takes advantage of the danger to buy land at a low price when others are in trouble, and make a profit from it.

but where does he know that behind his scenery, a deadly bayonet has been hung.

as soon as Emperor Qianlong, who protected Hefei, died, Emperor Jiaqing moved his hand to Hefei.

the wealth that Hefei had managed for so long went to Emperor Jiaqing. According to records, the family property of Hexi was equivalent to the total income of the Qing government for 15 years.

in spite of the temporary glory of Hefei, it was because virtue was not worthy of money that it finally came to the ground that "harmony fell and Jiaqing was full".

No matter how virtuous a person is, he will carry as much wealth as he or she has. Otherwise, wealth will shift.

as it is said in, it is true that external wealth is not rich, virtuous and poor, and only with the support of virtue can we really have wealth.


A disaster is imminent as the saying goes:

if a person's morality is not in direct proportion to his position, disaster is bound to come.

Li Si in the period of Qin Shihuang is an example.

Li Si is a politician with no moral character, in order to get a high position, he has hurt a lot of people, especially his classmate Han Feizi.

Han Feizi is not good at expression, so he is not valued by Han Wang, but his books "Lonely indignation,"five Beetles," and "the Theory of Internal and external Storage" were appreciated by the King of Qin and sighed, "if only I could see this author." it would be nice to communicate with him! "

King of Qin's feelings made Li Si very jealous, so he secretly said a lot of bad things about Han Feizi, tried to frame Han Feizi, and finally forced Han Feizi to kill himself by taking medicine in prison.

after Qin Shihuang's death, Li Si, under the threat and temptation of Zhao Gao, conspired to tamper with Qin Shihuang's edict and made Hu Hai emperor.

from then on, the regime of Qin was in jeopardy, and Li Si, who succeeded by framing others, was also harmed by Zhao Gao, who was more scheming than himself. In the end, he received five sentences and halved.

when a person does not value his own virtue, but only pursues self-interest, the disaster is not far away.

such a story is told in Zhuangzi Let the King.

in the State of Chu, a butcher named Tu Yang said that when the King of Chu fled, he helped him solve many problems.

later, when King Zhao of Chu was restored, he was very grateful to Tu Yang. He asked him what reward he wanted, but he said he only wanted his own mutton stall.

King of Chu Zhao insisted on giving him a high-ranking official. Slaughtering sheep said:

"I know that this position is more noble than the job of slaughtering sheep, and the salary of ten thousand hours is much higher than that of slaughtering sheep, but how can I covet money and give the king a reputation for improper reward? I just want to restore my mutton stall. "

few people can be so sober in front of a high position, but only by understanding that a person needs virtue can he stay away from disaster.


those who practice virtue and cherish blessings must be able to carry things with virtue

so how can they coordinate with virtue and allocate wealth with virtue?

the Book of changes says:

the so-called virtue is actually very simple to do, that is, to work, live, and be a man in accordance with the laws of nature.

for example, filial piety to parents, honesty and trustworthiness, when we do some good deeds, we are practicing morality for ourselves.

in this way, money, power, fame and other "everything" can be carried.

that is to say, the better your character, the higher the wealth and status you can carry.

in ancient times, there is a saying of "three immortality", that is, virtue, meritorious service and speech.

among them, Li de ranks first. We can go back to history. Those who are immortal are all moral people.

A generation of famous general Zeng Guofan also warned his brother:

so Zeng Guofan attaches great importance to his own moral character, and every time he goes to do business, he will give him a casual gift.Including the concierge, and the gifts are carefully selected.

but when someone gives a gift, he always refuses it politely, so he takes the least and gives him a gift in return.

what's more, he will not take advantage of his position to retaliate against others, nor will he use his power to make himself rich.

over time, civil and military officials more and more respected Zeng Guofan, and his subordinates were willing to follow Zeng Guofan's command.

this is what Zeng Guofan said, "We can only rely on virtue and study."

A person who first practices his own virtue, career and wealth will follow.

because a person's moral character is also his fengshui.