If you are confused, it will be sunny (absolutely brilliant)

If you are confused, it will be sunny (absolutely brilliant)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the prosperous world, nine times out of ten, life is unsatisfactory.

people who think too much tend to live the most tired, while people who are simple-minded and confused tend to be leisurely.

Laozi once said: the common people are obvious, but I am all alone.

the world is smart and clear-headed, but I am rarely confused.

the world praises cleverness, but ignorance is a great wisdom.

all things in the world, it is rare to be confused is the highest state.


take a look at everything

Bian Zhilin said:

many people envy other people's lives all their lives, but do not realize that their own lives are being envied by others.

people feel pain precisely because of their own desires. Desire itself is a good thing, if it is too much, it will fall into the situation of being unable to get it, grief and pain.

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remember, take things easy. Enjoy what you have, instead of staring at what you don't have, you can be happy.

the world has its own paradise. You don't have to envy other people's gardens and enjoy your own life before you can be happy.

get along with relatives, take an open mind, so that the family can be happy and harmonious;

get along with friends, take an open mind, so that friendship can be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

to keep an open mind is not only a state of mind, but also a state of mind, but also a lifetime of spiritual practice.


take everything lightly

as the saying goes: life is no more than a few decades, it is better to unload the burden and move forward. If your heart is full of unimportant things, how can you make room to enjoy life? If you keep your eyes fixed on painful things, how can you find the beauty of life?

remember, take everything lightly.

many people are trapped by things and feel a lot of pain and suffering, only to find out later that they are just worrying about themselves.

instead of worrying about the future, look to the present and enjoy every moment of the present.

when you get along with others, you should take everything lightly, calculate too much, and you will not go long after all.

only by keeping your heart pure and sincere can you last a long time.


look down on everything, the ancients said:

look at the warmth of the world, the value of free and easy; taste the taste of the world, only to know the truth of indifference.

the hardest road in the world is not the bumpy road, but the depression in your heart.

the most painful thing in the world is not poverty, but anger in your heart.

remember, take everything lightly.

Open your mind, follow the fate of your heart, and everything will slowly get better.

when you are alive, don't cling to it. Learn to let it go.

many people tend to be busy all their lives, and finally find that the most wonderful scenery in life is actually their inner calmness and calmness.

indifference is not only a kind of free and easy, a kind of attitude towards life, but also a kind of beautiful state of mind.


everything in the world is easy to wake up, but confusion is the most difficult.

Ji Xianlin once said:

if you are alive, it is better to be bearish than to compare too much; too shrewd is not as good as muddle-headed.

be confused in case of trouble, life will be simpler, and happiness will be more. If you are confused, it will be sunny.